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The ETernity LAN: General Information

Please pay close attention and take your time to read this post. It is of great importance to have everything clear to all the players and viewers before the start of the event.

It is only a couple of days until our next LAN. We are happy to have everybody come together once again. In this news we want to provide players and viewers with all important information regarding both the event and venue. Furthermore, we will try to answer all the questions we have received lately.

The ETernity LAN: Groups

image: JlpZOzw

We are proud to present the groups for The ETernity LAN.

The ETernity LAN: Seeding Tournament

We are down to thirty-eight days before the start of The ETernity LAN and we want to invite every 6on6 and 3on3 team to participate in our seeding tournament, to battle for their accurate spots on site. Matchdays will be mainly on the upcoming Sundays. Starting times will be 18.00 CET for 3on3 and 20.00 CET for 6on6.

The ETernity LAN: Updates

Are you ready? Not even two months to go to the ET-LAN 2019. With this news post, we would like to tell you about an awesome donation we received and there is more information, you might be interested in.

The ETernity Cup: Play Offs

After a successfull five weeks the group stage of the ETernity Cup has come to an end. It is now time for the teams to get ready for the playoffs. The play offs will consist of a double elimination system.

ETernity LAN: Donations

After receiving an awesome feedback after announcing another LAN for ET and already having more signups than we hoped for and needed to make the LAN happen, we are now trying to improve the event even further. Some people have asked us, how they can support the LAN financially. If you’re interested in supporting the event, read carefully.

The ETernity LAN

ET-Community, today is the day, we can finally announce the locked in date and location for the LAN. Having talked to a lot of people and discussed several options over the past weeks, we made the decision to go with a location, where we know, what we are getting. We would like to thank everyone for their recommendations!

The ETernity Cup: Groups

Well, well, well Enemy Territory. A total amount of 34 sign ups. Exceeding the number of sign ups from tournaments organized from the last years. We are surprised and excited by the amount of players that seem to have returned to the game. The ETernity Cup 3on3 & 6on6 groups are now online! Both cups officially start on Tuesday the 22th of January .

The ETernity Cup

We are back. In the year 2003, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was founded by Splash Damage. In honor of our beloved game, it is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the The ETernity Cup. This tournament will feature both most popular formats in ET, namely 3on3 and 6on6.

RTCW: New Year 3on3 Onedaycup

After hosting a small 6v6 and 3v3 one day cup at the end of the year we are back with more RTCW!
Next week sunday we will host a 3v3 onedaycup. Stream and shoutcasting will be provided by United Kingdom MerlinatoR, who is joined by United States of America Sabo. The "Saboteur" is making a return to Return to Castle Wolfenstein shoutcasting ;)!
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