ESL ET:QW Demo Cup

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Electronic Sports League, ESL announced their very own ET:QW Demo Cup yesterday. The signups are open until saturday the 15th, 23:59CET so hurry up if you want to participate.

QuoteToday the international section of the ESL for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars opens its doors, co-inciding with the release of the demo tonight. ESL presents a demo cup to prepare for the game's upcoming release and ESL Major Series!

Modus: Single Elimination
Participants: 32 teams
Date of registration: 09/10/07 18:00 until 09/15/07 23:59

Round 1: Monday, 17th - 21:00
Round 2: Tuesday, 18th - 21:00
Round 3: Thursday, 20th - 21:00
Round 4: Monday, 24th - 21:00
Final: Wednesday, 26th - 21:00

Stopwatch (Best of 3)
Timelimit: 20 minutes
XP are disabled
seta g_noRouteConstraintKick "0"
seta g_noRouteMaskDestruction "0"

If the 2 teams are tied after ABBA has been played, a decider map will be played. If there is a double fullhold on this map, then the team which completed the most objectives will be declared the winner.
If the teams are tied on the number of objectives completed, then the team which completed the last objective in the fastest time will be the winner.

Valley Vehicle Restrictions:
- Teams may only use 1 heavy vehicle at a time.
- Teams may only use 1 medium vehicle at a time.
- Flying vehicles are not allowed. (Not including the Icarus)
- Teams may only use vehicles from their current spawn and/or capturable forward spawns.
- The defending team may use vehicles from the previous spawn if it does not conflict with the vehicle restriction ruleset.
- Heavy vehicles include: Cyclops, Desecrator and Titan.
- Medium vehicles include: Hog and APC.

Class Restrictions:
- Teams may only use 1 sniper, however there is no limit on the Covert Ops/Infiltrator class.
- There may only be 1 Field Ops/Opressor deployable, however there is no limit on the Field Ops/Opressor class.

Valley Specific Rules:
- The shielded rear strogg base is off limits. You may not take vehicles from this base nor place deployables inside this area.
- The serversettings to allow MCP destroying when off-course should be disabled, meaning that if the MCP drives off-course and is disabled it will stay at this position. These are the commands and how they should be set:
seta g_noRouteConstraintKick "1"
seta g_noRouteMaskDestruction "1"

- The MCP may not be driven left after the bridge, before the tunnel along the mountainside to prevent falling in the water with the serversettings provided in the previous rule, however it can be driven left by the end of the tunnel.

Find out more at:
Electronic Sports League / Signup
Will be interesting to see the reaction to the flyers debate. however my opinion is still vehicle restrictions must MAP dependant not broad ranging over all maps
ye, need to wait for the fullgame to see all maps (i wasnt in closed beta)
but could be something like Cyclops OR Tormentor (same for gdf)
agree, but imo flyers should not be allowed on valley
flyers shouldn't be allowed on any maps. simply due to the fact we play 6v6 and not 10v10.
i agree with you on this one , but its a good thing that they are restricted on valley! (especialy the flyers!)
QWL rules are for retards, i3d is ok tbh

ET:QW 4v4 Inf ftw tough
Of course inf, but imo 6on6.
another random valley cup :P
So my news for crossfire is needless. To keep you up 2 date: The ESL Major Series for ET:QW will get more prizemoney as the IPS for ET. More details in some days :)
we <3 your news!
Just host an ET tournament instead of supporting ET:QW, which is awful!
Great! Another cup for a pubgame! Who needs good competition today? Noone!
like et isnt a "pubgame"
atleast it has already evolved past that.
already 4 years or smth?:D etqw is still demo im sure this game will be played with only 80% of the vehicles we got in it now. Dont jugde competitive etqw from valley its a very different map compared to the other 6-7 maps that actualy work for 6v6.
Only 80% sounds quite funny :XD

oh well, I'll try it out when I get decent fps, when they have decent antilag, hitboxes and when the game has some competive mod.
ppl are laready working on a set of rules and im sure a mod will be made to implement them properly into the game. About the lag antilag etc its strange some ppl got problem with it. On a good server it runs quite smooth and I hit where I aim. Not q3 engine perfect but compare it to bf2 netcode(same amount of vehicles and map size) its runs really good.
well, I'd like to compare it to ET(q3) :p
well imageing the q3 engine with this kind of maps and vehicles :D
thats why we need to remove most vehicles and make smaller maps, it will solve the fps problems aswell!
Or go and play ET.
thats ofc better option, ppl just dont realise it.
If people want small maps and infantry only games, playing ET is indeed by far a better option.
Just host an ET tournament instead of supporting ET:QW, which is awful!
ye whine @ esl for not hosting et haha
and when they host et tournaments nobody plays them
there would be enough teams
Need Skilled Team To Paly For!
Heavy units in games with chokepoints aint a god idea, regardles of what way you twist and turn it.

In Battlefield we dident play flag by flag with tanks, in ET the spam weapons were removed or restricted. If etqw is going to get its competitive side maxed out (wich its need if its going to survive with UT3, COD4, CSP on the marked) it needs restrictions and heavy units dealing big splash damage on chokepoints - well what do it add to the gameplay?

Heavy units slow down attacking, add more spaming and a rush to find spam positions. Tanks wont be used in a skilled way, but in a smart way where they will be used to lock down chokepoints in ways it will slow down or even destroy attack attempts when being in positions they are very hard to take out.
nice rules.

Aircraft pilots will practise the hara-kiri to support their honor.
easy 4 ocrana
its a old point already that et and esl cant cope well
its no prove, esl just should take some action to get better with et. i dont think lowest money will be able to increase signups.
et teams: "fuck esl, nub league"
esl: "ok, we really need et @ esl, lets give them all zeh money"
real-oldskool ftw
nice one! go and get the LEAD! OCRANA 4 the WIN!!

me searching Members!! For a new Squad ;)
or just 4 the CUP!!
need high team!
lookin for team =D
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