Open Cup Premier Division Finals!

While it is cold in the Netherlands the portuguese are still getting warmed by their faithfull sun. How does this relate to gaming? Netherlands BeNed and Portugal SixthSense are playing eachother in the Clanbase Open Cip finals tonight where (hopefully) warm hands and tanned bodies meet.

BeNed 4 - 2 SixthSense

Congrats to Bened.

More info can be found at:

2005, the ET Awards: Nominations

2005, perhaps the year with the most activity in Enemy Territory so far. It brought us nice games, some even very nice. So now would be a good moment for the 2005 ET Awards. A way to express your feelings about the things ET has brought us during the past year.

Favourite Moment
The only requirements for your nominations are that the game was an official and that there was that 'special' moment in it. The ultimate panzer shot, killing spree, rnade, extreme lotto moment of some kind :D I am convinced that this kind of moments do not only happen in Eurocup skilled games but also in game between lower ranked clans. So don't hesitate to make some lesser obvious choices.

Favourite Player
We have also admired the skills of certain players, in many different ways. Excellent game knowledge, superb aiming, skilled in their own discipline.

Favourite Cast
The games that were played didn't just show amazing gameplay, the casting also added that extra dimension to them. There were alot of casts, but which one do you think was really special. Not only radio iTG but also FlyingDJ and swine brought us alot of good casts. Which was your favourite set of commentary?

That is why I am asking you to send in your favourite ET Moment, Player and Cast. Don't only focus on recent events but also keep events like Eurocups(present and past), Open Cups(present and past), Artic Cup, Quakecon, Summercup, Warleagues and many many others in mind. You can either choose to send in one item from each category or a top3 (top10 if you really are motivated :D). Send it to and give some information about your choice for et moment(clans, what cup/league, whats special). For the lesser known games it would be nice if you could provide a demo aswell.

The Best Admin and people that have done the most for ET category is being covered in a different fashion, it will result in 2 polls, but will also result in a lengthly article from foonr covering not only those admins who have made the front page, but also those not always recognised for their contiious contribution over 2005, this will become public on the 28th, the day the 3 other polls go live.

The closure date for your emails is tuesday 27th of December. All these results will be processed and a vote will appear shortly after with the top5 of your nominations.