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Wolfenstein Sequel: Community Info

It's been a while now since the latest RtCW sequel news, but meanwhile 2 communities on quakenet started growing:

#RtCWII: a news community which provides you the latest news/updates about the game. #RtCWII also has an exclusive TV interview with Todd Hollenshead. The channel was founded on 17 July 2004 by Kami(kaz).
RtCWII forum: http://www.gameclan.be/forum/

#RtCW2.wars: for future wars, praccs, mercs, etc...
Owned by Atarax (who was first the owner of #rtcw-et.wars for about 2.5 years, but then got overtaken), who is also owner of the succesful #RtCW.wars, which exists for almost 4 years.
RtCW(2).wars website: http://rtcw-wars.xch.nl/
Upcoming site: http://www.rtcw2.de/

Both channels are working together to get the community warmed up for the game and hope to get your support.

Warleagues.com new section : True Combat : Elite

image: top_logo

I have been approached to introduce a ladder, for now - a cup might follow later for the mod of ET : True Combat : Elite. After an internal discussion, the ET Team at Warleagues.com has agreed to start the ladder

What is needed?
Since, I have never played this mod, and from what I heard and saw it's extremely different than normal ET, I would like a team of admins to help running the ladder and maybe in the future the cup. What I am seeking is a team of 2 - 3 dedicated admins. The admins need to have a very sound knowledge of the game, and must not be from the same country / clan if possible. Knowledge of organising is not a must but helps. If you are interested in helping out send an email with details about yourself to yancho@mepa-clan.info.

If anyone has a config for this game which would like us to give a check about please send it also to my email adress.

The map pool is also something which needs to be discussed, tghough for the time being we are thinking of keeping the default ones.

IRC Channel
The official IRC Channel will be #Warleagues.TCE and the OPs will be the admins of the Ladder, so do not hesitate to contact them for help. Also other admins of Warleagues.com will be OP'ed so as to help the clans in the normal Registration process of clans in Warleagues.com

Dates of Start
There is no exact date when the ladder will be up, but till now I have set all the data needed to make active the ladder. What we need are the 2 admins who will take care of the ladder, and the rules to be set up, and off course interested clans to register and join

Hope to see this ladder be a sucess so that this mod will start entering its professional gameplay!

South American Showdown!

The samba superstars from the south are back with a corker of a match! Brazil take on Chile in a showdown that pits the best of the best in South American ET against one another, in a unique showpiece match!

With ETTV & iTG, sit back and enjoy an event that could be as explosive as the potential reaction to Brazil not winning the world cup! The match also pits up two Quakecon qualified players, those from dAK who qualified but due to American Visa restrcitions could not attend. Ironicly they're playing on an American server!

27th October 22.00 SAT / EST - 0300 CET (28th of October in Europe) [/b]
Brazil Brasil vs Chile Chile


Chile Chile

Chile war.kadrien
Chile sie.bestank
Chile dak.oops
Chile dak.coke
Chile sie.akira
Chile sie.destro

Brazil Brazil

Brazil jayJo - c3lo
Brazil kuzmienko
Brazil chacal
Brazil spawn
Brazil brastemp - antidote
Brazil pedro
Brazil syn
Brazil cheater!
Brazil revenanT


Chile , 75 slots
Chile 75 slots
United Kingdom mambo.icentralhost.com:27965 100 slots
Chile atari.vcd.cl:27965 , 50 slots

Radio iTG
Server 1 w/ iTG`Trillian

ETTV tonight, gods.inc vs @MEPA

Tonight there will be a little match on ETTV. Its for the Gamersdatabase ET Cup. Seems to be an interesting match, perhaps I can get a shoutcaster but that's not sure yet. Here are the match details:

Malta@MEPA vs Finlandgods.inc
Time: 2100CET
Maps: sp_delivery2 and sw_goldrush_te
Admin: Netherlandsg-man
ETTV IP: ettv.vpclan.de:27960 (150 slots)

For those that don't have sp_delivery2 here it is:


Enjoy tonight.

Well this is all down the drain. Whole Malta is lagging out. ettv.vpclan.de will be broadcasting uq.gaming vs ratatosk. @MEPA vs gods.inc will most likely be played same time next week. Atm italy and malta are messing up there foreign bandwidth or so.... too bad guys and sorry for this hope you enjoy uq vs ratotosk
EDit2, war might continue with cs3r ettv, but only if malta got there stuff together so try : and and now even try ettv.vpclan.de:27960 at 2100. again IF the game is on

final edit
well after the one server they didnt quite lag on got shutdown, the war is officialy over, will be played next week tuesday mostlikey

sweRTCW soon to be dead?

Its not often that you'll see xfire promote other sites, however sweRTCW has been a worthy "competitor" for news with xfire since time began! And today sweRTCW celtiC writes:

Quote So here´s the deal, I have more or less lost my motivation for writing.
Maybe it will return later, I have no idea as for now. And since we don´t have any more active writers to speak about you will most likely not see much more news on this page for a while/for ever.

It have been fun hangning around for a few years.

sweRTCW has been an invaluble resource for news and downloads over its period in RTCW & ET, with a varying writing staff throughout. Its pending death is certainly a worry to fans of RTCW & ET alike, it has however been trouble over this past year, with at one point a debate between the owners and then the sweRTCW FTP space issue.

If this is to be the final nail in the coffin for celtiC and sweRTCW join the xfire crew in saying thank you to celtiC and his team for their efforts and help to both gaming communities, fragmovies would never have been the same without you!

celtiC's goodbye

Gamersdatabase ET Cup week 2

Well the first week is almost over and this sunday the second week is on its way. The maps are radar and braundorf_b2. All matches are set for 2100CET. The first 2 clans in a group named are scheduled for sunday and the second 2 clans in the same group named are scheduled for wednesday. But again clans are free to reschedule troughout the entire week. The groups are as following:

Group 1
Italy Megahurtz vs Estonia idle.ee
Estonia shine vs Europe retired

Group 2
Netherlands team-Massacre vs Europe illuminated
Israel insanity! vs Croatia reality-squared

Group 3
Poland VID.esports vs Finland reSet.et
Czech Republic BFU.cz vs Europe IDFKA

Group 4
United Kingdom Nightwatch
vs Finland gods.inc
Malta @MEPA vs Europe reality-gaming

Group 5
Italy explosionC4 vs Finland Fatal Aftermath
Portugal Legendary Knights vs team-slash

Group 6
Finland uQ.gaming vs Finland CTN
United Kingdom Legend vs Italy Vagrants

Group 7
Belgium inFlux vs Europe Impera
Europe OutRaged'oss vs Poland everto

Group 8
Finland insta-Gods vs Finland eGoisti (played)
United Kingdom goon squad vs Europe Morrigu

For anyquestions about scheduling or anything related to the cup feel free to ask on #gamersdatabase. Just look for g-man or unblind.

ClanBase EuroCup XII

c/p from clanbase.com:

[q]ET SW EuroCup XII

by: YashMan

ClanBase is proud to announce the start of EuroCup XII, bringing you the tournaments destined to find Europe's finest.

Sponsored by Intel, ClanBase and GGL will be raising the stakes with a total combined prize purse of $115,000 for the forthcoming AmeriCup and EuroCup.

As ClanBase and the GGL appreciate the wide support of games played in their communites, the EuroCup and AmeriCup will each distribute an additional $12.500 of the remaining $25.000 prize purse. For ET SW Cup we have a prize purse of $1500.

[*] 1. $750
[*] 2. $450
[*] 3. $300

This EuroCup will kick off on November 13th, with the official announcement of the invitations for Europe's most prestigious online gaming competitions. Further details about the AmeriCup kick-off will follow in the near future.[/q]

A feared gamer!

At FOXSports.com there was a list of the 10 most feared people in sports. Some mentions are quite surprising. We can see United States of America Fatality at the second position...

So, why are his opponents so scared of him? Believe it or not, there are thousands of professional video game players around the globe. Known as "cyberathletes," these characters earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing for a living what hungover college kids do on Sunday mornings for fun. Wendel, whose "handle" is "Fatal1ty," is the nastiest one of all. In an October 10th article in Business Week, we learn, "In this new world, Johnathan Wendel is the undisputed star. Over a period of five years, he has won more tournaments and pulled in more prize money than any other player, a total that has now topped $350,000. Girl gamers buzz about him at matches, like a group of Swedish players in Barcelona this summer. And boys idolize him. "He's so good," says Iisakki "Beam" Ahonen, an up-and-coming 17-year-old Finn player. 'I want to be like him — to travel and compete in tournaments and make a living at it.'" He's pretty much the Matt Leinart/Derek Jeter/Jason from Laguna Beach of the video-game world. Girls want him, and guys want to be him. And yet, no one wants to face him one-on-one.

Indeed very scary! *ahum*. Furthermore since when is are videogames considered to be on sports? Not just that but a sport to be on par with boxing, tennis etc. Same counts for poker. Anyway, read the list and have a laugh!

They are right about United States of America Mike Tyson though, I definately wouldn't want to meet the old ugly bastard in a dark alley!

ClanBase RtCW OpenCup - upgrade

Hello everyone :)

I have few news for you regarding the OpenCup.

The deadline for sign ups is changed to November 8th. In that matter you still have plenty of time to do a magic trick by clicking couple buttoms and sign up here :) Don't forget to mension it to your mates from other clans too. Lets make it another great season.
The second supervisor for the OC will be changed, so stay tuned to see who it will be.


Your help is need to make this the best cup it can possibly be, so please try to get at least one member from your clan to sign up.

- Good knowledge of written english.
- Knowledge of the commands available.
- Able to stay neutral and to make fair decisions/judgements.
- Good knowledge of the rules.
- Ability to write matchreports/upload screenshots.
- Sign up here.

This goes out to all of you talented people out there. The ClanBase RTCW Fall Cup is in need of logo, please help us!

- Maximum size: 500*124
- It should be transparent.
- Must have a reference to both ClanBase, RTCW and the fall
- Email your logo to toxigirl at klaudiaart.com
- Deadline is November 8th

See you around,

PS: If you have any questions regarding the OpenCup please feel free to pm me at IRC #ClanBase.RtCW or send e-mail to toxicgirl at klaudiaart.com

The 3rd #ET-Cup

image: etcup

Ok let's see what we've got here....

The first, second and third Round[/b] of today's #ET-Cup is done. So here's the current situation:

Semifinal @ Tuesday 19.00 CET:

Finland gods.inc vs. Germany Team-Beta
Hungary Thunder Force vs. EuropeIDKFA.et

third round:

Europe Rewind lost vs. Finland gods.inc
Germany Team-Beta won vs. United KingdomClolourmixo/
Hungary Thunder Force won vs. GermanyRoyality-Gaming
Europe IDKFA.et won vs. GermanyTeam angelDust

second round:

Israel insanity! lost vs. Finland gods.inc
Europe Rewind won vs. Netherlands Morrigu
Europe Team-de lost vs. United Kingdom Clolourmixo/
Czech Republic r3volta lost vs. Germany Team-Beta
Israel cs3r ownZz lost vs. Hungary Thunder Force
Germany Royality-Gaming won vs. Finland west.et
Germany Team angelDust won vs. Europe Signum
Europe IDKFA.et won vs. Poland Warlords Multigaming

first round:

Germany Team graVity lost vs. Israel insanity!
Finland gods.inc won vs. EstoniaP!mps
Belgium pstarZ lost vs. Europe Rewind
Netherlands Morrigu won vs. GermanyTast.Gaming
Germany Team-de won vs. Finland insta-gods
United Kingdom Clolourmixo/ won vs. Europe starline [Defloss]
Germany Team cless lost vs. Czech Republic r3volta
Germany Team-Beta won vs. Finland Euthanasia
Spain wArning lost vs. Israel cs3r ownZz [Defloss]
Hungary Thunder Force won vs. Germany re-play
Germany Royality-Gaming won vs. Poland Fear Factory [Defloss]
Finland west.et won vs. Europe B.F.U.
Germany Team angelDust won vs. Russia Pistols
Europe Signum won vs. GermanyFallen-Soulz
Europe IDKFA.et won vs.Russia zenith black
Poland Warlords Multigaming won vs. Europe ::: [Defloss]

Hf & gl for the remaining rounds!

And btw our two "ubercoders" have made a great, new website. You can visit it for more details, ettv, interviews and much more www.et-cup.net
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