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RTCW 3vs3 One Day Cup

Update 26/09/2021:
Due to popular demand we've decided to split the teams into two divisions to ensure more balanced games and a more time efficient cup.

Date: October 10th
Format: 3vs3 double elimination
Admins: Adlad, Graecos, Oksii, toxic
Maps: adlernest, brewdog, delivery, escape2, frostbite, ice, sub

Discord Link: RtCW Community Discord

RTCW 3v3 One Day Cup

It's been a while since the last 3v3 cup, so it is about time we had a new edition. The cup will take place over the course of one evening. The precise format is not known yet and will depend on the number of signups and the skill of the attending teams. Under 8 teams we will do double elimination, with more than 8 it might be single elimination or we could split the teams into two divisions.

RTCW 6on6 Draft Cup IV

The new league is coming closer, but of course we can have fun RTCW games without being in a team. After the first 2 draft cups hosted by crumbs and the third one hosted by Enigma it is time for another edition.

ET Draft Cup 2020: Teams & Schedule

A very good morning Crossfire,

image: 6AZZhWr


First of all we want to thank the community again for the trust in this event and making this happen in a short period of time. The teams have been drafted based on classes, experience and skill. The captains will be deciding which players will be playing. Matches will be forced on Sunday if there is no agreement for an another day by the captains.

ET Draft Cup 2020: Announcement

A very good evening Crossfire,

image: 6AZZhWr

I am happy to announce that I will organize this Major event. I will host this cup together with BelgiumJere and ScotlandJinosta. They will helping me out for this cup so for any questions you can contact them aswell. I am organizing this cup to bring back the competitiveness and bring back some enjoyment for people who love to perform at their highest level.

Elysium Fall Cup: Play Offs

After a successful two weeks the group stage of the Elysium Fall Cup has come to an end. It is now time for the teams to get ready for the playoffs. The play offs will consist of a single elimination system

Make ET great again 6v6 cup Sunday 4 October

Dear fraggers :)

Thank you for signing up for my tournament. Lets make it a fun and enjoyable evening.

RTCW 6v6 Draftcup 20 September

The new league is on the way, but of course there can also be RTCW fun without being in standard teams. After the success of the last two Draftcups hosted by crumbs it is time for another one, just before the new league starts! For that reason feel free to join up for some Draft games on Sunday 20 September 2020!

Date: Sunday 20 September 2020
Time: Draft starts 18:45 CET. You will be asked to check in between 17:30-18:45. Matches start at 19:00
Maplist: Base (10 min timelimit), Assault, Ice, Village, Adlernest, Frostbite and Beach!

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/wKvNNYs5PBJjkynM7
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/EaDEtVW

LAN: #follow.et READY FOR LAN

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