Goldendunk Funcup

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After having hosted our first 2v2 riflecup last sunday , which was funny but also a little bit chaotic, are proud to announce their second Enemy Territory Funcup.

The second edition will be a 3on3 Goldendunk funcup. The map goldendunk_a2 is about playing basketball with the players body. You have to pick up an goldcrate from the middle of the map and use jumppads to get into some huge hoops. For every hoop the team get's 2points.
In the end the team with more points will win the round and also the map. We'll only play one stopwatchround to ensure that we don't get any problems for adding the points of the 2 rounds together.

As in our last cup we'll release an extra config for this Goldendunk funcup with features like e.g.:
- no heavyweapons
- no support / artillery
- no riflegrenades
- 1 Stopwatchround = 5 or 10 Minutes

We'll also try to get as many servers available with this map so that we can have an admin watching every match. If we don't have enough servers available on sunday the teams are asked to have a server ready to play on. In our last cup we had
8 Servers to play on with an admin on each.. a big thanks to #fayntic hell and for hosting them.

For the moment the cup will be planned as a 16 slot cup. If there is such a big interest as in the riflecup we'll maybe increase it to a 32 slot one.

To get the whole cup better organised we set up a little cuppage here. (thx to jocke` and eicher)

If you want to signup just one player of your team has to register there , add a new team and sign it up for the cup. We'll release a grid as soon as possible and if you have any questions concerning this cup or anything other just don't hesitate and come to on Quakenet.

Last but not least we are in need of some matchadmins for this cup. So if you are interested just query reVeal|eiM in and i'll give you an answer (if you are in or not) as soon as possible!

In general our aim is to make some funcups at nearly every weekend with new or old funmaps and if you have ideas for a cup/map just talk to us.


Team j/k won this second Funcup. Check the cuppage for some more details.

Have Fun!
well i think thats also a great idea. Just do it often guys!

ET competetive part lil boring nowadays
I love the map :)
( 1v1 ) or ( 2v2 ) goldendunk > ( 3v3 ) goldendunk
2v2 is the best rifle + panzer
sure, second that
SMG is overpowered for this map tbh. You get hit out of the sky pretty easely. If you have rifles and panzers only, it'll be a blast. Just did it 2v2, was pure laughter ^^

more fun than rifletennis =x
No way, nadetennis > aLL. :O)
So who wanna do a funteam for this cup? I might play this one. Skill low-. Free for any team. Might try learning your language too. Or just the useful words like fuck and stuff.
Hehe, I'd play

Skill: high
Speaking: England english + Netherlands dutch + Germany german

skill - low---

Speaking Poland England a bit of Japan and I will be able to understand Netherlands. :X
Skill: low
talks Belgium and England, kinda France and far from fluent Germany
also knows a bit of Japan (baka and other)
What, me? Get real :p
meh fo shoh
nice idea. gl with it!
well u can try it like the L4F cup with a 5on5 goldenkdunk cup

its hard but remember basketball is a 5on5 game ;)
nice design jocke, du har inte lust att ge mig en genomgång i ps? :D
hope i will be admin again :>
nice map!
Will signup but cant find the bloddy signup thing.

Has anybody got a srv i cud try the map out
the map is too defence biased, even if you kill all of the opponents they will respawn and rape you as you are in mid air :(
every match ends in a draw, and cointoss decides the winner :(
hmm.. sounds like u r right.. i'll discuss it with eiM and propose him the thingie with pf, rifle only... :)
pf! XD, rifle is harddd @ midair

looks like CS
GO GO GO goldendunk ftw

Need to be in mappool of 3on3 and 6on6 dont forget 5on5
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