QW in Q3 07?

Clanbase have today reported that ET Quakewars may not be released until the third quarter of 2007 meaning between July and September, coming precariously close to August's Quakecon.

QuoteYes it's another painful read for all hoping to see Quake Wars on the shelves in the next few weeks, but according to Activision's latest financial results, Quake Wars, the promising multiplayer action game from Splash Damage, is now expected to arrive during the publisher's second quarter of fiscal year 2008.

In english that basically means you can expect to see the game hitting the shelves between July and September. As Activision and Splash Damage explained, the PC version won't be held up for the console versions of the game, which was pleasant news indeed.

The article is NOT backed up by correct referencing so the validity of it cannot be considered gospel, more rumour.
ET on Qcon whoooooew!
lets book our flights then!
Already booked
Now we need ET for QuakeQon, and we need the information now! :)
aaaaaarg, enough with the fiscal year crap. One type of year is more than enough!
Most likely true.
Hmm good give's me some more time to a buy a new comp/.
thought the same
QuoteYes it's another painful read...

they keep delaying it, while some players have been playing it for a year. i can see how fair the competitions gonna be.
I don't care about the advantage the beta-players have.
I simply want to play it (at least a public demo!)
ET on QC!
sucks aint it
I read this news on other websites and webshops changes the available date.
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