ET : Recruitment system

The service offered by #clansonly.wars is almost finished...
We have developed a bot to allow the ET clanless players to be identified as being : available for a test in clan NOW

Now, if you are cless and avi for try out : you can join the channel #clansonly.wars and type :
!cless + your skill (low,low+,...)

exemple :

‹@split`YkNg› !cless med/+
‹@Spyro› » +v split`YkNg is a med/+ cless avi for a test NOW ! /q split`YkNg (!uncless = -v) «
Mode : Spyro / +v split`YkNg

As you can see the bot gives you a voice(+v) and you're automatically unvoiced after 30 mins (to avoid the private messages of recruiting clans during a war)
You can also be devoiced with this comand : !uncless

Recruiting clans : you can pm the voices (+) and after search for a practical clanwar in the same place !

we so hope to develop the community and to allow to have several services on an unique channel (yes we really think that it's more convenient for people to perf one channel than seven for all these services)

ps : this is unknown by clans at the moment so be forgiving and let it the time to develop


Don't forget that you can request a Relay bot for your clan-channel or ET-community :
!request #your_channel (20 users needed)

more infos about our Relay bots

We fixed some problems :
- only one Relay-message MAX every 4 mins (yes Wesbo i think of you as you can see :p)
- after a Relay-message, the bot ignores this player for 15 mins


Wars Relay for ET

As we had promised, #clansonly.wars offers you the possibility of requesting a relay bot for your channel!

- 20 users needed on your channel
- You have to be operator on the channel
- L or Q must be in this channel

If your channel is reaching the conditions, you can type: !request #<YourChannel>

Bots are called clansonly-R1 to R5 and can get in upto 95 ET clan channels at this moment.
When someone is asking for a war in #clansonly.wars an automatic message appears on bot's channels to inform people about the search and the person to contact if you are interested (for exemple : 3on3 nomix).
Then, bots ignore the warseeker during 15 minutes to prevent the spam

This service is only for Anonymous ETplayers / ETQWplayers / Anonymous RtCW2players :pp<3, if you don't need it, don't request it !

Greets from #clansonly.wars & thx to France Colo & France Blady from #pwnd.bots