etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #1

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As if the number of cups during the beta stage of Enemy Territory - Quake Wars wasn't enough, yet another one popped up earlier today. It's the IRC-channel #etqw.euro together with that've launched their invite-only cup involving ETQW's finest. Among those you find clans such as Europe team-dignitas, Europe lolicon, Sweden NINJA and Sweden Team One2 to mention but a few and this one could really become rather interesting. It's a one day cup and the whole thing is to take place this Sunday, the 22nd.

I earlier posted my own translated english version of the etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #1 statement, but later on unHuman,, contacted me with the news that they've now released an english announcement, I thought I would update this entire newspost. Other then that you can see that some other things have changed aswell, seeing Europe Team Desire getting replaced by United Kingdom edge and United Kingdom Team imm0rtal. eSports with Germany u14. They've also added a poll to their page where you should toss your vote wether to allow the Tormentor or not during this cup, read on for more information., #etqw.euro and Rackage partnered up to bring you a perfectly organized tournement with high-quality matches, superior entertainment and a unique atmosphere. These all is going to take place on sunday, the 22nd of July at 14 PM CET. Oh, let me guess, you still don't know what's going to happen here? It's about time to share the fact that: presents the #etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #1

Right, but that's not going to be "just another" cup, we have something special for you in mind this time. This first edition of the #etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #1 has a special stipulation. Yes, you read it right, this premiere starts as an invited only one. That means, sent individual invitations to the best of the best and we are glad to show you the list of clans that are going to participate and as you will see, we have them all.

However, what would be a tournement with top-clans, if there isn't anybody who ensures you full entertainment? Besides high quality matches we also care about the entertainment-factor. Hence, there was no other choice but to contact QuadV/TosspoT in order to make sure this cup gets one of the best shoutcasters out there and to give him the oppurtunity to make a mark on that.

ut there is still something missing, yeah - a very important point, namely, the community's influence. First of all, there is nowhere a tournement going on Splashdamage does not care about. They espacially care about ours and the flurry arised when they heared that we are also about to forbid their tormentor. As a result, we decided to set up a poll where all interested players are able to vote whether a tormentor should be allowed or not. This poll finishes at Saturday 23:59 CET and you can find it on our mainpage on the right side.

In order to keep the clans will to win that event, the overall-final will be shown live on television. Giga TV will stream online and live via SAT the final at 23 PM CET. So stay tuned. Rackageservers is a popular serverhost in the United-Kingdom, therefore we are proud to have them as our server-sponsor. They will provide the cup with 8 private servers, thus a troublefree tournement will be warranted. will coverage its event. Scores, Details and Informations will be released there and frequently updated.

Germany cause we can
Germany Pain is Coming
Germany u14
Spain Team exilium
Spain wArning!
Europe Beyond Gaming
Europe cZar-Gaming
Europe lolicon
Europe team-dignitas
Poland Logitech.QW
Poland spierdalaj!
Sweden Kompaniet
Sweden NINJA
Sweden Team One2
United Kingdom edge
United Kingdom Power of Greyskull

- ABBA - Stopwatch game mode (20 minutes timelimit)
- six players per team (two substitutes are allowed)
- map: 'Sewer' of course
- maximum of one Cyclops/Titan (no Tormentor)
- every team leader has to stay put in #etqw.euro during the entire cup
- will administrate every single match
- no ingame spectators are allowed apart from the admins and casters
- the use and abuse of any kind of bugs and/or exploits lead to immediate disqualification

So remember to head over to the (lower right) and toss your vote in wether the Tormentor will be allowed or not.

etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #1
pity i don't have a key
please notice that this newsitem is freely translated from german into english by myself and since i'm not a german it may not be 100% accurate :p check the source for the real deal in german :>
nice :). tosspot > all.

edit: why I cant see Finland bioXar or/and Finland 4th rangers there? they should cover logitech & skull !
editing ftw ;D
4thrangers use guard tower they are too pro!
engineer's prolly just wanted xp for next medal, don't worry about it
Japan lolicon *
Europe lolicon. fucking animefreak
did you sign us up btw? and get on irc noob
im msn-only
GL HF All lets see if we can win 1 round if we even have 6 :o
nice news dohfOs, thanks for contributing as well!
Sweden Ninja in Pyjamas ??
noes. sweden is full of other ninjas then the ones in pyjamas
i am in

image: fear

Yeah but they are naked atm
naked and alone...

Ninjas in Pyamas
NINJA (no pyamas)

Its a pretty poor joke :[
Japan hentai on 16/07/07, 18:01:41 Del | Edit | Reply

lol wtf?
so, whos the best etqw team atm?
are you serious?

i dont follow the et:qw szene but i thought the best would be in some uber mgc :o
im dead serious
Gambit, when are u able to buy a new PC?
Glad you posted this cause i forgot I was casting this :D
Why are immortal in like every cup, no offense to them but they suck!
tank + cyclops.... hmm

wouldn't it be enough to have 1 desecrator/other thingy for each team?
they can also shoot rockets and its also hard to kill these vehicles
there is no point on having tanks spawncamping in a first person shooter
and the game is called enemy territory (from wolf et) and quake (quake)
not battlefield: wars

i think 1 "middle-strong" vehicle on each side is a good compromise for both sides.

over and out
You have a point on spawncamping, but why try to backup with the battlefield part, it loses all credability.
well, the game's meant to be an fps - it's not exactly a first person shooter when you never have a firefight is it?
Your definition of FPS means you need an SMG
damn straight.
i cannot do serious comments man
i always need to write something stupid :(

make the game 5on5, cuz fireteam only has space for 5
Quotemake the game 5on5, cuz fireteam only has space for 5

hi bf player,

do u agree with the desecrator compromise i offered u??
last time i heard they are gonna sort it so it's 6 in a FT. but yeah. less vehicles to the ppl! and a tormentor in a 6v6 game, plz no -.-
you'll be in it next time. don't worry ;>
i tell you what splash damage did to fuck this game up

make sure that everyone who doesnt own a dx10 card has to run lower settings and on a rendering method which means you cant see tanks and cyclops accross the map, just invisible ones firing at you, thats the only reason they should be removed for atleast one whole cup :>
remove! remove! remove!
I so want to fly the terminator and ananas
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