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ET Anniversary LAN Announcement


Beloved players, today is the day, we can finally announce the locked in date and location for the LAN. Having talked to a lot of people and discussed several options over the past weeks and months, we made the decision to go with a location, where we know, what we are getting. We would like to thank everyone for their recommendations!

CDC4 Signups (693)

image: CF The signups for the Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 have been a mixed bag of emotions for us. On the one hand the signups for Call of Duty 4 have been fantastic and we're pleased to confirm that we're expanding the tournament from 20 to 32 teams!

While Enemy Territory and ET:QuakeWars haven't looked so great early on, it seems that both communities are rising to the occasion to bring on more teams as the other. One to prove it is a game that deserves a LAN and the other to show it has not died off yet. ET:QW is past the 16 team marker.

In total, 693 players have signed up so far!

ET Reborn LAN 2015

It's been a while since ET has seen any sort of notable LAN action. The last event being Adroits LAN where One Pound Fish took the win. In order to bring some LAN action back, we've decided to give it another shot and this time with a 6on6 and 3on3 ET offline tournament.

*UPDATE 3* First new Wolfenstein screenshots

image: b0beuohh8xzk0xfje
With United States of America Quakecon 2008 approaching, all-eyes are on the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars tournaments but that could all change as now there are rumours about RTCW2 being unveiled.

Some one on the yoyogames.com forum managed to get his hands on "Game Informer" magazine(August issue) which features a "World Exclusive" first look at the new Wolfenstein game, and being a good fellow he scanned them for us all to stare at B. J. Blazkowicz in full iD Tech 4 engine glory.

Quote by Page #10Raven wouldn't say much about multiplayer, other than that there won't be co-op and that it'll follow in the footsteps of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

- Page one (cover)
- Page two
- Page three
- Page four
- Page five
- Page six
- Page seven
- Page eight
- Page nine
- Page ten
- Page eleven


- TRAILER Screens by Netherlands Echo:
Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
All screens (rapidshare)

- Official screenshots (high quality):
After clicking an image be sure to choose a bigger resolution in the lower left corner

KillerList 2008 - Strike you're out!

So finally the day has come again, almost another year has passed, and we have managed to get netCoder's database for the third time in 3 years! Now i would like to introduce this list by using Germany Pansemuckl's quote, it will tell you about the people who are dumb enough to buy or use cheats.

Quote by Pansemuckl On the one hand, CF has brought alot of attention and traffic to our site. Which looks good in the first place. But you need to look twice: These busts of top players really did have an effect on those who cheat in leagues. Alot of them are scared now, and desist from using cheats. The score is even I'd say... a few more public punks but less PRO hackers.

- KillerList November 2008 - The Crossfire IP matches
- KillerList November 2008 - The ETBOT matches
- KillerList November 2008 - The RSHOOK matches

Sunday 29th - CB NationsCup XV

image: ncxv_medium

The Clanbase NationsCup XV brings us 8 top games tonight, running from 19CET all the way through to 22CET. All games are the first week of the Group Stages and we have enough games to entertain any avid Enemy Territory fan.

supply & bremen_b3 are the forced maps for all of tonight's games. In the case of a draw a deciding map will be played under the traditional elimination format, with the winner of the coin-toss choosing who eliminates first.

The first round matches can be seen below.If there are any errors involving lineups then please leave me a pm and I'll amend the post.

Post your predictions!

Welcome To The Krefeld Battleground

image: title

ET Masters by Impact and Crossfire

image: header2
image: s_right
The deadline for the 500 € tournament is nearing to a close. With 138 sign ups so far, we are almost at the threshold of teams we need to offer a great tournament.

Target: 144 Teams!

The Qualifier and Invites
16 Teams will fight it out to get one of the 4 remaining spots to have a chance to get their hands on the prize money in the major division. The tournament will start Sunday and run through to Tuesday with a double elimination bracket.
We offer 28 Teams the chance to play in the very top division. Our seedings will be very tight and therefore we need you to tell us if your team is now inactive or does not want to participate in the ET Masters Season 2 anymore. We will definitely not allow teams (including a major part of their players probably) back for a 3rd season if they can't prove their stability in this tournament.

The Second Division
With groups of 8 Teams and hopefully 128 teams participating, it will be a major league with relegation games and a long term tournament with 1 match each week. Every team has the chance to qualify for the playoffs and two or three lost matches won't destroy your chances. Reach the Top 4 and keep playing till the end for your own good!

The Captains
Every team will need a responsible person to be available in our channel #etmasters on quakenet. Contact chosen, eVo or Adacore in this channel and tell us the team captain for your team.

The Rules
Detailed rules will be published on Thursday. Major stuff: No player will be allowed to play for more than one team and everyone playing needs to insert his current PB GUID to his crossfire profile. Every player who wants to play with your team in this cup must be in your crossfire team for atleast 24 hours.

Last map
Every team not competing in the opening match or participating in the qualifiers can participate in our map finding tournament which we probably will announce on Sunday. Most votes gone for Adlernest, Braundorf, Frostbite and Oasis.image: cc6_etm

Recent updates
01/19 16.29 - New here?
... create your clan and add your members to this clan here on crossfire. A small info text has been added to this newspost to make the life a little bit easier.
01/18 19.27 - ESL TV and ESL
... a few premium accounts for this cup's winners!The top of the top will receive premium codes to tune in ESLTV or use the advantages of an ESL premium account.
01/16 22.00 - YCN adds prizes!
...with adding game servers for the first and second division as additional prizes! Check the news post for more details.
01/16 19.58 - Spread the news
...the second edition of the ET Masters! Spam it all the way, this tournament needs your support to get as much attention as possible. Tell your friends, clan mates and national communities to sign up and join the tournament.
If you are an owner of a website, just tell us on IRC, so we can link your website back in this newspost.

01/16 00.11 - ET Masters announced
...there have been two tournaments held by Impact Gaming and Crossfire. After a short conversation in the evening, both organisations came to the conclusion to partner up and bring you one very big and awesome tournament right to the gates! We have increased the prize money to 500€ however we will definately announce atleast one additional sponsor in the upcoming days.

News supporters
United Kingdom The Last Resort
Europe H2K Gaming
Slovakia et.sk
Germany ET-Scene
Germany ROCKIT
Poland ET Web
France 8=D Team
Poland et.owned.pl
United States of America woCen
Europe esreality
France dESIRE
France StarZz-Gaming
France ET-FR
Europe Sektor Gaming
Europe 8Bits-Gaming
Europe Epsilon
Europe Overload
Europe Titanz.eu
Europe GamesTV.org
Europe #6on6.et (XonX Network)

AnonymousSpam it all the way, this tournament needs your support to get as much attention as possible. Tell your friends, clan mates and national communities to sign up and join the tournament.
If you are an owner of a website, just tell us on IRC, so we can link your website back in this newspost.

SLAC Anti-Cheat Announced!

SLAC is a brand new anti-cheat made by Chaplja, financed by Speed-Link.

The ET community has been crying out for a new system to prevent cheating for years, if not for the entire lifespan of the game. Punkbuster has clearly let the entire community down. Now a perfect alternative has stood up by the name of SpeedLink AntiCheat (SLAC).

Just like any security expert, Chaplja has experience in how cheats are made and is arguably the best in the entire scene, thus the perfect man for the job.
He has now released the first open-beta of SLAC, which is available for download and testing. Show your support by joining #speedlink.anticheat and reporting any bugs or issues you might encounter.

SLAC will be used in all the upcoming Clanbase competitions and will act as a perfect replacement for the Punkbuster anti-cheat database.

I've made up a list of questions that might be apparent with the release of a new anti-cheat system, and Chaplja himself supplied me with the answers.

ET QW First scans !!

Today the First ET Quakewars Scans have been released! They suggest a much larger scale of battle, with 24-32 players only. The Screens are taken from January's PCZone article all about ET:QW however the article does not specify a release date.

Scans have been removed on request of Future Publishing Limited

More infos here.
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