ET Monthly ranking !

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Some people say that ET is dead, but other people are doing everything to keep it alive - those people have stolen idea from bigger esport sites and made a monthly ranking of best 10 Enemy Territory clans in Europe.

The system of ranking is simple, each month we choose judges, ten random people which say their own top 10 of Europe ranking. After that we are summing the points, 10 points for 1st place from private ranking, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd etc. (it means that each clan can get 100 points max).

Because this is the first time, some seedings might be quite surprising, but everything should clear up in next editions.
Finally, the results:

nr/clan name/points
1. Estonia 91
2. Finland uQ-Gaming 89
3. image: ukil one4one 59
4. Finland gods inc 48
5. Europe demiurge 36
6. Poland Logitech UVM 25
7. Europe trinity 24
8. Europe idkfa 23
9. Europe helix 21
10. Germany team beta 16

1. Spain DoneX
2. Latvia Clown
3. Germany swine
4. Estonia Night
5. Finland decem
6. Poland lab
7. United Kingdom andyF1
8. Malta ToX|c
9. Poland kot
10. Belgium dNzl

Next ranking should be published around 10th day of the next month. If you have any suggestion please contact me at .

European Allstars - Lineups Presentation !

image: euallstars2Captains have finally chosen lineups for all teams of European Allstars event, it took only 5 days to find best players from their own regions. Of course it wasnt easy for all captains and we had to be sure that every team can fix a lineup for each game, so we changed lineup restrictions to less strict, it means that each region can have maximum 4 players from same country and maximum 3 players from same clan.
Those are the chosen ones:

Eastern Europe

- Poland doktor (Logitech UVM)
- Poland God (Logitech UVM)
- Poland nrs (Logitech UVM)
- Poland kot (Team Polewka)
- Estonia intact (sth)
- Estonia Night (
- Estonia Holz (
- Hungary Nonix (gods)
- Hungary Future (gods)
- Latvia dunno (Team Zenith)
- Latvia C|own (Team Zenith)

Western Europe

- Germany urtier (
- Germany senji (
- Netherlands mike (wArning)
- Netherlands tekoa (
- Netherlands m1lk (idkfa)
- Belgium mAx (Quake 4)
- Belgium Ganon (rAtatosk)
- Wales sqzz (one4one)
- Wales syK (one4one)
- Ireland sol (

Southern Europe

- Israel CrozZ (one4one)
- Austria potter (rAtatosk)
- Italy XyloS (idkfa)
- Portugal arci (6s)
- Slovenia JaKaZc (rAtatosk)
- Spain Winghaven (gods)
- Spain dr3am (wArning)
- Spain Fanter (wArning)
- Switzerland anubis (wArning)
- Switzerland Rapt6r (helix)

Northern Europe

- Finland saintt (uQ Gaming)
- Finland raveneye (uQ Gaming)
- Finland jauhis (uQ Gaming)
- Finland kmble (gods)
- Sweden LotiX (idkfa)
- Sweden crajsor (idkfa)
- Sweden FiEND (rAtatosk)
- Norway Gjerry (oceans6)

Match dates and coverage details like shoutcast and ETTV ip's will be available at -

European Allstar - Captains chosen !

image: euallstars1As everyone knows, European Allstars #2 is a fact and it will happen at 22th/23th December, to make it a good we need few certain things like wise captains, strong teams, big amount of ETTV and some decent shoutcast, at the moment we have only two of these.
First thing is our beloved United Kingdom TosspoT which wished to shoutcast whole event, second is captain, which you all had chance to choose.
After 2 days of voting we have received 140 votes, that's far more then we get on last event and it can mean only one thing - THIS GAME AIN'T DEAD !
And here they are:

East Europe - #east-europe:

- Estonia Night - 53
- Poland doktor - 57
- Latvia C|own - 8
- Czech Republic Butch - 13
- Estonia Holz - 9

West Europe - #west-europe :

- United Kingdom Ste - 15
- Germany urtier - 60
- Netherlands Lunat1C - 26
- United Kingdom Mztik - 24
- Germany ernie - 15

North Europe - #north-europe:

- Sweden LotiX - 24
- Sweden crajsor - 12
- Norway Gjerry - 13
- Denmark Arachon - 16
- Finland saintt - 75

Southn Europe - #south-europe:

- Austria potter - 54
- Israel CrozZ - 20
- Malta ToX|c - 19
- Slovenia Ravenous - 17
- Spain Winghaven - 30

So know we are all waiting for informations about lineups which captains will choose, if you want to be a part of the team, contact captain on one of your region irc channels.
Also remember that we are waiting for any support which you all can provide (gameservers, ettv and other forms of coverage).
For any info please contact us at
Rosters should be announced at Wednesday 21th December

And the nominees are...

After 2 days of mailing we finally got a list of nominees for captains of each region. Here they are:

Eastern Europe:

- Estonia Night (
- Poland doktor (Logitech UVM)
- Latvia C|own (team zenith)
- Czech Republic Butch (
- Estonia Holz (

[/b]Western Europe:[/b]

- United Kingdom Ste (SoF)
- Germany urtier (
- Netherlands Lunat1C (rAtatosk)
- United Kingdom Mztik (one4one)
- Germany ernie (oceans6)

North Europe:

- Sweden LotiX (idkfa)
- Norway Gjerry (DMD)
- Denmark Arachon (The Killer Bunnies)
- Sweden crajsor (idkfa)
- Finland saintt (parodia)

South Europe:

- Austria potter (rAtatosk)
- Israel CrozZ (one4one)
- Malta ToX|c (MEPA)
- Slovenia Ravenous (pstarZ)
- Spain Winghaven (

Now we have to choose one person from each 5, which will become captain of each region, but this choice is too hard for me and TosspoT so we need some help !
You decide who will become captain of your region on your own, just mail your choice to till Tuesday 13rd December and feel better.
In your mail you should include your name, country and 4 names, one for each region (mails with only one choice will be ignored).

Let the voting begin !

Fear Factory - Objective Secured

image: 1037_thumbObjective Secured - that's the name of new fragmovie performed by well known RtCW and later ET clan Poland Fear Factory ( and produced by polish moviemaker - Poland Thoro which currently works for his own company, #thoro-pictures.

It took few months to create this video and after really hard work and many remakes we are finally ready and of course proud to publish full release.

Fragmovie itself contains many frags of all kinds (smg, artys, nades, rifles, mortars - everything, but smg still dominates) performed by old players of Poland Fear Factory ET:

- Poland Frag'Stealer (currently backup of Poland Logitech UVM)
- Poland Mario (inactive)
- Poland Mrozu (player of Poland Logitech UVM)
- Poland Zaskroni3tz (currently backup of Poland Logitech UVM)

You can download the movie on:
SweRTCW - here - here

Length: 15:32min
Size: 448Mb
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: Mp3 Layer
Resolution: 800x600
Framerate: 30 FPS

Enemy Territory 2.60
ETPro 3.2
Adobe premiere pro 1.5
Sound Forge 6.0
Sony Vegas studio
Lightwave 8.2

Papa Roach - Blood Brothers
Disturbed - Awake
Guano Apes - Break the Line
In Flames - The Quiet Place
Queens of the stone age - The lost art of keeping a secret

#Thoro-pictures - -
#uvm -