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.avi's anyone?

image: uC2

You better open up your videoediting programs, because we're back on the block to put some more preasure into the ET community! Now under the name ultimate Conspiracy

What has changed then, you might ask?

uniX out, allstar tornis in.
We also added disposable player Sweden nordaN also known as Sweden nordis, to be able to fill our gaps of possible inactivity.

The lineup consists of:

Sweden NuggaN (bhstyle, gosu, rewind, retro, Team Sweden)
Sweden jONAS (K2, bhstyle, rewind, Team Sweden)
Sweden wizzel (gosu, rewind, United States of America)
Sweden tornis (disposable, dtekt, Team Sweden)
Sweden KiiToS (LTC UK, RazeR, rewind, dtekt LAN, Team Sweden)
Sweden Nils (LTC UK, RazeR, rewind, dtekt LAN, Team Sweden)
Sweden nordaN (K2, disposable, ec4)

Statement from Sweden jONAS:

Quotewe will win ec

Visit our Website Here

(thanks to Sweden unisol for creating the logo and the website)

Please support us by idling our channel #uC.et at QuakeNet

ET Movie Database

image: etmovie

Since the death of decem's ftp and own3d not hosting any more, I decided to update my old movie list and make it a public database.
So here it is -> http://phaloid.wippiespace.com/

Database infos :
  • 662 Movies links
  • 15 Movie links to find
  • 1 single page
  • ET & RTCW
  • Alphabetically sorted

no more .avis

image: uC2

Sweden ultimate Conspiracy decides to move over to the more promising CoD2 community after the extreme defeats recently. It is however possible that, except for 2 players, some players will be semi-active in ET, but not on a professional level .

Allstar Sweden tornis and Sweden kiitos however decide to stick with ET, and they will hopefully continue playing actively in the future.

The last official match to be played will probably be against United Kingdom one.soldier in Europe EuroCup.

Here is a statement from myself:

Quote by NuggaNWell, as mentioned we realized that the team did not work out very well at all, and yes, to answer your question, we quit because we got owned in EuroCup (and that is the only fucking reason, eheheh). We also realized that the support of cheats are huge in Call of Duty 2 so we decide to move over to that game. This is not a joke however, we are ready to try with 100% capacity to start playing CoD2 on a competive level.

Sweden ultimate Conspiracy were:

Sweden NuggaN
Sweden nordaN
Sweden wizzel
Sweden tornis
Sweden jonas
Sweden kiitos
Sweden nils

+ Belgium mika
+ Sweden savage
+ Sweden rat

But, good thing this is a Call of Duty website as well, that means I can keep posting pointless pictures!

ET:QW Interview Blitzkrieg and Review Round Up

SplashDamage have been on the war path recently and launched a media blitz last week at an Activision press event. Paul Wedgewood and Kevin Cloud conducted interviewers with various online fansites and the questions cover playability, the closed betas, the maps, movement, competitive support and stats logging amongst other things. To top this off, over 15 sites then got to have a hands on playtest which has resulted in a slew of in depth reviews to keep your thirst for ET:QW at bay till it's release which is just a couple of months away.

Crossfire Announces CDC4

image: CFCrossfire is proud today to confirm the dates and tournaments for the Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4. The fourth installment of the Crossfire Challenge series will be our biggest yet with 4 tournaments and even more gamers! We look forward to build on our success and offer our community the best event yet!

The event will be taking place at the newly refurbished WZZRD Enschede Center in the east of Holland between Friday February 29th and Sunday March 2nd 2008. In attendance once again will be QuadV, providing their trademark entertainment and production. We've some exciting plans in the pipelines for CDC4 however can only reveal the basics to you at this moment, but rest assured we intend to raise the bar once again this time offering 10,000 Euro in prizes

Tournaments - Entry Fee is 40 Euros for all tournaments

- Call of Duty 4 - 20 Teams - 4000 Euro Prizepurse
- Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - 12 Teams - 3000 Euro Prizepurse
- Enemy Territory Quakewars - 8 Teams - 2000 Euro Prizepurse
- Warsow 16 Players - 600 Euro prizepurse
- Poker Tournament - 400 Euros worth of Prizes

These are our initial offerings, should signups exceed expectations we will happily increase tournaments and their prizepurses.


To signup to any tournament, you must complete your clan roster on Crossfire (here) and mail your application to crossfiresignups at gmail dot com - including a link to your Clan Profile on Crossfire and the primary email and phone number of the clan. Teams will first sign up, and then an undefined amount of teams will be invited to the tournament with some remaining qualifiers. Invites will be based on players reliability at previous Challenge events as well as the rosters potential skill, proven by previous achievements of individual players and the team itself. We will attempt to accommodate players wishing to play in 2 tournaments.

Signups will close on Sunday January 6th, with Invites & Qualifiers the following week. All payments will be due by January 18th. We request clans signup promptly so we can make any tournament expansions.

A final note that the tournament will be starting bright and early on the Friday, so when making travel plans please make yourself available from 9/10 on Friday. The tournament will be finished by 6/7 on Sunday.

devotii is a unique subscription based online gaming offering devoted to making gaming easy; with advanced yet simple-to-use functionality in a secure environment using next generation propriety anti-cheat software. devotii is building an active gaming community with sophisticated social networking tools integrated with one-click-to-play functionality. For more information about devotii please visit Devotii.com

Launched in 2003 Crossfire has been the home of competitive Wolfenstein and Call of Duty. In 2006 Crossfire launched its first live off-line event to great applaud and driven by its 14,000 members continues its pledge to champion the smaller games through exposure, events and original media. Crossfire continues to work towards the goal of offering a prestigious home for its community and the challenge events are the spearhead of its plan.

Starting in 2005, WZZRD Game cafés has rapidly grown in the Dutch gaming scene.
Over two years, WZZRD has been providing gamers with the best possible gaming experience offering the latest hardware, competitions and services in the their cafés.
Recently grown to three establishments, featuring the largest Game Café in the Netherlands, it accommodates the needs of gamers for casual playing time or competitive LAN tournaments. In addition, WZZRD Game cafes organizes any type of gaming related events varying from product releases to company days, at one of its locations or externally.

UPD #2 ETACE/Antipro beta testing server

About the mod

It's been a while since you've last time heard from us, which was mainly due to me and quad being busy with other stuff. However, we started working on the mod again, and we are ready to open our server to public in order to get some valuable input from players.

Antipro is a project coming from developers of the Anti3 anticheat that was used in the World Cup 3v3 and Crossfire NC. The mod is based on ETPro and has one main goal: provide the community with an additional anticheat that is supposed to improve the level of protection against cheaters (as much as we can do), while still benefiting from features punkbuster offers.

CDC 4 all-in-1

image: CFThis newspost contains essential information regarding Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 which will take place on 29.2.-2.3. It will be updated from time to time so have a look at it if you believe you're missing out information.

CDC4 Accommodation[/b]]These Hotels and places for accommodation have been taken from the last event post, so the information is 4 months old, it might be that some of them arent available anymore and/or the prices have changed.

WZZRD have partnered with the University of Twente to ensure that once again we are able to rent out university accommodation for CDC Part 1 & 2 - This accommodation is both very cheap but very social as all the gamers are centrally located together and most people stay up chatting, drinking and playing poker. We have centralised the booking so that you can book either a log cabin or a hotel room (the logica hotel, also on university campus) through WZZRD. This means that we can keep the low rate and make sure only players & specs can stay there, the two options available are:

Budget: 16 EURO Per Person, Per Night - Log Cabin

The huts hold 15 people. The beds are without bedlinnen so a sleepingbag might come handy, aswell as a towel for the showers. The price also includes a breakfast of 2 Sanwiches, Orange Juice and a Candybar served at WZZRD from 9 until 12.

Comfort: 29 EURO Per Person, Per Night - Logica University Hotel (fully booked)

Logica has 24 rooms, all of which can be used either as single or double rooms. Most rooms have a shower and a toilet. The rooms are divided over four apartments. Each apartment has a common lounge room, provided with telephone, TV, coffee and tea facilities and a minibar. The price also includes a breakfast of 2 Sanwiches, Orange Juice and a Candybar served at WZZRD from 9 until 12.
To make a reservation you can do so through WZZRD by emailing enschede@wzzrd.nl or through this website
Note you will not be able to reserve the university accomodation on your own this time, it must go through WZZRD
Alternatively, there are some other hotels in the local area which you can check out and book for yourself, they can be found below:

Bed & Breakfast

Boekelosestraat 415, Enschede
Price: 50 euros per night, including breakfast
Persons: 2
Distance: 5 km (perfectly doable by bike, which they offer you there)
Other: It cannot hold a team, but for those that are coming just to have fun, this might be an ideal solution.

Vacation Homes
If you have a car at your disposal you can consider taking a much cheaper vacation home of which are plenty in the vincinity of Enschede and Hengelo. There are even a few close to the venue, which are doable by bike, which you can rent at the Central Station of Enschede.

Buurserstraat 500, Enschede
Price: 210 euros ppl for the entire weekend. There are two of these identical houses very nearby.
Persons: 4-6
Distance: 10.9 km
Other: It might be just on the border to do it by bike, might take you 30 mins to get to the venue. 10 to get downtown. However, the house is very well priced for what you get.

Klein Gallie
Wachterstraat 36, Enschede
Price: 175 euros for entire weekend, including everything, no breakfast.
Persons: max. 6
Distance: 11.7 km (not very feasible for ppl without a car, 40 mins with public transportation)
Other: A cheap and decent place for any CoD2 or ET team.

Het Ruifje
Wilminkweg 6, Enschede
Price: euros 150,- for entire weekend, including breakfast on the first night.
Persons: 4
Unconfirmed but likely to accommodate six people.
Distance: 7 km (doable by bike through the city)
Other: You can even take care of the horses that are also on the property :P

Villa Park Eureka
Beldhuismolenweg 8, Deurningen
Price: euros 255,- for entire weekend
Persons: 1-6
Distance: 13.8 km
Other: Pretty luxurious, it has a sauna and stuff.

Bad Resort Boekelo
Oude Deldenerweg 203, Boekelo
Price: 159,- euros for entire weekend
Persons: 4
Distance: 7.3 km
Other: One of the closer vacation homes, however only limited to 4 ppl. Wether you book a 2 person one or sneak someone in to crash, is up to you ;)


Burgemeester Jansenplein 20, Hengelo
Price: 70 euros per night for 2 ppl
Distance : 6.6 km (7 Mins by public transportation, very nearby Hengelo Central station)
Other: More luxurious than the others. Very nearby venue, which is definitely a plus. Just a bit more expensive.

Hotel Jachtlust
Weerselosestraat 306, Borne
Distance: 13.8 km (24 mins with Public transportation
Price: 50 euros per night per room (inclduing breakfast, dinner if you stay 3+ nights)
Other: Cozy hotel, even though a bit further away from the venue, it is still easily accesible with public transportation.

Hotel Drienenburght
Drienerlolaan 5
Distance: 0.2 km (on Campus)
Room 1 person (including breakfast): 72,50 per night
Room 2 persons (including breakfast): 81,00

Eden Hotel de Broeierd
Hengelosestraat 725, Enschede
Distance: 0.4 km
Rating: 8.3
Room 2 persons: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130

Hotel Restaurant Rodenbach
Parkweg 35-39, Enschede
Distance: 3.4 hm
Rating: 7.7
Room 1 person: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 150

Eden Dish Hotel
Boulevard 1945 nr. 2, Enschede
Distance: 4.2 km
Rating: 7.2
Room 2 persons: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130

Eden Star Hotel
B.P. Hofstedestraat 50, Hengelo
Distance: 4.3 km
Rating: 8.5
Room 2 persons: 100 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 118

Hotel Amadeus
Oldenzaalsestraat 103, Enschede
Distance: 4.3 km
Rating: 6.7
Room 1 person: 110 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130
Price money is for 2 nights, so it's not as expensive as it looks like.

There are of course more Hotels, but the others are 7 km or or further away.
The Distance is the amount of km the Hotel is away from train station Enschede Drienerlo (very close to the LAN).

CDC4 Payments[/b]]All teams that have been invited, or will win a qualifier are due to pay their entrance fee to CDC4. The entrance fee is 40 Euro per player, all managers, press and spectators are free, but if you are PLAYING its 40 euro per player, per tournament.

Payments must arrive in Crossfires Account by 18th of January - Make sure you pay in advance as transfers take 3+ days from central Europe, and 5+ days from eastern and southern Europe. Please ensure your payment includes a reference stating which player and/or team it is for.

Please make your payment to the following bank: (If you require paypal contact TosspoT)
- Payments Made payable to: Crossfire
- IBAN: GB24MIDL 403913 21363751
- Swift/Bic Code MIDLGB2152H
- Sort Code 403913
- Bank: HSBC
- Bank Address (If needed): 65 High Street, Ruislip, Middlesex, UK


CDC4 Signups Closed[/b]]As off now, the registration period for the Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 has been closed. It has been an overwhelming amount of signups which has grown to about 700 players that are eager to compete and have a great weekend in Enschede at the WZZRD Gaming Center.

It is unprecedented that for each game which will feature at the upcoming installment the records of signed up teams have been broken. It shows that the ET is FAR, FAR from dead with 36 teams. MoreoverCoD4 and ET:QW have shown it are communities ready for the future, worth great LAN events with respectively 67 and 20 teams signed up.

The list of invites and qualifiers will be release tomorrow on January 7th. Be Aware that the qualifiers will have to be finished before the 10th of January at 23:59 PM. If you have signed up and no longer wish to attend please notify the crossfire crew immediately to allow us to adjust the qualifiers accordingly.

:: Payments are due January 18th
:: Tournament starts 9AM Friday 29th Feb!
:: Do You want to come to Spectate at CDC?

I get many queries about spectating at CDC, everyone is invited to come along to CDC and have a good weekend. There are projectors and plasmas with commentary broadcasted across and you're never further than 10 meters away from a bar! So come along and have a great time, theres no entrance fee for spectators

:: Do You Want to Bootcamp at WZZRD?

WZZRD Run bootcamping sessions for teams wishing to get in their hours practice before the event. Below are the details and all inquiries should be made through WZZRD.

Exclusive for CDC participants: Crossfire Bootcampdeal!

Get used to the competitions setup & hardware and practice against your possible opponents.

1 day (arrive on thursday)

* 8 hours playtime
* 2 drinks of your choice
* hotdog or tosti
24,50e per person!

2 days (arrive on wednesday)

* 16 hours playtime
* 4 drinks of your choice
* hotdog or tosti
* hamburger menu
49,50e per person!

3 days (arrive on tuesday)

* 24 hours playtime
* 6 drinks of your choice
* hotdog or tosti
* 2 x diner: hamburger menu & pizza
69,50e per person!

All days run from 15:00 till 23:00!

Bookings can be made by e-mail: enschede@wzzrd.nl

Teams should be very aware that there is a very short payment deadline this time, so start organising yourselves and your managers NOW. If you've any questions with regards to payments you should email me at tosspot at gmail dot com.

CDC4 Revisions[/b]]CDC4 will be running the following adventurous tournament format for the event now just a little over 2 months away! We've a new sponsor that allows us to increase capacity significantly which will be announced in January, however the resulting logistics have cost us somewhat, hense a lower redistribution from the original outset.

Call of Duty 4 - 40 Teams - 6500 Euro
Wolf ET - 16 Teams - 3000 Euro
ET:Quakewars - 12 Teams - 3000 Euro
Warsow 16 Players - 600 Euro

That takes our total gaming prize purse to 13100 Euro!


- Signups close January 6th
- Payments are due January 18th
- Tournament starts 9AM Friday 29th Feb!

CDC4 Signups (Complete List)[/b]] The signups for the Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 have been a mixed bag of emotions for us. On the one hand the signups for Call of Duty 4 have been fantastic and we're pleased to confirm that we're expanding the tournament from 20 to 40 teams!

While Enemy Territory and ET:QuakeWars haven't looked so great early on, it seems that both communities are rising to the occasion to bring on more teams as the other. One to prove it is a game that deserves a LAN and the other to show it has not died off yet. ET:QW is past the 16 team marker.

In total, 693 players have signed up so far!
We are asking teams to sign up as soon as possible if they're planning on attending so that we can contemplate tournament expansions or reductions. We have additional capacity at CDC4 which will be publicized in early 2008 which we'd love to fill!

You can find the current list of signups below.

Call of Duty 4 - 67 teams

United Kingdom EYEROLLERS
Netherlands GX
Poland Ultrafrag
Spain Team Overplay
Belgium dfiance
Netherlands h2k
United Kingdom Dignitas
Sweden EYEBallers
Belgium Mercury
Netherlands zehleet
Finland Logitech
Germany ZYKON
France don'Touch
United Kingdom 4kings
United Kingdom Reason Gaming
Belgium ri-lax
Netherlands Ephix
Germany Fture
Czech Republic eSuba.HAL3000
Netherlands wave-esports
Benelux starLike
Denmark Roskilde-eSport
Benelux LowLandLions
Germany qix
Netherlands Bathing Ape
United Kingdom TLR.CoD4
Benelux DCC Gaming
Germany KomaCrew
United Kingdom Team Ebuyer
Czech Republic nEophyte
Portugal MYteam
United Kingdom Infused Gaming (form. Team Visualize)
Sweden VAE
Belgium Tek-9
France Coming Soon
Germany Team Legendary
Finland DIE
Netherlands BottomFraggers&CO
Netherlands RubberDuckies
United Kingdom Sykotic Gaming
Europe Not Identified
Benelux Theatre
Germany KickIT
Belgium HardMethod Gaming
Germany Speedlink
Belgium Electronic Minded
Germany w4sp.cod4
Netherlands KnightS Rotterdam
Slovenia Intense Gaming
Benelux DCC gaming
Italy Inferno eSports
Netherlands Serious Gaming
United Kingdom Pirate Hats
Germany Cologne Esports
France oXmoze
Hungary drop to trash
Denmark Infinity
Germany pewpewLasers
France fiveStar
Italy TuLLs
Poland Fear Factory X-Fi
Germany Deutsche Med Heroes
Netherlands chaozZz
Finland Ragdollz
Italy Team Impact
Europe aMenti
Germany High Fidelity
Europe team <[o]>
Poland Delta

Enemy Territory - 36 teams

Estonia idle.ee
Europe ping pong
Europe menTiz
Europe Team Unique
Europe n1ce
Czech Republic necoRaisers
Belgium EDiT
Netherlands Morrigu
Europe Kojak.et
Germany/Austria Disqonnect LAN
Netherlands Hyperion Gaming
Belgium GameDivision.be
Poland Authentic
Europe aMenti
United Kingdom The Last Resort
Europe Team Visualise
Netherlands Inspired Gaming
Netherlands Kreaturen
Germany Velerion.CDC4
Benelux Mazzelaars
Benelux Friends in Force
Europe Dark&beyond
Europe team <[o]>
Portugal K1ck eSports Club ®
Europe TAG eSports
Netherlands Fayntic
Germany vicious and evil
Germany/Austria Chill on Fire
Czech Republic Brotherhood of Steel
Benelux acab-gaming
Poland Slayers Team
France muse
Europe snd-gaming
Europe Random Clan
United Kingdom UnKind
Sweden noll8
Italy VagrantS

ET:QuakeWars - 20 teams

Spain nextlevel
Germany Speedlink
Poland Frag Executors
United Kingdom 4kings
Europe Team Dignitas
Germany Stofftiere Online
Poland Delta
Finland Logitech.fi
Germany eGamespoint
Germany OCRANA
Europe Team CoolerMaster
Germany OVERLOAd Gaming
Europe H2k-Gaming
Poland Triada
Finland Team Pelit
Denmark Infinity
Germany KomaCrew.ETQW
Germany w4sp
Europe Inferno eSports
Sweden Kompaniet

War§ow - 17 players

Netherlands Rikku
Netherlands h1o
Netherlands Xhep
Netherlands mark
United Kingdom bruns
Netherlands scoobz0r
Scotland Bong0
Germany pillemann
United Kingdom Rick
United Kingdom tebs
Netherlands voKUS
Netherlands Jann1s
United Kingdom pbx
Germany pillz
Netherlands TBON3
Switzerland Panzerfaust
Germany djevil

CDC Lansettings guide

:: Invites/qualifiers Enemy Territory[/b]]

Direct Invites: (8 slots)
Europe New Project (formerly aMenti)
Belgium EDiT
Netherlands Kreaturen
United Kingdom TLR
Germany VAE
Europe Random Clan
Europe Team <[o]>
Europe n1ce

Qualifiers: (8 slots)
1. 21:30 CET Benelux FiF 4-0 Europe Inspired
2. 21:00 CET Benelux gD 4-0 Europe Disqonnect (ETTV)
3. 21:30 CET Benelux Fayntic 2-4 Europe Unique (ETTV)
4. 21:00 CET Europe Snd-gaming 0-4 Europe Visualise
5. 20:30 CET Europe CoF 4-0 Europe Brotherhood of Steel (ETTV)
6. 9th Jan 21:00 CET Poland Authentic 4-0 Netherlands Hyperion (ETTV)

Second qualifier round. 10th January: (8 games)

1. 9th Jan 22:00 CET Netherlands Mazz 0 - 4 Poland Slayers Team (forced) (ETTV)
2. 9th Jan 21:00 CET France Muse 1-3 Europe Unique (ETTV)
3. 20:00 CET Europe Dark&Beyond 2-4 Benelux FiF
4. 21:00 CET Germany aToOn 2-4 United Kingdom UnKind (ETTV)
5. 21:00 CET Netherlands Team Ephix 4-0 Benelux gD (ETTV)
6. 21:30 CET Europe Tag 4-2 Europe Visualise
7. 22:00 CET Europe Kojak.et 4-0 Europe Brotherhood of Steel (ETTV)
8. 22:00 CET Czech Republic NR 0-4 Poland Authentic

Dropped teams:
Europe CoF
Poland sT

Final qualifier games: TBA

:: Invites/qualifiers Enemy Territory Quakewars[/b]]
For ET:QW, it was possible to allow all teams to be included to the qualifier as nextlevel has announced they would not be able to attend CDC4.

Direct invites:
United Kingdom 4Kings
Europe Dignitas
Sweden Kompaniet
Finland Pelit
Germany Speedlink
Germany OCRANA
Germany eGamespoint

Germany KomaCrew
Finland Logitech.fi
United Kingdom Team CoolerMaster
Poland Frag Executors
Germany Stofftiere Online

Qualifiers were
9th January 21:00 CET Germany KomaCrew 4-0 Poland Triada
9th January 22:00 CET Finland Logitech.fi 1-0 Italy Inferno eSports
10th January 20:00 CET Poland delta 0-4 United Kingdom Team CoolerMaster
10th January 21:00 CET Poland Frag Executors 4-0 Denmark Infinity
10th January 22:00 CET Germany w4sp 2-4 Germany Stofftiere Online

:: Invites/Qualifiers Call of Duty

CDC4 Accomodation
CDC4 Revisions
CDC4 Signups (693)


NC XII Lineups & Matches

image: ncxiiblackbig2rv0

With CB announcing the captains for the upcoming NC XII season, the nations are getting ready for the upcoming games, some of them are even creating news posts with their lineups, you can tune in over here.
Without further talking, I present to you, the ClanBase NationsCups XII official lineups:

Australia biggz
Australia angelus
Australia Chevron
Australia hammerkrook
Australia shaggy
Australia ike
Australia Static
Australia dongo


Austria beAsty
Austria xXx
Austria hal
Austria potter
Austria limbonic
Austria tamschi

Austria t0m
Austria rapture
Austria Bruzl4H
Austria v1ech
Austria bl1zzardx


Belgium spiROZE
Belgium dAv1d
Belgium Jere
Belgium siL
Belgium Worm
Belgium xAv

Belgium emzii
Belgium isEn
Belgium Lazio
Belgium Player
Belgium Sh!zzle
Belgium .X.!


Brazil Guiz
Brazil HArt
Brazil sNzz
Brazil lorD
Brazil stpd
Brazil skull
Brazil hello


Canada anim
Canada rossko
Canada punkk
Canada KaKu
Canada Empty
Canada sHAUN

Canada carnage
Canada CrimZon
Canada Tranix

Source: Canada sHAUN

Chile M@x
Chile nozzzji
Chile Merce
Chile Ram
Chile Chewbacca
Chile h4an

Chile saMer


Columbia Soho
Columbia Eitileda
Columbia Paper
Columbia Paraco
Columbia Terra
Columbia Zicario

Columbia Coste
Columbia Nemesis
Columbia Wasted_Years
Columbia Radamantis


Croatia gmx
Croatia calisto
Croatia frozz
Croatia komar
Croatia rimi
Croatia suVi
Croatia danL


Czech Republic]
Czech Republic butch
Czech Republic cpu
Czech Republic denton
Czech Republic Loocko
Czech Republic marv
Czech Republic nindrt


Estonia Night
Estonia RELOAd
Estonia r3vers
Estonia EmeRica
Estonia rAUL
Estonia Sinnu

Estonia eurUz
Estonia al
Estonia sCyter
Estonia bff
Estonia hell


Finland Matias
Finland Reikkeri
Finland Iron
Finland Squall
Finland mikza
Finland Lepari
Finland Xpaz
Finland olBaa
Finland torspo
Finland chmpp
Finland Fel


France HoreK

France emorej
France fra
France Straf
France karibuu
France maxuh
France DrTank

France serial


Germany kuraigu

Germany urtier
Germany wEAK
Germany haZer
Germany drago
Germany sNoOp
Germany fireBall
Germany butchji

Germany duKe_
Germany ph4te


Hungary BoRi
Hungary adze
Hungary isl4m
Hungary Ocelot
Hungary powi (xrayne)
Hungary seb1

Hungary Karrrde
Hungary Leo


Ireland Bilgrim
Ireland Dozy
Ireland Coco
Ireland Solomon
Ireland Helix
Ireland Vaako

Ireland Skydeh
Ireland Chud
Ireland Cadea


Israel destiny
Israel Ranje
Israel rivz
Israel wAffle
Israel Zer4tuL
Israel elfa

Israel batzz
Israel sensy
Israel mASSiON
Israel pliss


Italy Mamalukes
Italy black
Italy decade
Italy diO
Italy dirkje
Italy impe
Italy Jolly
Italy rizz
Italy neve
Italy OpiNelZ
Italy vegeta
Italy zwiazek


Japan Kirark
Japan Gabriel
Japan Vienna
Japan Remishi
Japan RollStone
Japan sirokuma
Japan MiRUKU


Latvia fuzz
Latvia dunno
Latvia vinyl
Latvia Mata
Latvia speedy
Latvia TBA

Source: None.

Malta toxic
Malta Killerboy
Malta reky
Malta hex4
Malta sphinx
Malta badboy


Netherlands Ronner

Netherlands perfo
Netherlands M1lk
Netherlands teKoa
Netherlands Lightning
Netherlands joop
Netherlands overboost

Netherlands Ati_
Netherlands hayaa
Netherlands teKoa


Norway Snuble
Norway SioN
Norway ViZioN
Norway Domi
Norway dizA
Norway Eirik

Norway Lakaii


Poland Wrobel
Poland naga
Poland Xanah
Poland dialer
Poland wiaderko
Poland Frag'Stealer

Poland r1co
Poland rio
Poland kot
Poland wiesiek
Poland errol
Poland Templar
Poland Cursed
Poland edain
Poland n00n
Poland Rodia

Public Relations:

Poland mst
Poland Set


Portugal Strider
Portugal ag0n
Portugal WhT
Portugal archy
Portugal SuI
Portugal mAv
Portugal setup

Portugal Sexclick
Portugal jet
Portugal sexyhot


Romania FaKy
Romania eXelero
Romania R00NNY
Romania inVid
Romania nebu
Romania lover

Romania loctarar
Romania Bo_Bo

Source: Romania Lover

Russia h8m3
Russia humM3L
Russia Slaw
Russia JOkE
Russia Jago
Russia detektor

Russia korguy
Russia 4live
Russia Dakagon
Russia Diablo


Slovak Republic]
Slovakia CML
Slovakia filuS
Slovakia kredenc
Slovakia bladee
Slovakia pyth9n
Slovakia silent


Slovenia carniee
Slovenia superboyy
Slovenia jakazc
Slovenia immoo
Slovenia vektor
Slovenia saw

Slovenia olympus
Slovenia optimal


Spain Neom
Spain Z1P
Spain Wezor
Spain bTC
Spain Zion
Spain trazo
Spain soomed


Sweden tornis
Sweden sAvage
Sweden slajdan
Sweden newbje
Sweden uniX
Sweden jonas

Sweden pesh
Sweden wizzel
Sweden vktr



Switzerland vegi
Switzerland ReavEr
Switzerland GuNnEr
Switzerland MTM
Switzerland crAsh
Switzerland gifty

Switzerland DabSter


Ukraine twister
Ukraine malczik
Ukraine Patriot
Ukraine LiNtu
Ukraine Neliop
Ukraine Protector
Ukraine Bikk
Ukraine eMka

Ukraine razier/tviD
Ukraine Forward


United Kingdom]
United Kingdom rahul
United Kingdom Meez
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom w3st
United Kingdom griim
United Kingdom syK

United Kingdom med1xza


United States of America]
United States of America Elf
United States of America Bullet
United States of America Steve
United States of America Tps
United States of America The_End
United States of America Matt

United States of America Mistaken
United States of America Vermilion



23:30 CET - SloveniaSlovenia vs. ChileChile

image: game8798

14:00 CET - AustraliaAustralia vs. RomaniaRomania

image: game8800

17:00 CET - PortugalPortugal vs. JapanJapan

image: game8803

18:00 CET - RussiaRussia vs. IrelandIreland

image: game8805

20:00 CET - SwitzerlandSwitzerland vs. BrazilBrazil

image: game8801
20:00 CET - NorwayNorway vs. IsraelIsrael

image: game8806

20:00 CET - CanadaCanada vs. UkraineUkraine

image: game8802

21:00 CET - SpainSpain vs. SlovakiaSlovak Republic

image: game8799

22:00 CET - HungaryHungary vs. ColumbiaColombia

image: game8807

22:00 CET - United States of AmericaUSA vs. MaltaMalta

image: game8797

Good luck to all participants, may the best nation win!

ClanBase Website

ET United LAN Prices and discount

image: 8P84yzE

Payment deadline: Tuesday 13th of October

Brink 2010 Roundup

image: brink_cinematic_cap_1_banner

10th February 2010

Last month, Splash Damage and Bethesda Software published several gameplay videos taken from Brink. Since then, things have been a little quiet on the internet. Brink has been hitting all video game magazines across the world recently, with the majority featuring Brink as the main item on the front cover. Today, Brink brings us 4 new screenshots showing the jaw dropping graphics and spot on attention to detail. Splash Damage's United Kingdom Richard "Rahdo" Ham has stated all these screenshots are captured from raw gameplay footage on the PC without any modifications or enhancements to the colours and graphics. Brink is expected to hit the shelves later this year. Take a look at the 4 new screenshots below.

Also in Brink news - in response to United Kingdom Richard "Rahdo" Ham, Belgium Krosan created a journal asking What keeps you playing ET? United Kingdom Richard "Rahdo" is interested in making a list, stating why the ET community continues to play ET and how this information can be used to make Brink a better game for the ET fans. If you wish to contiue the discussion, feel free to post in the Brink Q & A thread.

In case you missed them, here are 5 Brink gameplay videos for you to watch.

Container City Gameplay Part I
Container City Gameplay Part II
Container City Gameplay Part III

Character Customizaton Walkthrough
Introductory Airport Walkthrough

And the best preview for Brink yet: Gamesradar.com
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