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Crossfire Community Awards 2010

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Today we are happy to announce the kickoff of the annual Crossfire Community Awards. In the coming three weeks all registered users on Crossfire will be given the opportunity to vote on their favorite players, teams, events, movies and determine the eventual winners of 2010.

From today, December 16, until the 31st of December (midnight) you can cast your votes on 10 different polls, ranging from the best players in Enemy Territory to the best movie of the year and "Player you'd like to see come back" award. The results and the winners of polls will be officially announced on the 8th of January, 2011.

Crossfire NC - Week 3 - Monday!

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After all the hustle and bustle of sorting team captains and finalizing line-ups, we've finally began our Crossfire NationsCup! Now there are a lot of games to get through each week during our group match stages, so you'll have to carefully pick out your favorites to make sure you don't miss them!

Each day I'll update this news post with lineups, ETTV servers, shoutcast information and any other relevant details needed so that you wont miss any of the great action lined up. Any other information needed that is not contained within this news post can be found here.

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Also we have some news in relation to prizes for the competition. Thanks to our lovely friends at tetrapad, we have in our possession some prizes to award the top two teams at the end of our competition!

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Anniversary cup 2012 !

RtCW Anniversary cup!
Ladies and gentlemen, it has been over a decade since the release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The game that has inspired us all, the game that spawned Enemy Territory. The time has come to return one last time and fight for glory.

CPC Signups Live - Signups Closed

image: CFTo signup to the Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge 2, please read below, where signup information aswell some tournament deadlines and rules are available;
The tournament will be compiled from teams who receive either a direct invite and those that have qualified. We will consider all teams' applications, and make invites based off those teams' performance both online and offline in previous months. Teams' record at the first CPC will also be taken into consideration, this includes both victories, behaviour and drop outs. The RTCW tournament will be a complete invite tournament based off the applications;

To signup;
1) Create your Crossfire Clan ID on the website - HERE - (url)
2) Then send an email to tosspot at gmail.com once your Clan has its complete roster. Stating which tournament(s) you wish to be entered for. (Make sure to include a link to that roster)

This is applicable for ALL games, CoD2, ET & RTCW. Signups close on February 25th and all teams must be available for qualifiers the following week. If your team does not qualify, or does not feature in the qualifiers or invites, your team will be held in reserve in case of drop outs.

ET Teams and competitors are able to signup for the RTCW tournament at no additional charge, or may form mix teams to play in the RTCW tournament in the possible event of a shortage of RTCW teams. However, RTCW exclusive teams will be given preference over the tournament placing and seeding.[/hide]

Entry Fee: Each qualified competitor wishing to play must pay a 35 euro entry fee if playing in the CoD2 & ET Tournaments. RTCW entrants will pay a 20 euro entry fee.

Important Deadlines

February 10 - Signups Open
February 25 - Signups Close
February 27/28 - Qualifier Matches
March 8th - Satellite tournaments end
March 9th - Payment Deadline

- Payments Made payable to: Crossfire
- IBAN: GB24MIDL 403913 21363751
- Swift/Bic Code MIDLGB2152H
- Sort Code 403913
- Bank: HSBC

Teams can make their payments either as one lump transfer for the entire team, or each player can pay individually. The March 9th deadline is non negotiable and teams whether they are invited or qualifying must meet this deadline. If you are qualifying you should use the time in the build up t the qualifiers to source your finances so not to cause a delay. Additionally, many European banks will take at least 3 working days for bank transfers and with that in mind competitors should make their payments in advance of the deadline.[/hide]

Qualifiers will take place on either the 27th or 28th of February without exception. Teams will be allowed to schedule their own games during these two dates, however may be requested to move their match due to coverage purposes. Teams are required to negotiate their own servers and keep Crossfire admins informed at all times. Teams in both ET and CoD will be required to record demos in the event of a dispute.
Qualifying matches will have set maps assigned in advance of the matches, teams will be given notification of the qualifier maps. The matches will take place using the same match format and competition mods as the tournament itself.

Map Pools –

ET - Supply, sw_Goldrush, Radar, Frostbite, Frost Final (Latest TE Version), Map Contest Winner
CoD2 - Carentan, Toujane, Dawnville, matmata, burgundy, Map contest Winner
RTCW - Beach, Ice, Assault, Frostbite, Village

The maps will be announced one minute before the match commences. Each team must ready up all their players except for their team leaders. Once the teams are ready, the admins will draw the maps at random for each game allowing one minute for conversation and then forcing the match to start.

Competition Mods –
ET - Latest ETPRO (Current: 3.26)
CoD - Latest PAM
RTCW - OSP 0.93

Tourney Size -

CoD 16 Teams
ET 16 Teams
RTCW 5 Teams

Match Format –
ET - ABBA, 1 SW Rounds per map
CoD - Max Rounds 12, 1 map per match
RTCW - ABBA, BO3 SW Rounds per 1 map
Lan Announcement

If you are currently listed as a cheater on Clanbase at this moment, you are not welcome to signup for the tournament. Additionally, if you were caught in the Fusengate scandal (the first list only), you are not welcome to play in this tournament - to define 'not welcome' your signup will be rejected, along with your clans[/hide]

CGAC ET Ban Wave #1

For the past few weeks, the other CG admins and I have been working hard to improve the impact that CGAC has on competitive Enemy Territory. We've spent hours examining the data and logs of each and every ET player on CyberGamer EU and are proud to finally share the results of our efforts.

ET Reborn LAN Payments

image: logo450pxnobg
Payment deadline: Monday 2nd of March 2015

Crossfire Announces Allstar Team!

After the successful completion of the of the Crossfire appeal and our mystery sponsor coming up to pay a huge amount of the money, we have set about picking a team. We were under huge time constraints and were unable to run a poll as both we and the sponsor needed the team ready for both practice and payment details.

We at Crossfire have selected the following roster:

Austria Potter
Estonia r3vers
Finland Sanctity
Germany Butchji
Austria Darky

The team has a mixture of Newschool and Oldschool, With 4 different Eurocup winners and proven talent!

Potter had this to say:

QuoteWe are really confident of success at Quakecon this year, I know Toss and the admin team have been searching for the best players and I honestly believe we have them here, Crossfire and its sponsor have made a dream come true.
The team will do the community proud, there were players like ferus, jauhis, mystic etc that the community mentioned but they werent available, people might be surprised by the inclusion of Darky, but he offers us an ingame leader and both Sanc and I have played with him and we know he will be perfect!

3on3 NC announced!

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I am pleased to announce NationsCup 3on3 tournament. With 32 teams clashing against each other in the main tournament, we hope that this cup will bring a lot of entertainment and a vast amount of interesting and close games. This is the first 3on3 NationsCup since a long time therefore we hope for a plenty amount of signups and a lot of interest shown from players and community.

Crossfire NationsCup Announced!

image: nc

An opportunity to compete for your country - what could be better? Prepare for another season this summer as nations from all over the globe battle for the prestigious title of the world's best! Whether an opportunity for new blood to shine, the community to rejuvenate, or even some games to watch on ETTV, NationsCup is something the community can only welcome! Hey, and guess what - It's 6v6! So regardless of who you have your money on, be it The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, or even Malta, as new players come and older players go, look forward to fresh action coming your way very soon!

RTCW: Crossfire XMAS Onedaycup

So, we all saw the journal of United Kingdom TosspoT about possibly shutting down our beloved crossfire website. Also, competition is low on both RTCW and ET. I was already toying with the idea to create another one day cup for RTCW. So I asked TosspoT if he was interested in shoutcasting the event. He said yes, and we both worked out a date that would be possible for him to shoutcast the event. So I'm very pleased to announce the RTCW Crossfire XMAS Onedaycup! It's time to dust off those MP40's for one very last time.
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