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RTCW vs ET: Showmatch

It is time to settle a long-running rivalry as players from RTCW and ET face each in an epic RTCW show match. Those taking part include Maus, Toxic, Crumbs and many more.

RTCW Schedule QuakeCon @ Home

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The schedule and ruleset for the RTCW #Quakecon at Home weekend (7-9 August) have been released. We are happy to announce that 26 teams in total, have signed up for this event (13 for each region).

ET Nations Cup finished

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Who would of thought that at the very beginning of this idea to bring another Nations Cup to ET would be such a big success and showing that we still have that activity to pull something like that and on what scale!

ET 6on6 NC Grand Finals

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The time has finally come for the final stage of this year Nations Cup 2020, with both grand finals being played in this week. We have had some amazing and great games as well as some underdogs coming quite far at the brackets.

RTCW QuakeCon @ Home sign-ups open

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QuakeCon has afforded us the opportunity to run a Return to Castle Wolfenstein 6v6 event with the finals broadcast on main QuakeCon stream. Due to the global pandemic, QuakeCon this year is an at home event.

RTCW @ QuakeCon 2020

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NationsCup Playoffs

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And here we are, with group stages behind us and going forward with the playoffs for this year Nations Cup. We could see some good thrilling games, but the real fun begins just now. Not only will you be able to spec the battle for the title, but also the battle for the places from 9 to 17th.

ET 6on6 NC second matchweek

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Second matchweek is officially behind us and all that's left are the last remaining group stage games that will be played in the following week. The second week of group stage provided with some good and exciting games, where spectators could enjoy watching their idols battling it out for their respective nations.

ET 6on6 NC first matchweek

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Here we are ladies and gentlemen, well into our first matchweek of the Nations Cup 2020, with quite a lot of matches already being played out this weekend. We have had some good and exciting games to watch and some that were quite predicatable before the start, but that's what group games always give. Let me assure you that the best is yet to come and make sure you will tune into the next matchweek that's coming up!

RTCW 6on6 Draft Cup II

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After the success of the 6on6 draft cup on Saturday 23rd May, I will be hosting another edition on Saturday 6th June.
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