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toFOUR Cup Final - uQ vs. wA

the toFOUR.de ET Cup finished on sundays night with a quickly decided match by wA and uQ.
At least, we had some organization problems during the playoffs, but finally, we are very proud to announce you the final of this cup:

Match: United Kingdom uQ vs. wArning Spain
Result: 4 - 0
Maps: Braundorf_b2 / Supply Depot 2
Shoutcast: http://radio.team-zenith.com by FlyingDJ (zen)
ETTV: http://www.gamestv.org
Details: http://www.warning-team.org/
Demos: http://www.challenge-tv.com/index.php?mode=demos&game=39
ETTV Replay: tba

Latest cup informations: http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=2210

... we'd like to thank everyone who covered us:
http://www.radioitg.com/ Radio ITG and Tosspot
http://www.vpclan.de/ VP Clan with ETTV and Shoutcast by Swine
http://www.warning-team.org wA News Team with the best coverage - thanks
http://www.swertcw.com SweRTCW for another good Coverage
http://www.played.dk played for the danish cover
http://www.gamestv.org Gamestv and AK
http://www.clanbase.com Clanbase as hoster of the cup system
And manny other sites: et.at, et-scene.de, rtcw-prison.net and manny other sites

and ofc thanks for every clan who played in it and helped us, to show the community around xfire and stuff some nice matches.

Have fun watching with ettv and listen to the last shoutcast of this years 1st toFOUR ET cup.


Bani with new page: WolfWiki

At first, bani published a new website called wolfwiki.
As ET-Support.de its based on the wikimedia system to find fast solutions for problems and informations about configs for ETTV and ETPro: http://wolfwiki.anime.net/index.php/Main_Page

Another thing he published some days ago is the new ET Pro Version,
called ET Pro 3.2.2 beta test release 3 + serverside-mod support.
Informations about it can be found at his forum: http://bani.anime.net/banimod/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6237

This means: You can set up servers by using some own mods with using the etpro mod without clients who need to download it. So, server admins or leagues can add some own sources to the etpro to add own features or ban something like prone from theire server. To use this in competitions we need some more md5 checksums to make unfair playin still impossible. Example codes for this new featues can be found in his wolfwiki.


ClanBase opens inaugural True Combat: Elite ladders

After a successful ladder petition and potential in the current development of the True Combat modification, Clanbase has decided to add the following Enemy Territory ladder.

Europe True Combat: Elite 5v5 Objective (Rules)

As this Enemy Territory mod is still under development, we ask the community to give us feedback to improve the ladder even more. For more information join #ClanBase.TC:e.

Clanleaders can join the the ladders here, and clans who still aren't registered on ClanBase can use this this page sign up. As always, all clans are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the ladder rules before playing.

Xfire experiencing technical difficulties!

Thats right, you're not alone, if you'reading this then you can likely see some nice code above it:

"Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/hosting/host0417/bezoekers.php on line 31"

This code is also known as BELGIAN, its a language spoken in BELGIUM a country where this website comes from, Belgium is the land of chocolate and whilst making and eating Chocolate some hot melting chocolate got into the webserver and just like the hit movie TRON there are little men running around inside xfire putting up these messages!

However, RaZa has put on his chocolate fighting suit (hes dressed like Oprah Winfrey) and is inside xfire as we speaking fighting the problems.

Please be patient whilst we resolve these issues.

In other news:

The entire Team Dignitas Enemy Teritory division has tested positive for the baned substance nandralome. Nandralome is believe to have been slipped into their food suppliments and is the same drug that had Jaap Stam and Edgar Davids banned from football for lengthly periods. The Clanbase Crew has been called into an emergency session to debate their fate!

In Austria search parties are continuing to look for missing Saevus superstar Darky. Darky has not been seen in 3 months since Saevus disbanded and reports suggest that his long serving fanboy Potter may be implicated in his this mystery. Potter was seen being taken into a local police station, witness' say he took the clan killing joke too far!

And finally, Willstar climbed to the top of the music charts with his cover of the Cardigans hit song "Losing my favourite game".

GameSense vs sth - #1 Spot On The Line

image: gamestvClanBase ladder matches, they're of no importance right? Played by mere peons not good enough for the Cups...well tonight let’s distinguish that myth.

We'll see Eurocup hopefuls Portugal GameSense! take on ladder leaders Europe stronger than hate (sth). stronger than hate are on a nine match winning streak stretching back to early March. Granted their matches have been few and far between, the last two coming mid-September when they took on and beat not only Russia Pistols but Poland frozen in the same night.

They became ladder leaders by default in mid October, thanks to the demise of Hungary Thunder Force who have since gone into hibernation. This their first match as ladder leaders, a loss tonight would result in Spain aurea taking the top spot. Shit or bust for FroZzeN's men.

stronger than hate are a large caldron of Europe's best, a skillful mix under the watchful eye of Croatia FroZzeN. Their roster boasts members from Thunder Force, id.no, idle.ee, wArning!, Kreaturen and IDKFA to name but a few. But do a few big names make a team, you've gotta question their commitment with Eurocup approaching fast. It's also unclear as to what team they'll field, with over 40 members to pick from.

Compared to sth GameSense! have been incredibly active of late, three officials in the last few weeks going favourably - though not perfectly. Their roster might not boast the same celebrities as sth, but they've still a strong mix of players - overpowering fellow EC hopefuls’ Italy team Vagrants back in October. As the challengers tonight they've nothing to lose, even more so due to the ladder systems point scoring, they should be fully prepared to cause an upset.

Competition: ClanBase European 6v6 Ladder
Date: Wednesday 9th November
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: Supplydepot2 & Supplydepot2
ETTv: #Gamestv.org & Gamestv.org (450 slots confirmed)

Europe stronger than hate
- Rank: 1st with wins 13 / 0 losses / 1 draw

Portugal GameSense!
- Rank: 8th with 15 wins / 6 losses / 8 draws

Other clans in and around the top of the ClanBase European ladder include uQ Gaming, aurea, Rewind and Gods.inc. The skilled teams taking an interest, and with nearly 200 active clans the ladder system if far from dead. You can sign up to the ClanBase European 6v6 Ladder here, bring that competitive edge to your friendly scrims, challenge Europe's best.

This the first ladder match casted in months, and well 'n truly cementes the return of our beloved Gamestv.org - be sure not to miss out.

(Personal note - those map choices make baby Jesus cry :/ )


stronger than hate regain their top spot with a comfortable 4 0 win.

Highskill ET Cup!


Yet another Enemy Territory Cup!!

Yea, you heard right. First some thing in general. The cup will take place at 20.11.05.

Highskill ET cup is planed as a cup for all clans, no matter how skilled you are, but we all hope that at least some of the better teams are going to participe.

The cup is played 6 on 6 and it's going to be played on one day only. We haven't got any mappool yet and I want to ask you to post your favorite maps in the comments.

We also got some nice prices:


One 16 slot server and one Razer Copperhead mouse!


50 bouncers by conceptT!


20 Bouncers by conceptT

You can register by sending an e-mail with your clanname, your team members and a way to contact you to:

The cup is organized by the german clans Germany-=ETT=- and Germany[TIE] ET CLan.
We hope for many registred teams and i hope the news is ok now otherwise just send me a PM.

Clanbase in recession!

Clanbase awakes this morning to a recession! Thats right, for the 4th Quarter of 2005 Clanbase heads in WITHOUT Netherlands Cash!

Cash took over as ET Gamesup & EC Head admin when previous admin Israel Spirit was fired. Since then he has steadied the ship along with his first mate Wales Angrykid and navigator Spain Done, and the group did a sterling job with last seasons Eurocup!

However, with Cash taking a new position in coverage with both Clanbase and the GGL, PLUS his recent beer destroying accident at the Eurocup Lan finals, the time has come for Cash to resign from his position within the ET crew!
Cash did a fine job plugging the holes in a sinking CB ET ship and secured his reputation alongside Kajab and Lake as some of ET's finest head admins!

Speculation is rife as to who could replace Cash for the position of Game Sup, with Wales AngryKid declaring that he is NOT interested in the position, that leaves Spain Done in the front seat. However recently appointed United Kingdom Adacore might have the left wing vote, and the two may yet fight it out!

Thank You & Good Luck to Cash in his future efforts, I'm sure we have not heard the last of the bald dutchman just yet! Especially as he owes me a beer!

In Other Clanbase News:

Belgium Nightraver & Portugal Thalakos have joined the ClanBase ET crew! And ClanBase.com seems to have resolved its hosting problems! Now data is being transferred via a GGL.com webserver and Clanbase has shaken one of its more traditional slurs of having a slow website!

Anubis - Step Back

It's been doing the rounds since Tuesday, how can such an event go undocumented on xfire?!

Quote[/i]image: LoyalPrincess_small

He's played in legendary clans such as one4one, uE, Junk52 and Gods.inc. Fragging Europe's best week in week out, this frag movie documents his career from start to present day. From mass extermination of gunslingers to current wArning! exploits, this movie has it all

This is his comment about the recent release

QuoteI would like to present u my Movie "Step Back" which includes 11 minutes of pure action a masses of kills - Smg as well as my loved K43 and of course Rifle Grenade.
It took quite a while to finish and it shows frags from where my ET career started up to today.

# Duration: 12.52 min
# Size: 324 MB
# Ratio: 25MB/min
# Resolution: 1024x660

Download and enjoy, there’s been a mixed reception over at swertcw so far. “Step Back”, the marmite of the ET world?


Quick reminder, ensure you read the README.

ET EuroCup XII/OpenCup Fall announcements

image: cbgoldlogont
ET EuroCup XII is close and its getting serious now! The announcements (including the list of invited teams) for this years EuroCup will be held at the upcoming Sunday, the 13th November.

Update by NxM:

The announcement for this EuroCup will be in #EuroCup. The announcement for the ET EC will be at 21.20 CET! (The event itself starts at 20.00 CET)

- ET EuroCup XII
- EC - Who would you invite? by Nellie
- ET OpenCup Fall 2005 OpenCup groups will be ready on Monday

zerobarrier is back

zerobarrier.et is back after an inactivity of 4 months, with the following line-up:

Belgium zet0
Belgium undi
Belgium ziff
Belgium rfki
Belgium Ch4d
Belgium Xionn
Belgium fr1sko

with our new addition named Xionn we will hope we will be able to pwn all.

support at #zerobarrier
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