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Gamehack Violation (UPDATE)

UPDATE This now effects Call of Duty - If you are a Call of Duty player who did not read this, make sure you do!

As many of you have seen nC have today unleashed their latest weapon and this is how it works.

The source of their new found ability comes from "pnkbsra / b .exe" - basically they've isolated that what this does is scan the entire virtual memory for vm signatures and they find certain vm signatures that PB will kick for. That pnkbsra scans the entire virtual memory, so if you've MSN or iRC open at the time, and you get sent this message when you're connected to PB then it will show up in your VM and you will get kicked.

The method they used to get to this conclusion was reverse engineering - their justification for claiming that is legal is because 3 different virus scanners pick PB up as a trojan and thus is a threat and its legal to reverse engineer a threat (apparently).

NC XIV: Voting Phase Ended (Part 2)

image: dbs5fn

image: 347hh5e

Welcome to the ClanBase Enemy Territory NationsCup XIV.

The NationsCup intends on bringing all of the best players across the world together to represent their nations at one Cup.

The ETernity LAN

ET-Community, today is the day, we can finally announce the locked in date and location for the LAN. Having talked to a lot of people and discussed several options over the past weeks, we made the decision to go with a location, where we know, what we are getting. We would like to thank everyone for their recommendations!

Overload confess

Overload's ET team have tonight confessed to the allegations of cheating posed at them. The rumour mill had them faced with being busted via the next upcoming 'bust list' from Killerboy, and when confronted by Crossfire with that evidence they came clean.

In a statement they said they wanted to make a point to the community that anyone can cheat and that it is the lowest thing to do. The players implicated (though confessions have at the moment only come from vila & zeto) are - acid, vila, zeto, jetro lio & kevin.

All players implicated will be banned from CC5 and site bans according to the CF rules.

CDC3 Invites/Qualifiers

image: cdc3banner

It has been an exciting month since registration opened for the Crossfire Devotii Challenge - and we're happy to report that we've been overwhelmed by both the positive feedback, and the impressive number of signups for all three tournaments. We've players spanning two continents and over 15 nations all eager to compete in what should prove to be an amazing event.

Initially, I can announce that the Qpad Quake 3 CPM 1v1 tournament has been increased from 8 to 12 players. This is thanks to the excellent scheduling skills of Adacore, and the quality of the players signed up. It would be a crime not to accommodate such an excellent field of competitors.

And so it's with great pleasure, and after careful consideration Crossfire can announce the invites for the Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3.

Direct invites:

1. Europe Team <[o]>
2. United Kingdom Aim on Head
3. Netherlands Artificial
4. Germany HighBot.ET
5. Europe Team Dignitas
6. Italy eXplosionC4
7. Czech Republic eSuba
8. Europe team-euler
9. Europe FF.org
10. Belgium Finest
11. Germany GaB.et
12. Germany Helix
13. Europe k1ck
14. Netherlands Kreaturen
15. France muse
16. Europe n1ce.it
17. Netherlands OVERLOAd*
18. Poland Redsky Gaming
19. Europe Superretardedplayers
20. Europe The Last Resort

Qualifier matches:

A: Europe blutSTURZ vs Czech Republic cZklan.blood
B: Netherlands Mazzelaars vs Czech Republic Team inteRaction
Winner A vs Winner B for a ticket

C: Europe Dark & Beyond vs Czech Republic NecroRaisers
D: Poland slayers Team vs Netherlands dutch terror squad
Winner C vs Winner D for a ticket

E: Finland iHero.LAN vs Czech Republic illusion pictures 4 - 0
F: Netherlands Hardgaming vs Germany pstarZ 4 - 0 ff
Finland iHero.LAN vs Netherlands Hardgaming for a ticket

G: Netherlands brother.lan vs Europe sFx Egoboys
Winner G vs Finland CDAP Identical for a ticket

- First qualifier matches should be played before 21/08/2007. If not, crossfire can and will replace teams.
- Second qualifier matches should be played before 28/08/2007. If not, crossfire can and will replace teams.

Maps for the qualifiers are as follows:

- braundorf_b4
- bremen_b2
- radar
- supply
- sw_goldrush_te

These 5 maps will also be played in the LAN tournament. The addition of a possible 6th map for the LAN event is currently under discussion.

Direct invites:

1. Germany aves
2. Sweden bud
3. Sweden GNZ
4. Belgium impulse
5. Belgium mAx
6. France pijx
7. Poland pod1
8. Luxembourg svr
9. United States of America vamp1re
10. Netherlands Vo0
11. Sweden voodoochopstiks
12. Germany zerox

-. England nll
-. Netherlands Loekino

Direct invites:

1. Netherlands AgamemnonZ
2. Netherlands beng
3. Germany BoBel
4. France Bracko
5. United Kingdom BRUNS
6. Germany DoomY
7. United Kingdom G0A
8. Belgium Ganon
9. Netherlands h1o
10. Netherlands Jann1s
11. Netherlands marrk
12. Austria mky
13. Germany nealz
14. Germany Noorgrin
15. United Kingdom nVc
16. United Kingdom pbx
17. Germany pillemann
18. Netherlands Rikku
19. Poland s4nd
20. Netherlands Scoobz0r
21. Scotland thelawenforcer
22. Poland Vic7iM
23. Netherlands Vo0
24. Netherlands Xhep

Payment Details
Payment for all three tournaments is €50 per player, per tournament. If you are playing in two tournaments you will need to pay entry fee into both. Payment for the tournaments is required by Friday 24th August. Please take neccessary proof of payment should their be delays in bank transferring time. Also be sure to include names of teams and players in the transfer notes for identification.

Please make your payment to the following bank (note we only accept bank transfers):
- Payments Made payable to: Crossfire
- IBAN: GB24MIDL 403913 21363751
- Swift/Bic Code MIDLGB2152H
- Sort Code 403913
- Bank: HSBC
- Address (If needed): 65 High Street, Ruislip, Middlesex

Make sure you read the chapter about "Entry Fee & Regulations" on the forum sticky.

Kind regards,

Happy Christmas

image: 20330606_89272e2b64_m
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Crossfire

*UPDATE* pHook List

Another cheatsite & their customers bite the dust. Finland///PALE's so called "unhackable" & "untraceable" customer information has been brought to the light. Below are the list of PaleHook Customer which bought the private bot.

Crossfire.nu E-Mail Matches (Thanks to BelgiumKrosan)

A Nationscup Update 3!

image: nc

After various issues, errors, and whine, we bring an update, which we can only hope will provide positive results. Our changes may be considered controversial, but it must be considered that our original decisions were pretty controversial also, so hopefully you're conditioned adequately.

older[/i] announcements can be seen here.]
- Poland Wrobel will no longer be the captain of Team Poland. As well as this, the entire Poland Fear Factory team's active lineup will be banned from competition in this cup.
- Poland n00n will now be the captain of Team Poland.
- The server config used during matches will be the ESL 6v6 EMS config, available here.
- Due to an urgent request for the army, Israel Israel's captain will no longer be FrAgOn. We are currently searching a replacement captain.
- Captains will be required to put their players pb guids rather than ETPro guids on their team page.
- No qualifiers will be required in the tournament.

As well as this, the tournament structure and matchweek dates are now available:
Group A:
1) Belgium Belgium
2) Israel Israel
3) Austria Austria
4) Czech Republic Czech Republic

Group B:
1) Finland Finland
2) Japan Japan
3) Estonia Estonia
4) GreeceGreece

Group C:
1) Germany Germany
2) Turkey Turkey
3) France France
4) Malta Malta

Group D:
1) Latvia Latvia
2) Australia Australia
3) Hungary Hungary
4) Ireland Republic of Ireland

Group E:
1) Netherlands Netherlands
2) Chile Chile
3) Italy Italy
4) Romania Romania

Group F:
1) Poland Poland
2) United States of America USA
3) Norway Norway
4) Slovakia Slovakia

Group G:
1) Sweden Sweden
2) Russia Russia
3) Portugal Portugal
4) Slovenia Slovenia

Group H:
1) United Kingdom United Kingdom
2) Canada Canada
3) Switzerland Switzerland
4) Ukraine Ukraine

Please note that the numbers do not represent seedings, but are simply numbers.
The top 2 teams at the end of the group stages from each group will reach the playoffs.
This means a total of 16 teams will be entering the playoffs. For the first matchweek of the playoffs a single elimination layout will be used, followed by a double elimination process from the quarter finals and onwards.

Our new changes are:
- The crossfire nationscup page is now available here.
- Russia Russia have chosen to quit the tournament after various players being disallowed. We are searching a replacement team.
- We are currently awaiting proof of nationality from many team turkey players. Turkey MousS has been removed from the cup due to his history suggesting repeated cheating (5 pbbans listings).
- Netherlands aphesia will not be allowed to compete with Poland Poland!
- United Kingdom Sheep has been banned from the cup due to competing with United Kingdom raskL, a known cheater and cheat distributor.

Any questions, per usual, can be asked in #crossfire.nc

Torspo on trial

Arni of GTV published a damning video of Finland Torspo in action this evening against Kujuneb in the Eurocup playoffs. The video raises the eyebrows of even the most cautious cheat finders and now the matter has been elevated above a mere journal here on crossfire and now is under investigation by Clanbase.

The Video Evidence:
- Arni's first Video
- Xionns attempt to discredit Arni's theory
- Braundorf Demo & Shoutcast
- FlyingDJ Video

The Audio Evidence
- iTG`TosspoT under investigation

Current Status from Adacore of Clanbase:

QuoteEvidence Inconclusive, No Action Taken

Clanbase Rule:

QuoteCheating (aimbot, wallhack, spiked models, ...): permanent ban for the player, removal of the clan from the cup or ladder the match was for.

Keep with crossfire as the story unfolds, this is not an open and shut case as the PB Screenshots are non existant. Additionally Clanbase Eurocup knockout stages this season are SINGLE elimination and thus if the decision is made along the same lines as the decision against Razz, then Demiurge will be removed from the competition. However, will compassion be shown by Kujuneb who thanked Demiurge for moving the match forward by 4 days?

Update #1

Demiurge Have Released a Lenghtly statement in defence of Torspo - To find it Read More

FF kicked out of EC!

Over at Clanbase, EC admin Belgium Bartichello made this statement:

QuoteI believe everyone knows what this will be about. After allot of suspicion surounding this player we have reviewed the last two EC matches Poland Fear Factory X-Fi was active in. It has come to our attention that gnajda was cheating in both the match between overload and Fear Factory X-Fi and as well in the matchbetween Impact Gaming and Fear Factory X-Fi.

Therefore the loser bracket final will be replayed between United Kingdom Impact Gaming and Belgium overload to decide who will play Germany megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. in the grand final later on.

image: img_c9288a480c3dbb315477d673ad7bbad0
Read more

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