junk52 presents QW

Today Junk52 Theatre is proud to present to you their new ET:QW team. After their recent inactivity they felt it was time to get back into E-sports. They decided to rebuild their community and organization, and with the current state of e-sports, an ET:QW team is important! So we contacted Tim "StrykY" Wouters as he was looking for a new team to join. We asked him if he was interested in building a new team for us.

He found this an interesting option and contacted some players to see what was possible. After several weeks of recruiting / trialling several players - he found players from the W:ET scene as-well as from the BF scene. He decided that this would be the best line-up.

So without further waiting we present to you Junk52.ETQW

Netherlands Tim "StrykY" Wouters - Team Captain
Belgium Bart "Jaede" Van Remortele (ex hMg)
Sweden Martin "dohfOs" Lunden (ex hMg)
Sweden Erik "Guru" (ex hMg)
Denmark Mike "Dranzer" Bysing (ex xGx)
Germany Sebastian "asmogan" Jenke (ex TIER)

QuoteI would like to thank Junk52|Liame for inviting me to junk52 to create this new line-up. It took a while before i managed to create a line-up witch will fit the requirements of Junk52. But with this line-up i think i managed to pull this off. We will do our very best to win as much as we can. Our aim is to belong with the best of Europe. I would like to thank the junk52 organization once more for backing us up with the support we need!

QuoteAfter the new reorganization of junk, we had a hard way of going. We needed new managers and teams - also alot of motivation. As the motivation was born, we got new managers, new stuff at least new teams. Now junk52 can say that we are a brand and a professional multigaming clan. We are very glad about the new etqw players. They are very kind and skilled guys. We`re looking optimistically in the future a big "thank you" to stryky, asmogan, guru, jaede, dohfOs, dranzer.

Source: Junk52
cu @ Qcon
planning early? :0
didnt know you were manager
It's a shame to see so many players leaving their teams at such an early stage in the game...this will probably kill (or heavily damage) the new hmg team, as well as xgx and stofftiere.

GL none the less :(
when i see that junk52 had some top-teams in the past
this cant live up to it

but gl dranzer + dohfos :)
We will see; official map lists and rulesets are yet to come, so until those are decided, we can't say who will be best can we.
it doesn't matter tbh.
hMg already dead ?
Well, they just lost 3 (apparently core?) players..

they do still have 6 left though! :D
We aren't dead, only on low activity mode due to Valley :\
goooo asmogan!
whats up with noob danes and etqw? :/

gl dranzer I guess ://
You ran the experience.dk?
gl jenke!
go doll|jenke
gl asmo ;)
cya on battlefield!
asmogan ololol GL!
Good luck hMg mates...

As Hentai stated, the forming of this team causes alot of damage to other teams. It's sad to see there is a lack of confidence in the hMg team in such an early stage.
Think so ye
small edit: gl
I'd rather blame the leaving persons for abandoning their team. Nice loyalty there I suppose.
well this is a beta. 90% of the people being "skilled" now will suck in 2 months. 90% of the clans playing now will have folded/changed in 2 months.
Although i agree with the point about clans, i disagree about the players... some will quit / not play full game, but those that continue i think will be good tbh.
nah atm there is so many noobs without talent and experience thats only "good" because they play the beta many hours a day and others dont put down the same ammount of time because its a beta thats not very suited for clan play. and when the full game comes out and the game becomes more suited for clan play there will be lots of new more talented and experienced players playing the same ammount of time.. well they will just own the beta heroes :)
so many noobs "without talent" and "experience" thats only "good" because they play the beta many hours a day

others "dont" put down the "same ammount" of time because its a beta thats "not very suited for clan play".

and when the full game comes out and the game becomes "more suited for clan play" there will be lots of


"more talented"

"and experienced"

players "playing the same ammount of time".. well they will just own the" beta heroes" :)

your message is just contradicting yourself over and over, the top 5 teams in beta will be the top 3/4 teams in full release

and these new players wont be experienced, just as you are now as i tell from reading that post. you are unknown in etqw scene now i take it, and trying to make it sound like when you play MORE AND MORE OMG U WILL BE PRO compared to these guys that play alot now

get real.
I think there is some truth to what he is saying, there will definately be more and better players to choose from within the first 2-3 months of final release.
Think whatever you want, but I can promise you there will be a new elite 2 months after release. Wait and see.
Im allready "skilled" (not meaning shit atm) in beta so guess not.
HEHEHEHEHEHE im not the one playing with baldrick and 2easy...
you never played bf2 :(
you never played with my balls :(
have fun with a new homepage layout every second day
hehe ye i remember that too
used to be nice websites though
gl guys. Keep up the nice attitude.
Gl to dohfus,guru, and of course jaede
asmo pg @ qw ?
Interesting decision to leave those clans, especially to form a mix of those nationalities. Going to be hard for that team to afford to LAN in any region, whilst damaging 3 teams that probably would have. Only reason I can see for leaving hmg is the size of their lineup, guess this solves 1 problem.
Team size wasn't the problem, believe me... But what the real problem was is unclear to me
Miscommunication that is.
Apparently you weren't a team. If you are then be glad you got rid of these players because hoppers are not players you want in a team. So my prediction is that this is the best that could happen to beyond. Less ego = more skill.

gl alter!
thx for the "gl's".

why we left our teams are mostly due to various reasons, none of 'em to be discussed in public. all i can say for a fact is that none were that we are promissed gold, roses and heaven above by junk52. as i've told 'em i wish all the best to hMg. they got a good rep and still got 6 players left so i'm rather confident longbow and his men are gonna be able to rebuild that team if they really want to.

and btw hentai. Guru's surname is "Staffans" :)

Cheers, and just for the record its Lukos and his men ^^
just a copy paste from the junk52 site, cba to edit it now
gl to the new junk52 team and keep ya chins up hMg lads, you'll deffo sort things out soon ^^
hf asmo
good luck guys :)
nice pre-page... not even able to write "management" correct... looks "pro" imo...

Internet - Serious business !

hf danzAr xD
is asmogan good @ qw?
was he ever good @ anything?
let me ask, what did you do at the experience lan?! as in, what was your job as this person that was running it?! why were they flaming? facts?

so what if the management is dire, so what if their cod2 team is relatively unheard of and ut2004 is practically nothing now-a-days, that j52 etqw team is promising, and if j52 give them ventrilo and a server, its more than you get at your ET mix team i am sure


now stop flame
You mean where they didnt signup and blamed me? :)
Where is sec?
dont you remember that you have to signup via email? :) If you dont send the email, you dont signup!
You didnt "hold" the experience, you were a tea boy.
He did, but he didnt send an email which is how you signup!
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