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one4one Lineup complete

With the Europe Clanbase Eurocup on the horizon, one4one.et have had a long journey for a sixth main player in time, since the departure of United Kingdom RazZ, due to activity problems.

After trialing several players, a hard decision was forced upon them. Who would fill the void that United Kingdom RazZ has left in the team?

Well, the team have finally made their decision and announced their new member. None other than Germany slaz.


United Kingdom Mztik (cl)
United Kingdom sqzz
United Kingdom syK
Israel CrozZ
Hungary Future
Germany slaz


Netherlands ovrboost

Best of luck to you guys in the upcoming Europe Clanbase Eurocup qualifier match.

Go and support them:

Qualifiers Scheduled!

image: ec12logoSome days ago, the invites for the Euro Cup Fall 05 announced.
Today, the clanbase crew announced the schedules for the Euro Cup Qualifiers of this week. Lets hope for some nice matches and ettv for it.

Today at 21 cet will be the first match with
Germany Death`s Embrace and team-beTa Germany.

The schedules for the rest of the week are:

Wed 16th, 20 cet:
United Kingdom one4one vs Reality Squared Croatia
Wed 16th, 21.30 cet:
Estonia Pimp vs Logitech UVM Poland
Thu 17th, 20 cet:
Russia TEAM-ZENITH Black vs Team Fusion Wolfenstein France
Thu 17th, 21.30 cet:
Europe insta-Gods vs remedium Europe
Fri 18th, 21 cet:
United Kingdom Clan SoF vs aurea Spain
Sun 20th, 20 cet:
Hungary Thunder Force vs insanity Israel
Sun 20th, 21.30 cet:
Europe rewind vs SixthSense Portugal

Good Luck to everyone and lets hope for some ettv :)

Update #1: Another thing released some mins ago, is the CBooky for this seasons Euro Cups. Its on again and you can place your bets now on the page. GL with 'em :)

Update #2: Ofcourse there is a wA Coverage Special again at http://www.warning-team.org/ - After some nice predictions, interviews and stuff of the toFOUR ET Cup and the current WL season, they are going to make some nice news and reports again :)

Clanbase ET.EC - http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=2373
Gamestv.org - http://www.gamestv.org
wArning-Team - http://www.warning-team.org/

ET OpenCup Groups Revealed + Map Pool Change

image: et_ocfallThe groups for OpenCup Fall 2005 are finally out and there is also a map change to go with it.

QuoteAfter the suggestions to leave et_beach out we have decided to put Reactor_final in it's spot so now the maplist is

image: newspost

RTCW - OC Fall Cup 2005 - announcements

image: hot_blue
Hello people!

First of all I'm the new co-supervisor for the Clanbase RTCW OpenCup. I will be assisting ToxicGirl. You can contact me @ #clanbase.rtcw

Now lets get to business. Do to the fact that not many clans signed up this season it was decided that there is not going to be any divisions, just groups.

Group A
* Germany Circle of Haste
* Europe Death`s Embrace
* Europe Prisoners of War
* Europe svperfrogs

Group B
* Europe aZe-clan
* Benelux The Haunted
* Germany HighFiDelity
* Europe Oceans6

Group C
* Europe HighBot
* United Kingdom one.soldier
* Italy Zone Trap Preys

Group D
* Netherlands Camp Kill Yourself
* Europe DeViLs TaiL
* Europe Fallanx
* Germany powermaurerclan-germany

* mp_beach
* mp_base
* mp_village
* mp_ice
* mp_assault
* te_frostbite
* te_escape2

image: important_blue
Reminder: Your responsibility as a clan leader is to prepare a whole list of active players at ClanBase. It is also required that all of them have entered a GUID before the matches start - November 21st.

We need Admins, so if you have spare time in the evenings and would like to help us out please sign up! :) More info below.

Admins needed
Your help is need to make this the best cup it can possibly be, so please try to get at least one member from your clan to sign up.
* Good knowledge of written english.
* Knowledge of the commands available.
* Able to stay neutral and to make fair decisions/judgements.
* Good knowledge of the rules
* Ability to write matchreports/upload screenshots
* Sign up here (url), you need to be logged in if you want to sign up.

GL & HF!
(url) source

Opencup Shapes Up

image: et_ocfall With the annoucement of the Opencup 6o6 & 3o3 groups due out today, the maplist is certainly causing some controversy having been annouced yesterday. Add to this a change in the rules and the Opencup has already grabbed many people's attention.

lunaJ writes:
After we decided the first 5 maps for this OpenCup, we have let the community decide the 6th and the 7th one. This was done by the newspost on Tuesday 25th of October below this one, and by a poll afterwards. ET_ice jumped out votes, and the ones following were so close to each other that we decided to run a poll. As all of you can see et_beach came out as the winner, so the maps for this OpenCup are
* Braundorf_b4
* et_beach
* et_ice
* Radar
* Supplydepot2
* SW_Goldrush_TE
* SW_Oasis_b3

[img|left]http://www.clanbase.com:8000/rules_blue.gif[/img]Amoungst the rule changes comes the removal of the ever-changing in popularity wildcard, and of course the requirements of players guids (which shouldn't be used but hey) :O>.

ET Opencup Fall 2005
& groups out today

CB ET EuroCup XII Invites

image: ecxiiFollowing the ClanBase announcement of the exciting AmeriCup/EuroCup prize purse this season, a nail biting two and a half hour EuroCup Invitation announcement took place. While some may say the Enemy Territory's grab on a $1500 chunk of the prize purse may be somewhat excessive, there was no doubt that there would be plenty panzer pushing talent to line the path to yet another ET EC celebration.

There will always be obvious selections when it comes to EuroCup invites; teams that might have stormed the previous season and practically guaranteed themselves a spot (such as Estonia idle.) What makes EuroCup invitations that little more "on-the-edge-of-yer-seat, like" are the qualifier entries given to clans that have proven themselves worthy of this level of competition.

While some have been given the chance and failed miserably, many have continued to rip through the EC just like any normal high-level group (Finland parodia being the perfect example.)

So, who made the cut this season?

zerobarrier is back

zerobarrier.et is back after an inactivity of 4 months, with the following line-up:

Belgium zet0
Belgium undi
Belgium ziff
Belgium rfki
Belgium Ch4d
Belgium Xionn
Belgium fr1sko

with our new addition named Xionn we will hope we will be able to pwn all.

support at #zerobarrier

ET EuroCup XII/OpenCup Fall announcements

image: cbgoldlogont
ET EuroCup XII is close and its getting serious now! The announcements (including the list of invited teams) for this years EuroCup will be held at the upcoming Sunday, the 13th November.

Update by NxM:

The announcement for this EuroCup will be in #EuroCup. The announcement for the ET EC will be at 21.20 CET! (The event itself starts at 20.00 CET)

- ET EuroCup XII
- EC - Who would you invite? by Nellie
- ET OpenCup Fall 2005 OpenCup groups will be ready on Monday

Anubis - Step Back

It's been doing the rounds since Tuesday, how can such an event go undocumented on xfire?!

Quote[/i]image: LoyalPrincess_small

He's played in legendary clans such as one4one, uE, Junk52 and Gods.inc. Fragging Europe's best week in week out, this frag movie documents his career from start to present day. From mass extermination of gunslingers to current wArning! exploits, this movie has it all

This is his comment about the recent release

QuoteI would like to present u my Movie "Step Back" which includes 11 minutes of pure action a masses of kills - Smg as well as my loved K43 and of course Rifle Grenade.
It took quite a while to finish and it shows frags from where my ET career started up to today.

# Duration: 12.52 min
# Size: 324 MB
# Ratio: 25MB/min
# Resolution: 1024x660

Download and enjoy, there’s been a mixed reception over at swertcw so far. “Step Back”, the marmite of the ET world?


Quick reminder, ensure you read the README.

Clanbase in recession!

Clanbase awakes this morning to a recession! Thats right, for the 4th Quarter of 2005 Clanbase heads in WITHOUT Netherlands Cash!

Cash took over as ET Gamesup & EC Head admin when previous admin Israel Spirit was fired. Since then he has steadied the ship along with his first mate Wales Angrykid and navigator Spain Done, and the group did a sterling job with last seasons Eurocup!

However, with Cash taking a new position in coverage with both Clanbase and the GGL, PLUS his recent beer destroying accident at the Eurocup Lan finals, the time has come for Cash to resign from his position within the ET crew!
Cash did a fine job plugging the holes in a sinking CB ET ship and secured his reputation alongside Kajab and Lake as some of ET's finest head admins!

Speculation is rife as to who could replace Cash for the position of Game Sup, with Wales AngryKid declaring that he is NOT interested in the position, that leaves Spain Done in the front seat. However recently appointed United Kingdom Adacore might have the left wing vote, and the two may yet fight it out!

Thank You & Good Luck to Cash in his future efforts, I'm sure we have not heard the last of the bald dutchman just yet! Especially as he owes me a beer!

In Other Clanbase News:

Belgium Nightraver & Portugal Thalakos have joined the ClanBase ET crew! And ClanBase.com seems to have resolved its hosting problems! Now data is being transferred via a GGL.com webserver and Clanbase has shaken one of its more traditional slurs of having a slow website!
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