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Crossfire announces Crossfire Challenge 5


Crossfire.nu is proud to announce the fifth installment of its Challenge LAN Series running from December 12-14 2008. The event which has become a focal point in both the Enemy Territory and Call of Duty series returns with an improved prized offering and greater capacity to house teams wishing to attend. The event will take place in the WZZRD Gaming Center in Enschede powered by their new project, WZZRD.tv, this the venue which crowned Fnatic and The Last Resort champions in CoD4 & ET respectively.

The event will also feature an online tournament for each game in November to determine the seedings for the tournament before kicking off in earnest at 9AM on Friday the 12th of December in Enschede. QuadV as always will be live on location broadcasting both the tournament and all the fun of the event both to the web and to the local audience!

Entry fee's will work differently for this event featuring an early bird discount in September - Signups will open in September with the announcement of the prizes and all entries in September will be 40 Euro per player for ET and 50 Euro per player in CoD4. Signups will remain open in October but will be 50 Euro per player in ET and 60 in CoD4 and will only be accepted via online credit card payment (google checkout system). So if you pay before October you get it 10 Euro cheaper.

Eurocup invitations and mappool update

After a long time of preparing for the new season we are finally able to announce the teams that will take part in this seasons Enemy Teritory EuroCup. Now that some of the big names in ET are gone the road is open for many new clans to prove their worth and have their moment in the spotlight.

This season will be the same format as the previous one. Four groups of four teams will be made up giving sixteen teams the chance to compete over the gold. Eight of those teams are direct invites and the remaining eight will be decided trough qualifier games.

Direct invites

Europe BlutSTURZ
Croatia Cortana
Belgium cZar
Germany GMPO
Finland Junk52 - #stfu?
Benelux Kreaturen
Europe OVERLOAd.Latency gaming
Europe Stercus Accidit


Finland Incomplete versus Europe Elite
Europe Obsceanus versus France muse
Finland Negative-Image versus Poland Overdose Gaming
Czech Republic esuba.HAL3000 versus Israel eSreal.org
Europe hardMethodgaming versus Germany megaProGaming
Italy n1ce.it versus Germany Team Kojak
Spain playNET.GS - Azure Fate versus Slovakia ESVKA
Belgium moomoofarm versus Europe Twatwaffles

Qualifier games must be played before Saturday the 6th of October and can be scheduled right now. Players that play for a winning team in these qualifications can not play for another clan until 3 weeks into the season] this counts for both Open Cup as EuroCup.

Mappool update


These maps will be the final map list for this season and will also be used in the qualifier games. Each team will pick one map and a decider map will be decided by coin toss if necessary.

source: clanbase

Adroits ET Masters

It's been over 8 months since ET has seen any sort of notable LAN action. The last event of course being SAGE where Anexis took the win. Since then, it looks like the community has settled back into the 6on6 format for online tournaments. In order to not rock the boat, we've decided to make our return to ET and this time with a 6on6 offline tournament. Whilst the ET community may be familiar with the name "ET Masters", I'd like to clarify that it is in no way connected to the previous tournaments.

Read on for all the available information at this time.

Essential information overviewimage: logo
Dates: 2nd & 3rd June 2012 (09:00 each day)
Entry: €350 per team of 6
Slots: 16
Prize pool: €3,000

SLAC Bust List II

image: 6qun1c

Today, SPEEDLINK|chaplja released SLAC List part II. There are 13 more people caught cheating - some may suprise you, some may not.

But see yourself.

The cheat which was detected is so called "SLAC proof" by Finland pale. The bot cost 15 €.

SLAC User ID |
Crossfire Account |
same as 000001552
ClanBase Account |
Finlandfrosty nuckles
same as 000001552
ESL Account
same as 000001552

Allstar time! - UPDATED

image: euallstars1jpgTis the season to be jolly and with that Crossfire are hosting two allstar competitions! First of all news regarding Europe vs Australia, that match has been postponed until the 7th of January upon the request of Australia. Secondly, it is that time of year again, European Allstar time again!

Once again the tournament will be run by Poland Mrozu & United Kingdom TosspoT and once again we have split the continent up into four sections! You can see the continent in all its glory Here. People can submit their nominations for region captain to euallstars@gmail.com or via iRC to either admin, that will then be put into an email vote and the winner will be charged with the task of selecting a team. Teams must play with 3 different nationalities and a maximum of two players per clan.

:: The tournament itself will be played in a round robin format right at the end of 2006. Matches will take place on the 29th & 30th of December at 18:30, 20:00 & 21:30 CET. Each european region will play eachother once and the winner is the region with the best record at the end of the matches.

Coverage of the event will be provided by GamesTV.org, Inside the Game & Headshot Radio[/hide]
:: The Captain Nominations! - Vote for your captain[/b]]

Netherlands kris
Germany urtier
Netherlands perfo
Germany pumu
Switzerland gifty

Estonia Night
Poland doktor
Hungary CS4f1
Russia humM3L
Latvia Clown

Italy Xylos
Malta toxic
Israel CrozZ
Spain Winghaven
Slovenia JaKaZc

Sweden crajsor
Norway Lakaii
Finland Lepari
Finland Squall
Sweden LotiX

Please send your vote to euallstars@gmail.com voting for one person from EACH region, voting closing Sunday at 24 CET

Keran and Shy banned from EC

image: clanbase_whiteShortly after the spectacular end to the Germany Pro5 vs Europe Dignitas ClanBase EuroCup round 3 game tonight bans for Germany Keran and Germany Shy were filed on ClanBase. These players were banned for cheating on a public server and, hence, these players will receive a suspension from all games in ClanBase competitions.

There has been much speculation as to what this will mean for the Germany Pro5 team after their recent victory over defending champions Europe Dignitas. After discussion of the rules and the situation at hand, the decision has been made that the result of this match and all previous matches in which Keran and Shy played for Pro5 will stand. This is due to the fact that the cheating offences were on a public server and there is no indication that these players cheated in these or any other official ClanBase matches, and is in accordance with the ClanBase cheating and abuse policy.

Thanks as always must go to Bulld0g for his relentless hard work in tracking down the evidence to stop the cheaters in the ET community.

eSport Challenge LAN Announced

image: tlresportschallenge

I am pleased to bring you the great news of 'eSport Challenge', A LAN hosted by TLR which is due to take place Friday 1st July - Sunday 3rd July 2011 at the very recognisable Wzzrd LAN centre, Enschede. The LAN itself will feature two tournaments - a 16 team Enemy Territory competition as well as a 16 team Call of Duty 4 competition.

CDC4 is over!

The doors have closed on the biggest event to hit Crossfire yet, after hundreds of matches and some nail biting moments we have our winners!

Final Rankings

Call of Duty 4
Sweden Fnatic (3000€)
United Kingdom The Last Resort (2000€)
Czech Republic eSuba (1000€)
4th France oXmoze (500€)

Enemy Territory
Europe The Last Resort (1500€)
Europe New Project (1000€)
Belgium EDiT (500€)

ET: QuakeWars
United Kingdom Dignitas - (1500€)
Sweden Epsilon - (1000€)
Germany Speed-Link - (500€)

Netherlands scoobz
Netherlands h1o
Netherlands jannis

For all the CoD4 brackets and fixtures, please visit here and here.

For all the ET brackets, please visit here.

image: small_cod4image: small_et image: small_etqwimage: small_wsw
image: small_cod4_groupsimage: small_et_groupsimage: small_etqw_groupsimage: small_wsw_groups
image: small_cod4_bracketimage: small_et_bracketimage: small_etqw_bracketimage: small_wsw_bracket

image: pb image: qpad image: raven image: wzzrd

First SLAC Bust List released

image: 6qun1c

Today, SPEEDLINK proudly presents what you waited for so long:

- The SLAC bust list! -

Quote by SPEEDLINK|chaplja
The current ban list consists cheaters caught during a period of a bit more than a month. Although rumours were floating around saying 29 persons would be banned for cheating, unfortunately SLAC in start lacked certain detections and although there's 99% possibility those accounts were used for cheating, I've decided to wait a bit more as the logs don't make it clear whether it was triggered by a cheat or corrupted hardware. The accounts in question will be monitored and checked often, though. Now that the website is done and the whole system works fine, cheaters will be added to the list more often. However, as of a few days ago, a large number of public and some private cheats have been blocked from operating at all, which will probably result in lower detection rate as many attempts to cheat will fail.

Crossfire and WZZRD announce Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2

Video Gaming community Crossfire.nu have partnered with WZZRD to launch their new venue in the Cinestar cinema in Netherlands Enschede with the second instalment of the Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge.

WZZRD's new gaming centre will be the largest in Holland and will feature state of the art systems as well as a complete refurbishment of a venue integrated with Cinestar's cinema. The venue will be officially opened on Friday the 13th of April together with the Crossfire Prizefight Challenge. The event takes place from Friday 13 till Sunday the 15th. Offering 6,000 Euros, teams from Call of Duty, Enemy Territory and Return to Castle Wolfenstein will battle their way to glory over three days.

"We're extremely honoured to be working with WZZRD to launch their latest location" said Stuart 'TosspoT' Saw, owner of Crossfire.nu. "As gaming grows, centres of this pedigree are what we as gamers need to evolve the competitive aspect. We're looking forward into making our second tournament into a more spectator orientated event and we're thrilled that through a unique partnership with WZZRD and Cinestar we're deep in planning a true cinematic experience for the finals."

"For the opening of our newest location, we wanted a special event to mark this happening. With Crossfire I think we have found a perfect example of professional competitive gaming events that boost eSports constructively, " said Tymen Boon, founder of WZZRD. "In the future we expect and aim to host more of their events as they are a fundamental brick to built eSports in the Netherlands and Europe. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship..."

Additionally, Steelseries, the market leader in professional gaming gear, has joined the Crossfire Challenge and Crossfire.nu throughout 2007. As with the previous edition, Crossfire will collaborate with Inside the Game to deliver exclusive match commentary, who will be joined by Multiplay TV for professional video production.

About Crossfire.nu - Launched in 2003 Crossfire has been the home of competitive Wolfenstein and Call of Duty. In 2006 Crossfire launched its first live offline event to great applaud and driven by its 10,000 members continues its pledge to champion the smaller games through exposure, events and original media.

About WZZRD Gaming - Starting in 2005, WZZRD Game cafés has rapidly grown in the Dutch gaming scene. Over one year, WZZRD has been providing gamers with the best possible gaming experience offering the best hardware, competitions and services in the their cafés.

Currently with two establishments in Utrecht and Groningen and one near completion in Enschede, WZZRD will soon be opening the doors to the largest gaming center in the Netherlands, accommodating the needs of the casual and competitive gamers and event organizers to be the host of LAN events such as the Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2.

In addition, WZZRD Game cafés organizes any type of gaming related events varying from product releases to company days, at one of its locations or externally.[/hide]
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