duisburg rheinhausen LAN 2009

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We'd like to invite you to the duisburg rheinhausen LAN 2009 powered and sponsored by #velerion!

» How long?: 2 days and if the maximum of players is reached then over 9000 days
» How many teams?: Max. Teams 4 (56 Player)
» How much do I have to pay?: 100€ (+50€ drink&snacks&crack)
» Needed: Mouse,Keyboard,Mousepad,!!NETWORK-CABLE!!(...) (Upload your Config on www.crossfire.nu and download it on the LAN [shmoe will check the configs himself])
» Where to sleep?: The nearest Hotel costs 100€ per night (including bitches and the usual shit brotha), take 500€ with you so we can rob you!
» Where?: Duisburg Rheinhausen, ottolan-straße 48!
» Rules: NO CHEATERS (every cheater gets kicked out from the Lan-Party instandly and his team will be disqualified, the cheater will also get a special treatment by Limbonic and me so punches etc.)
Behave or get kicked!
alcohol and drugs plz inside... ..
» WHEN?: !!PROBABLY 24th October - 26th Oktober!!


image: bbssdggx2w40cy41aimage: bbssgns0b5krndsku


image: bbssherusy624wvse


image: bbssmgkfac8fslkvi
image: bbssoixostoby9p0u - tho Polandgnajda is still in need of 2 players to complete the lineup!

Once again we'd like to inform you that we don't tolerate cheaters at the location, once a cheater gets in the basement he will be trapped in it forever!
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Cheers & see you there!

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aToOn returns

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After a period of inactivity aToOn is proud to announce a new Enemy Territory Squad.
After the departure of the former Poland devilry - Squad, the management
decided that this is the right time to return to the ET-Scene to be as strong as in the past.

Germany d&b aToOn ScaTmaN_
Slovenia d&b aToOn carniee
Germany d&b aToOn reaz
Poland d&b aToOn altar
United Kingdom d&b aToOn Smurftang
Germany d&b aToOn nk3
United States of America d&b aToOn bliss

As you can see, it's no one else then the former CDC3-participant Germany dark&beyond, now playing under the flag of Germany aToOn.

» Statement from the aToOn-manager, Germany alien:
QuoteI'm happy that we've found a great replacement for the former Poland aToOn-Squad. Our new Squad will represent us in the upcoming Cups and hopefully at the next Netherlands CDC-event. Their ambitions are equal to ours, therefore it was an easy decision to pick them up and give them a chance to proof their abilities. We wish them good luck in all of their upcoming matches and hope that the partnership completely works out.

» Statement from the Europe d&b-Squad:
QuoteWe're pleased to be a part of aToOn and looking forward to a promising season. The fact that we've joined Germany aToOn is based on the fact that we've the impression that Germany aToOn is a multigaming-organisation with a lot of potential, therefore Germany aToOn fulfills our expectations. Our aim is to participate at the upcoming Netherlands CDC-event and get an EC-qualifier.

:: aToOn-homepage | #d&b | #a.ToOn

ET-Cup #19 announced

image: ET-Cup%203o3%20-%20new%20banner

I'm proud to announce the 19th edition of the ET-Cup. This Cup will be a "One Day #ET-Cup" which will be played

at the 10.12.2006. We chose 16 teams out of the 22 signups, the teams are:

image: eu supersaiyans
image: se disposable
image: si TWK
image: fi defix.et
image: de dynastY-gaminG
image: de rewind
image: eu pwn-team
image: pl dizzy
image: eu revolver-hero.et
image: hu The.HU
image: eu teH_SmilayZ
image: hu 3hs
image: de shidima
image: uk necromantia
image: eu 141
image: de neXor-Gaming

¬ Maplist


¬ Config

Newest European 3on3-Config

¬ Dates & Times

Round of the last sixteen: 14:00 CET
Quarter Final: 16:00 CET
Half Final: 18:00 CET
Final + Game for place 3: 20:00 CET

¬ Matches

image: de dynastY vs image: hu The.HU
image: de neXor vs image: hu 3hs
image: si TWK vs image: de shidima
image: pl dizzy vs image: uk necromantia
image: eu revolver-h. vs image: eu teH_SmilayZ
image: eu pwn-team vs image: se disposable
image: eu 141 vs image: eu supersaiyans
image: de rewind vs image: fi defix.et

¬ Maps per Round

Round 1 >> sw_Goldrush_te / Frostbite [Decider: elimination]
Round 2 >> ET_Ice / Adlernest [Decider: elimination]
Round 3 >> Supply / ET-Beach [Decider: elimination]
Round 4 >> Braundorf_b4 / Frostbite [Decider: Supply]

* Radar was replaced by ET-Beach

Matches will be broadcasted on ETTV, you can find more info on Games-Tv about
the teams and lineups. Good Luck for all participating teams, get ready for the fights!

ET-Cup Homepage