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GAMESTV.ORG Returns ...again

image: small_yellDue to a lack of sufficient backups and a rather unfortunate servercrash with our webhost, GAMESTV.ORG recently went through a prolonged downtime. The ET scene has been pining for the top ETTV coverage which is truckloaded in on a daily basis.

Users need cry no more! GAMESTV.ORG tonight returns with the same ETTV system as used previously with minimal data loss. While the majority of the downtime was spent recovering lost data, some users will need to resignup and set options on their accounts.

It was an unfortunate incident but the rebuild isn't complete. We will continue to re-implement and develop (even further!) the features we saw previously such as avatar uploading and improvement of the ETTV coverage system for league admins and cupadmins.

In the meantime, ETTV IPs will now be online as usual for the masses. Check out the usual location for a rundown of what's planned so far.

Talk ET 6v6 Cup Sponsored by FPS ClanServers

Talk ET 6v6 Cup
Sponsored by FPS ClanServers - www.fps.net -

That Talk ET 6v6 Cup will be starting on the week beggining 21st November 2005. The Cup currently composes of 16 teams from around Europe who will compete in knockout rounds to reach the final, and is sure to be the first of many Talk ET Cups to come.
The current map pool for the cup can be found below. Two maps will be played each round, with the first two rounds having set maps and in the Semi-Final and Final, the teams can choose one map each.

Map Pool:

Dubrovnik Final
Supply Depot 2
Braundorf B3

We are currently looking for TWO more signups to replace two teams that have had to drop out of the cup for various reasons.
If you are interested in signing up for the cup, or just want the latest news, feel free to contact me (Splodge) on:

IRC - ( #Talk.ET @ Quakenet)
Website - www.TalkET.com

If you have trouble signing your clan up to the cup then please contact me (Splodge) on the IRC channel and i can talk you through the sign-up process.

We are also looking for a few people to help referee games, if interested, again, contact me (Splodge) on the Talk ET IRC Channel ( #Talk.ET @ Quakenet)

Good Luck To All The Teams Competing

Competition Organiser

Finals of the #et-cup

image: etcup

The time has come...
Today, at 19cet we will see the first semi-final of the #et-cup.net.
Finland gods.inc will face Germany Team-Beta
After Finland gods.inc kicked out Europe rewind.et in the 3 round last Sunday they have to show their skills again today to reach the Final. But also Germany Team-Beta wants to reach the Final to improve their chances to get an invite for the next Clanbase Eurocup.

1. Semi-Final
Finland gods.inc vs Germany Team-Beta
Date: 01.11.05 - 19cet[/b]
Maps: sw_grush, et_ice
Decider: Dubrovnik
Shoutcast: n/a now

In the second semi-final, at 20cet, we will see the guys from Europe IDKFA.et and on the other side we will see the new lineup from Hungary Thunder Force.
Europe IDKFA showed us their skills at the last rounds. As far as i know they lost only one Map vs Russia Team-Zenith. And at the 3 round last Sunday Germany Team angelDust lost against Europe IDKFA.
Hungary Thunder Force has the chance now to show us what they can reach with their new Lineup.

2. Semi-Final
Europe IDKFA.et vs Hungary Thunder Force
Date: 01.11.05 - 20cet[/b]
Maps: sw_grush, et_ice
Decider: Dubrovnik
Shoutcast: English Shoutcast by Swine

Around 21cet we will see the Final with 2 of these 4 Teams.
And to make this event a little bit more attractive I start a competion:
If you can say me the winner of this third et-cup you will get a bouncer, sponsored by #swine @ Quakenet
Just write me an email (swine@vpclan.de) with your favorite team for the first place of this Cup, and mabye you will get a bouncer for the next 3 months.
Last but not least:
Enjoy it... :)

Finland gods.inc won their matches against Germany Team Beta and Europe IDKFA. So they won the 3 ET-Cup. After they lost on Supplydepot 2 against IDKFA they were really fast ( 2:03mins ) on braundorf_b3 and made a fullhold on Radar. At least they could set a time and so they won with 4-2.
The winner of the bouncer is Tox|c Have fun with it.
Finally it was a nice Cup again with great matches.

idle.et places 6th in most profitable teams of 2005

ET's QuakeCon undisputed champions, Check-Six(currently idle.ee), have placed 6th out of 10 teams in the GGL's most earning teams of 2005.

Coming on top of WorldEsportsGames Season 2 runner ups Norway Catch Gamer, British powerhouse and WEG Season 2 3rd United Kingdom 4Kings and Russian pride Russia Virtus.Pro, Idle.ee boasted 25,000$ alone by winning the QuakeCon ET tournament, making them one of the most profitable teams in the world, just behind ESWC 2005 2nd place Denmark SK.DK unit and the German Germany MouseSports, EuroCup XI CS champions. Claiming the crown were America's United States of America compLexity, ESWC 2005 Champions and WCG USA, DigitalLife and AmeriCup 2nd place finishers.

In the 1v1 scoreboard, Fnatic's Sander"Vo0"Kaasjager was topping the most successful individuals list, coming on top of American idol Jonathan"Fatal1ty" Wendel. The two will be going head to head in the end of the month in the CPL WT Finals for PainKiller in New-York, Nokia Theatre, fighting for their share of the 500,000$ prize purse of the finals. The Grand Final of the event alone will boast 250,000$ to the winner and its' runner up.

It should be noted though that every Idle player has made roughly 4100$, excluding probable travel expenses, out of their QuakeCon winnings. CompLexity's players have made roughly 11,000$ from their yearly achievements. Both sums are lower than the 1v1 10th player, SK|SteLam, who earned 25,000$ during the course of the year.

GGL's article is available Here

Out of the [M]ad House!

Some people have today been posting that they believe there is a possibility that Italy Marauders may be able to challenge for this seasons Eurocup crown...

Close! But no Cigar - The Italian giants have fallen, leaving in their wake many questions! I caught up with Germany urtier to find out quite why one of the more popular teams in RTCW and ET history have called it a day again.

QuoteAfter a few weeks of playing doktor decided to step back from gaming because of school and some other real life issues. We tried to find a replacement, but well, you can't really find one nowadays that can compete with dok. And since our motivation in the whole team was rather low, we decided better not to take place in the Eurocup.

It's not really nice to drop out in the middle of the cup or something.

I think most of the guys will stop ET from now on. Maybe some will keep playing if there's a nice offer. Otherwise prolly Quake 4 or some other game.

The side that since their conception in RTCW have always called Eurocup their home, did briefly travel in their previous ET form to Quit Reality and Agony Realm, but this incarnation was to form with remains of Junk52 and some familiar faces from [M] history, and had the potential to succeed! But like many an Italian football team, failed to fulfill that potential.

Ciao Bella!

Wolffog removed

Punkbuster updated their old versions with some new maintenance updates. Even though there was no mention of the removal of the wolffog restriction, it seems ET players can now freely use whatever setting they prefer.

With some testing over the past 24 hours by Spain DoneX, he concluded that the only map visually affected was (as expected) Radar.

FPS on oasis seems to be considerably improved.

To answer many questions, some servers did not undergo the pb update. Once that is done hardly any config should allow this. That said, as you might know CB config does not have any wolffog restriction. But serveradmins need to use forcecvar to allow it.

Enemy Territory Wiki-Page Launched!

image: unbenannt11edA guy called Germany Eicher made a Wiki-Page for Enemy Territory.

For all those who don't know what a Wiki-Page is just look over at wikipedia.org. You'll notice that you can edit and add new entries. In this way you share your knowledge about any topic with other users who can also access and edit your entry if something is missing/wrong.

The new launched Enemy-Territory Wiki-Page works in same way. You, as a classicist of ET can share your knowledge with other people who maybe don't know anything about ET or aren't so experienced like you.

The Page was released today so don't wonder if there is no content in it. You can change that by adding new topics. A Wiki-Page always needs users who contribute their knowledge there and let the page grow.

If you're interested check the page and make your first (useful) entry there.
Don't worry about the domain it's an international site.

Take me to the page: et-support.de

141 - Doesnt add up!

When United Kingdom 141 formerly known as uQ won Summer Cup in a resounding victory over their compatriots United Kingdom SoF the hype began to build around the team that perhaps had what it took to challenge the top dogs at their own game.

The 141 ship sailed along convincingly winning their tf-cup group without dropping a round, but since that point the ship has traveled into murky waters, and has sent several members to walk the plank!

Firstly United Kingdom h2o walked the plank, the rifle nader who was reveling in the big time has been sent to the sharks, and last night one of the more famous members follow off into the deep end. United Kingdom RazZ has rejoined Europe rewind leaving a void to be filled!

I caught up with United Kingdom syK to get the lowdown in the 141 camp!

syK on RazZ
QuoteWith activity issues within the clan these past few months razz perfered to play for an active clan rather than a competitive one, so he chose to move on and we are currently looking at bringing maybe pray back or someone else we have in mind

syK on h2o
QuoteWell h2o is a great guy but it caused way to many arguments on comms etc so we decided we would be better off making a fresh start and we are bringing some new members in soon with the rest of the team that are left are extremly dedicated on making this work, currently deciding if we are going to go on without a rifle or with one so we are deciding which of the 2 players we have in mind to go for =)

syK on living up to the hype!
QuoteI'd say that in practices we are performing well and have come a long way since then improving and learning along the way but with inactivity it has been a strugle but we are making a push now ready for eurcoup and get this clan going again

141's current roster is as follows:

United Kingdom Mztik (cl)
United Kingdom syK
Israel CrozZ
United Kingdom SquizZ
Sweden TBA
Hungary Future

Is the Hungary Future bright for 141? Or will they struggle to steady the ship in time for Eurocup!

rewind - MesQ1 speaks!

rewind is a name that has littered RTCW and ET history for all the right reasons, in RTCW their unbeaten run was unsurpassed and in ET their team was the foundation of the Dignitas lineup.

But when the new rewind ET lineup came about they were not met with welcoming arms, and more recently they have been on the receiving end of a fair few flames.

However this week David Beckham returned to rewind, in the shape of United Kingdom RazZ the dazzling summer cup winner has gone back to the theatre of dreams and the question now is, are rewind serious contenders for the upcoming season? I caught up with the outspoken Belgium MesQ1 who himself has only just returned to the team!

MesQ1 on rewinds roster changes
QuoteWe wanted to recruit 1 more good player so we recruited razz which will hopefully give us more teamplay and aim we are hoping now to get quite a good result in EuroCup , we have been praccing alot to prepare for this and I hope we will do good in it

MesQ1 on his own departure and return
QuoteThe reason I left Rewind was because I had problems I thought it was best for the team if I left but it wasnt so 1 week later they took my back so we could get the skill we had achived when I was in Rewind

MesQ1 on the ET community
QuoteWe dont care about the ET community because they never gave us a chance to prove ourselves

MesQ1 on Clown and his soap opera departure
Quote He was a great player no doubt about that. But the communication was just bad he was always whining about something what was totally not needed , and it was irritating us and since we had allready 6 very active player we kicked him. But its very low too talk this bull**** about us, cuz we were always nice too him.

The roster changes have left rewind looking like this in preperation for the upcoming winter season:

Germany Riddla (cl)
Germany Sec
Belgium MesQ1
United Kingdom RazZ
Switzerland Rapt6rr
Netherlands Kris
Estonia asd

toFOUR Cup Final - uQ vs. wA

the toFOUR.de ET Cup finished on sundays night with a quickly decided match by wA and uQ.
At least, we had some organization problems during the playoffs, but finally, we are very proud to announce you the final of this cup:

Match: United Kingdom uQ vs. wArning Spain
Result: 4 - 0
Maps: Braundorf_b2 / Supply Depot 2
Shoutcast: http://radio.team-zenith.com by FlyingDJ (zen)
ETTV: http://www.gamestv.org
Details: http://www.warning-team.org/
Demos: http://www.challenge-tv.com/index.php?mode=demos&game=39
ETTV Replay: tba

Latest cup informations: http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=2210

... we'd like to thank everyone who covered us:
http://www.radioitg.com/ Radio ITG and Tosspot
http://www.vpclan.de/ VP Clan with ETTV and Shoutcast by Swine
http://www.warning-team.org wA News Team with the best coverage - thanks
http://www.swertcw.com SweRTCW for another good Coverage
http://www.played.dk played for the danish cover
http://www.gamestv.org Gamestv and AK
http://www.clanbase.com Clanbase as hoster of the cup system
And manny other sites: et.at, et-scene.de, rtcw-prison.net and manny other sites

and ofc thanks for every clan who played in it and helped us, to show the community around xfire and stuff some nice matches.

Have fun watching with ettv and listen to the last shoutcast of this years 1st toFOUR ET cup.

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