etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #2

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In #etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #1 we could see Sweden Kompaniet as the winners after they were the first team to defeat the up until then unstoppable Sweden One2. Now, One2 may seize the opportunity for payback as are preparing for the second version of the cup. It will ofcourse be played on the ET:QW Beta 2 and the brand new map Valley.

#etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #2 will be played as a one-day-cup on Sunday the 19th, starting at 14:00 CET. The event will be showcasted by TGBF (english) and GAME-TV (german). Admins on duty are Germany sama, Germany unHuman and United Kingdom Nuke and they can all be found in #etqw.euro @ QuakeNet. They have made some map restrictions on Valley so remember to check that one out among other things.

QuoteAnd here it goes again. With the new Beta2 of ET:QW Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which includes lots of bugfixes and the new map Valley we are pleased to present the #etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #2.

In cooperation with Rackage-Servers and lots of broadcasting-teams, such as TGBF and Gamer-TV the one-day cup will kick off on 14:00 CEST, 19 August 2007.

The cup is open to everyone and will host up to 16 Teams who are going to battle for fame and honour (possible prizes will be announced).

For signing up and more details and information regarding this cup please visit our cup-page. Please note that the sign-up-period is open for up to 32 teams. For being able to participate your team-leader (the one who signed up your clan) has to check-in on the cup-page one hour prior to the actual start.

- ABBA Stopwatch-mode
- XP is disabled
- Time-limit, 20 minutes
* Tied-situation during the ABBA Stopwatch-mode
1. a decision-map has to be played
2. XP is going to be enabled
3. Either one team wins..
4. ..or on a recurrent tied, the team with the most XP wins

- After each match, XP has to be reset (if used in an earlier match)
- Every player has to record one demo in each match
- Every clan has to make one screenshot of each final map-score
- 6 players per team (and 2 substitutes are allowed)

- Sign-Ups start as soon as the news are officially announced on
- Check-Ins start at 13:00 CET, 19 August 2007
- Match-channel: #etqw.euro

- STROGG Vehicle-Base (containing one Hog, one Desecrater, two Jetpacks and one Tormentor) is not allowed to be used
- STROGG are only allowed to use the vehicles from the current spawn
* Example: Stage 1 - two Jetpacks
* Example: Stage 2 - two Jetpacks; one Hog, one Desecrater
* Example: Stage 3 - two Jetpacks, two Hogs, one Cyclops

- GDF are able to use every allowed vehicle during each Stage
- All flying vehicles are not allowed to be used
- Valley map-restrictions can change during the tournament in the following round, if it occurs to be unbalanced during the match-up

Links and sources:
The Cup-page
Info on german
ESR (source)
Showcasters - TGBF and Game-TV
gl everyone who's looking to participate :)
I had hoped that Beta2 meant the death of rackage :(
I had hoped Beta2 would have made the game as addictive as ET. It failed.
ofc it fails. it's valley we're talking about. playing that map on public (or in a match atm) really sucks. wait on some more fixes, some "pro mod" and some other maps and you'll get addicted ;)
Damn. Haven't played QW for over a week... I suck. Rackage, they didn't leave a good impression in beta 1. Actually the laggy servers in beta 1 made me stop playing. Will give the new beta a whirl tomorrow.
many of the servers are still laggy, especially after they've been full for awhile. it can take ~16 ppl, not 24. but i reckon it'll be sorted in the future.. just play on servers with lower amount of people.
those rules are just a big joke!
- XP is disabled
- After each match, XP has to be reset

The last one is for the decides map. You know, Valley is a map that kinda really suck for competitive games. There were a lot full holds. In order to prevent that, we decided to use XP for the decider map. Additionally, we have put the information, that we are willing to change them, as soon serious arguments will be stated to change them.

Moreover, clans are not forced to use Rackage-Servers at all. This is only one possibility we are going to offer.

u know more xp = more spam ? = fullhold 2nd stage :(

winner = with the most xp ?

nice... maybe 3rd map = infantrie only
Let see how it goes in a real Decider-Map in the end, instead of doing theoretical ideas.
it will be fullhold only, so each match will take more than 2 hours

changes for competetive playing should be:

- 1 Tank / 1 Cyclops per team
- Transport only = Husky/Armadillo - Icarus/Hog
- Removed = Desecrator / Trojan APC + all helicopters

- Max. 2 turrets
- Radar removed

Another huge problem:
Strogg respawn-time should be 30 seconds, at least on valley
This is far to much and it lacks of controlling the whole play in my opinion.
You know, Valley is a map that kinda really suck for competitive games.
havent seen any times under 15 minutes yet
even against midskilled clans
but mostly it ends with double-fullhold
pfft. remove the titan/cyclop and keep the apc/dece instead (on all maps!) ;>

and dunno about the strogg spawn time. anyways, sondac has a point - valley will never be good.
lol removing flys is just so wrong. If you cant handle it, play tetris.

Flys wont get removed (even SD cares about that).
Sure there is smth that is inbalanced and yeah instead of handling and getting used to it, why not just remove it.

... think about it, i bet you can
gg on 100% fullholds even with your new rules just wait for the full game or a demo valley will never be good.
when the full game will came out :O ?
28th september
Rackage? OK shoot, shoot, errrr stuck with lag, dead.
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