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Hello all,

We would like to inform you all about the upcoming "Sorcer Internet Services / Friends in Force 6o6 ET CUP".
This is a new message, because we can tell you a bit more about the cup.

What is it going to look like?

Cup Lay-out:
The Premier League and Second League will each contain 4 poules with four clans. The best two clans of each poule will proceed to the playoffs (Quarter-Finals). After the quarter finals the winners will proceed to the semi-finals and the finals. So we use a single eleminiation.

We will request coverage from gamestv.org for all semi-final matches and, offcourse, for the finals.

Cup Ventrilo Server:
New is the option to talk directly to the cupadmins and supervisors on Ventrilo. There will be a 100-slots public ventriloserver online where you can find the Cup-supervisor and/or Co-supervisor. The admins and ref's on duty for that evening will also connect to the Cup-Ventrilo to solve any problems with talking instead of the annoying typing in the server or at mIRC.

Participating clans can also request a closed channel for their cupmatch.



What can we win?

Premier League

The winner of the Premier league will win a 12 slots gameserver for four months.
The runner up of the premier league wins a 10 slots ventrilo server + 5 bnc's for four months.

2nd league

The winner of the second league will win a 12 slots gameserver for two months.
The runner up of the second league wins a 10 slots ventrilo server + 5 bnc's for two months.

Besides the mentioned prizes, sorcer will give the prize-winners the possibility to prolong their prize or enlarge their prize with webhosting, irc-bouncers, voice-comms, gameservers, dedication or colocation with a splended 10% discount for this order.

All these prizes are contributed by: Sorcer Internet Services.

What about signing up for this cup?

As you allready noticed we only got room for 32 clans. The two squads from Friends in Force will play without a doubt. This means that we have 30 spots left to fill. In case we got more signups than open spots, we will choose the clans of which we believe that they deserve to play in this cup (based on activity, history, results, attitude, rankings and stuff like that). The Friends in Force have the right to decline participation-requests without having to explain themselves.

The cup will be hosted on the ClanBase Hosted Cup section. We have permission to open the sign-ups as soon as ClanBase has closed the sign-ups for their OpenCup Fall.

(So sign-ups will probably open somewhere in the first or second week of October, but we will let you know in advance)

For further questions and contact info:

mIRC: #fif.gaming @ quakenet

e-mail: renedev@home.nl

website: To be announced (as soon as our Cup-page has been opened by CB)

More info will follow with newsposts like this one.

We are sorry for the little delay, but we need to respect the CB calendar also.



This Cup is organised in association with:

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sounds cool! hope the organisation will be cool too , not just the newspost
Hmmm, thats subjective. But i can promise you that we will do everything in our power to make this cup a stunning success.
It will be a succes with me as a referee. No doubt about it.
hmm.. you sure :P ?
rl renegade & rayman with this, i know it will be nice ( my clan is playing ! :D )
nice getting prizes to 2nd division too!
crevasse? :(
GL with cup, we will be there.

Though I doupt that the ventrilo-admin-system won´t work, just wait for the first 13-yo kiddie yelling you in polish...

Any ideas for the map pool yet?
In that case we have the ability to use the ban-button! ;)

The cuprules will contain an sentence about the language on Ventrilo. (Dutch and English, except for the closed clanchannels).

ppl that won't behave normal on the public Ventrilo, will simply get banned from the ventrilo.

I updated the message with the maplist m8.
Good maplist, nothing to add nor remove. (Except gr with my sucky computer)
and radar in with your sucky pc? okay
Radar is way better for me. Wide map etc, gr has a lot of action in small area and way more crap ie. the yard near the gold.
yes, if there is a support/arty there, it's bad. too many details imo.
seems nice cup ,gl !
great work
Jees.. renegade looking 4 a new job @ cb???

good work..!
Why Adlernest and no Frostbite?
Why Bremen and no railgun?
:P i want railgun:(
It was a serious question..
Most players prefer frostbite instead of Adlernest and thats why i asked that.
But it seems like you can give only retarded answers!
This maplist is just a mix between oldschool maps , new maps , and most played maps

We can't satisfy every clan;

other clans indeed prefer karsiah in stead of bremen or frostbite instead of adlernest, or oasis in stead of supply

So thats what etrenegade wanted to make you clear so imo its not a retarted answer but just a retarted reply of you.

Maplist is always the subject with most comments. There is a maplist because ppl simply chose that maplist. You can never make everybody happy with any maplist. Whatever maplist you make, there will always be somebody who does not like one or more maps.

To stop those comments I just replied your question with a counterquestion in order fot you to get the point.

Nothing more, nothing less.

If you believe that the maplist sucks, you can allways choose not to play in this cup.
i didnt said i disliked the maplist.. i was just wondering why you take adlernest instead of frostbite and thats why i asked it.
But you cant answer a normal question :S!
I don't feel the need to awnser every why question, but ok.. Because you are the one and only TriXor, I will awnser it:

Because we like adlernest better than Frostbite.

There has been a vote in the clan for the favourite maplist and Adler was chosen more often than Braun.

There you go m8, your awnser.
dont cry :< (topic van een jaar geleden)
Big girls dont cry (8)
learn to reply :<
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