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cVs.ET 6c6 1day CUP Incoming!

image: cvs_cup

So here we are guys!
Just a little bit more than a week to signup to the 1st cVs.ET 6v6 1day CUP Powered by Xrent!
More skill, more fun and more girls stuff than u can imagine in an aftermoon to spent with your nab opponents :D

So, just a little reminder of main infos..

32 slot available ( @this moment about 16, gogo to signup!)

• Radar
• Oasis_b3
• Goldrush_te
• Braundorf_b4
• Supplydepot2
• et_ice
• Tc_base
• et_beach

Kick off will be Sunday 9 April 2006 at 14.00 CET.
For ETTV ip servers (it might be a fine coverage) and other:

Conversio Cup Web site
• #cvs.cup @ Quakenet

Mystic Returns for Impact Gaming

Impact Gaming has a habit of bringing back old legends.
And this time is no exception. Finnish allstar - or should I say superstar - Finland mystic has rejoined the Impact ranks to strike down once more. His comeback from inactivity will undoubtedly not go unnoticed, and when this one-man-army is backed up by possibly the best medic of all time, Wales sqzz, you really have the perfect recipe for success. If this isn't oldschool enough for you then perhaps mix it up a bit with the old legendary Sweden zP rifle Switzerland gifty, plus the master of engineering, England Sheep, who turned planting a simple dynamite and some mines at CPC4 into a true modern art. Spice it up with some Malta toxic herbs, and you have yet another tasty Impact line up.
image: 21987eh
The Impact Gaming line up:
  • Malta toxic
  • Finland mystic
  • Wales sqzz
  • Switzerland gifty
  • England Sheep[/b]

  • Backup United Kingdom R0SS
Impact Gaming manager United Kingdom eVo has yet again managed to put together an allstar team that will definitely be amongst the top contenders for the next big tournaments. They will be competing in the upcoming CB EC and ESL EMS, and will be present at the upcoming LAN's such as AEF and the Denmark LAN.

Zaigon by Ultraviolet Productions

image: uvlogokx0

Europe Ultraviolet Productions are proud to present their second official Enemy Territory movie

Zaigon (Mirror from Smireboule) @ Switzerland
Zaigon (Mirror from Fusen) @ US, West Coast
Zaigon (Mirror from Arni) @ Germany

Approaching our city steps a lengthy 224 days after our previous release - one4one Decimated - this is the first and very long awaited movie by Germany Hannes 'hannes' Anders since he joined our crew back in September 2006. To see his previous movie, you can check it out here - Heroine.

image: zaigon2Back in July 2006, Germany hannes started searching for frags for an Enemy Territory Community Fragmovie - a concept where demo submission is open to everyone, which is very popular in other games such as Quake, but hasn't really been attempted before in ET with any great success at this level. We here at Europe Ultraviolet Productions hope to have set the benchmark for community movies in ET for the future.

Crossfire Challenge 7 Announced!

The Crossfire Challenge 7 is approaching and its time for the basic information of the event so that you can start planning your trip to lovely Enschede again!

CC7 will run on the first weekend of March - The 5th through the 7th at the WZZRD Gaming Center in Enschede once again. The event will run the following game titles, Enemy Territory, Modern Warfare 2, Wolfenstein. We will as per the last few events be bringing in extra PC's to expand the venues to capacity to handle the multi game tournaments.

TZAC #2012

image: w3NlO

Note: If you believe you've been false banned, please follow the following instructions

Last night Tomislav Zubcic - Anti Cheat (TZAC) proved what it is worth. We knew previously that TZAC doesn't ban cheaters instantly, instead it uses silent detection which means everyone can use whatever cheat they want, but sooner or later chaplja will apply a ban. Most of you might not see if as the perfect solution but remember TZAC is meant to be used at competition. Thats a good solution to slow cheat coders work, because they have no idea if it is really working 100%, they need to wait till the next ban list is released.
As you could see, zAAba shared some cracked etbot version which led alot of people to be busted by TZAC Screenshot system, thats a clean proof that TZAC is doing is job as it is meant!

The following bans have been removed. Multiple violations have been raised, but after the review, it appears to be caused by broken hardware:

Netherlands aphesia, http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=3866

Apologies to those falsely banned. 90% of last night's bans do not need a review and of the other 10% only a few may have been caused by broken hardware which will be checked again.

Well, as a little present to our community, chaplja released a new ban list today, 8 February with around 145 banned accounts. Thats a great way to start 2012 ban list, isn't it? :)

EuroCup XXII Allstars Game

image: 31507r6

Clanbase EuroCup XXII has come to an end. The best team has been found after a vast amount of decent games. For the last time in this year you will be able to see some of the greatest stars of just finished season, performing on the highest level. Both supervisors: Poland Homer and Israel LION are creating their own teams in order to present EuroCup XXII Allstars Game and bring some entertainment for spectators.

CPC, Invites & Qualifiers

Here is the long awaited list of Invites and Qualifiers for ET & RTCW. However, due to the large volume of CoD2 registrations, we've had to delay our decision until later this afternoon, when we can make sure we got the right teams for the competition. As a result the CoD2 qualifiers have an extra day (Thursday, March 1st) to be completed.

Here are the ET Invites and Qualifiers: (not in any order)


Estonia Dignitas
Europe zeroPoint
Europe aMenti
Finland impact gaming
Finland murso
Poland NETRunners
Europe one4one
Benelux one.soldier
Europe Polar eSports (cdap)


Q1 - 21:30 28th - Germany helix vs Europe ALIS
Q2 - 22:00 27th - Europe defs vs Belgium cZar
Q3 - 21:30 27th - Sweden vae.KiH vs Europe vib
Q4 - 20:30 27th - Netherlands rewind vs Estonia suxus
Q5 - 22:30 28th - Europe pingwins vs Italy retro4u
Q6 - 21:30 28th - Europe dtekt vs Europe agony realm
Q7 - 20:30 28th - Netherlands morrigu vs Poland FF

Here are the RTCW Invites:

Netherlands amnesia
Europe wh00ps
Germany rTg
Netherlands Verdiend
United Kingdom one.soldier

Qualifier information is available HERE, we will release the full signup list for all games when we've released the CoD2 invites and qualifiers. The ET map pool will be Radar, sw_Goldrush_te, Frost_Comp_b2 (teams select one each) with the non chosen map being the decider map.
Teams need to be aware that their matches HAVE to be played on one of the two qualifying days, February 27th and 28th. You can download Frost Final Here

ET LAN in Denmark (Update)

There are plans in the making for a LAN event in Denmark featuring Enemy Territory and Call of Duty 4. I was asked by the organizers to get a feedback on general interest by the community espacially the ET scene, hence this post. To give you more information about the event here is a list of facts.
  • Name: TBA
  • Date: October 15-17, 2010
  • Location: Aalborg, Denmark (Click)
  • Prize purse: €5.000
  • Entry fees: No exact fee determined yet but not more than CiC7
  • Structure: Groupstage + Double Elimination
  • Accomodation: Discount at a nearby Hotel (cheaper than the CiC7 bunkers)
  • Travel: Train, Car, (Plane)
  • Conditions: At least 10 ET teams needed to make it happen

The event is aimed to be more of a community event rather than being a pure competition tournament. To go more into detail with the prize ditribution, it will be different to what we know from CiC7 for example. For each win a team will receive a special amount of money. The first two teams of a group get money as well as any winner of a play-off match. The total prize money is variable as more attending teams mean more prize money. About the accomodation I was told that the hotel is about 2km away from the venue and busses are driving each 15 minutes. Regarding the train travellers, there is a special train taking off from Hamburg dedicated for this event where the players will recive 20% discount on the trainticket.

Here come the Aussies!

image: eteuautIn the next installment of the exhibition series the Europe vs Australia Ashes match is upon us this weekend! After the great European Allstars, winning captain Urtier has assembled a firey force ready to taken on the Australians who are still mourning Shane Warnes departure from international cricket!

This match signals the end of the Christmas break as both Nations Cup and Eurocup return to action the following week and the sad fact that Christmas really is over! The stakes will be high and the teams will have to fight against the ping as continents do battle in a neutrally lagtastic venue!

Europe Europe 4-0 Australia Australia
Sunday 7th January
Time: Europe 14:00 / Australia 24:00
ETTV: GamesTV.org
Shoutcast: Inside the Game

Germany Urtier
Estonia Night
Netherlands teKoa
Czech Republic marv
Germany butchji
Poland kot

Australia Shaggy
Australia iceman34
Australia riCo
Australia HM
Australia forty
Australia ike
Australia haste

:: iTG Shoutcast Download
:: Esse's Shoutcast Download

Gentlemen Gaming ET LAN

Ladies and gentlemen... we are back with more LAN action! It has been one year since the ET United LAN, where France Rushit eSports and Europe Team-Visual took the win. This post is just to see whether there's interest again for another ET LAN.
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