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ET Ultimate Weekly #1 6on6 ODC

Greetings summoners, nvm scratch that, we are still at our beloved game ET and it seems it's recent activity has brought up quite some familiar faces back to the scene again. Recent RTCW cup has been quite successful, so we thought why not making something similiar to ET, Sebhes has done the first step of creating ETernity cup, but since it's still a bit of time to play it, we decided to prepare something for all the enthusiasts to test their rusy skills on the battlefield again.

I would like to kindly invite those who are not yet part of our Discord channel to join us, as it seems Discord is picking where IRC left, proper place to gather (yes, ET gather, same as we used to have once upon a time on IRC), meet new and old faces, have fun enjoying daily scrims, currently there are around 350 players and more are joining each given day. So if you feel you want to enjoy old memories again, play daily 3on3 or 6on6 scrims, dont hesitate to join us and experience all those memories again!

Recent ET survey has given a lot of feedback and perfect opportunity to see just how many players are actually standing behind their votes, so this is your chance to enjoy our beloved game yet again and have fun doing it along with your mates. I present to you hopefully one of the many one day cups to come in near future.

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ET Ultimate Weekly #1 6on6 ODC

ET:Legacy 2.76 - The enemy is weakened

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Team Turbot

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RTCW 3on3 Cup Sunday 9th

A Small EU RTCW 3on3 Cup will take place on Sunday 9th December and will start at 7:30PM CET. It will be a double elimination, 4 team tournament and serve as a test run for servers etc. in preparation for the 6on6 tournament on the 16th of December.

Winter 3on3 Cup - The Playoffs

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Here we go with final standings after the groupstage:

Winter 3on3 Cup - Teams & Schedule

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Winter 3on3 Cup - Presenting Teams, Groups, full Schedule and Rules.

NA RTCW 6v6 Fall Cup Announced!

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Quake World Championships at QuakeCon 2017

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First Stefan cel Mare 6on6 cup

I am proud to anounce that the first 6on6 Stefan cel Mare Cup is starting tonight. The first round will be Bo1 and it will separate the rookies from the legends.

#mAlibu.et 6on6 OneDayCup

The results of the strawpoll were pretty clear.. 92 votes in total, 6on6: 55 votes / 3on3 20 votes / Baserace 17 votes. It seems like the community is ready for some 6on6 action!
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