ET Pack 1.3

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ET Pack 1.3

Because of the upcoming Crossfire LAN i was working on a new Version of the ET Pack. I removed the Tools for a better handling and to make the pack a bit smaller.
And i updatedt the Mappool of course. I removed Warbell and added the two new EC / OC Maps, karsiah_te2 and bremen_b1.
I replaced frost_comp_b3 with the new B4 version and i made a new readme File including Mapdescriptions for the 6 standart maps.

You can download the new Pack here:
VAE Mirror
Get-Liga Mirror
Australia Mirror

More Information are available at the new Tutorial Page.

If you have any questions feel free to message me in #fac.vae
Enjoy it!

Greetings swine
nice! :)
wow, great job sprgungesweins
thx chmppymunki
why add beta maps? there going to be changed anyway
to make it easier for people to watch ETTV matches from CPC.
does it still have that babe banner when installing?
How big is it? Good work by the way.
what is this for?
in welcher sprache schreibt man standard mit t
anything 4 linux?
keep it up the good work
very nice :)
i allready gave the link 2 of my friends to start with et :)
hope there is no etkey ;)
it isnt :P
Very nice. Keep up the good work!
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