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Sunday Night Knockout #3

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Sunday Night Knockout #2

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Sunday Night Knockout #1

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Krefeld Battleground Payment reminder

This is a quick reminder for everyone that wants to attend the Krefeld Battleground Lan in May.
Until February 28th 2017 you are able to get the early bird ticket. That means for the 6on6 tournament it’s only 65 € and for the 3on3 tournament it’s only 35 €. After that it’s +15 € for both tournaments for each player.

CyberGamer Grand Finals tonight

Season 4 of CyberGamer's ET tournament will find its champion tonight as Team Solo B will try their best to make their way from the lower brackets to the big stage to face Teamoxid in 6on6 and haxByjam who are flawless in the 3on3 tournament and in the favorite position to take the title against Teamoxid's 3on3 Team.

A trip down memory lane by Feuersturm

Well, Wolfenstein Lane I guess.

Happy Holidays from CF

It's that time of year, Have a good Christmas Holiday and have a good new year!

Welcome To The Krefeld Battleground

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CG EU ET Season 4: Tournaments

After four weeks, the league stage of CyberGamer EU ET Season 4 has finally come to an end and it's now time for the second stage. Matchlinks have been generated and teams can play their matches as soon as they wish!

CG EU ET Season 4: Groups and Divisions

After receiving twenty-four signups in two weeks, the CyberGamer EU ET Season 4 3on3 & 6on6 groups are now online! Both cups officially start on Monday the 7th of November.
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