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As I wrote about earlier (read more...) Quake Wars League, QWL, are hosting a ET:QW Demo Cup starting next week. But since I wrote that there have been some major updates concearning the rules. Earlier, QWL wanted to allow flyers but after some careful consideration and a heavy debate at their forums they have now decided not to. This decision now rules out flyers and I wouldn't be suprised if this was the last time we've seen the flyers actually thought about in ET:QW competitive play.

There are also some more restrictions made by QWL and this is kinda interesting as the new rules will make way for some more intense infantry combat.

QuoteTo prove we're not deaf, dumb and lame public players.. we have been seriously brainstorming about all possibilities and ofcourse considering all kinds of remarks made by you, YES YOU!; thus coming to the following rules for the upcoming cup:

- Teams may only use vehicles from their current spawn and/or capturable forward spawns.
- The defending team may use vehicles from the previous spawn if it does not conflict with the vehicle restriction ruleset.
- Teams may only use 1 heavy vehicle at a time.
- Teams may only use 1 medium vehicle at a time.
- Teams may only use 1 sniper, however there is no limit on the Covert Ops/Infiltrator class.
- There may only be 1 Field Ops/Opressor deployable, however there is no limit on the Field Ops/Opressor class.
- Flying vehicles are not allowed. (Not including the Icarus)

Heavy vehicles include: Cyclops, Desecrator and Titan.
Medium vehicles include: Hog and APC.

Valley Specific Rules
- The shielded rear strogg base is off limits. You may not take vehicles from this base nor place deployables inside this area.
- The serversettings to allow MCP destroying when off-course should be disabled, meaning that if the MCP drives off-course and is disabled it will stay at this position. These are the commands and how they should be set:
seta g_noRouteConstraintKick "1"
seta g_noRouteMaskDestruction "1"
- The MCP may not be driven left after the bridge, before the tunnel along the mountainside to prevent falling in the water with the serversettings provided in the previous rule, however it can be driven left by the end of the tunnel.

There are still some debate whether these rules are final or not, you can take part in the discussion HERE.

QWL is set to start on Wednesday, the 19th after the seeds are done this weekend. So far 49 of 64 slots have been taken, and there is little time left, so head over there and signup.

Find out more at:
Quake Wars League
Still need a team to play with, high profile and I prefer Dutch speaking only. Or are there 5 clanless Dutch players who want to play with me? pm me on irc (ovr-Sainted in #overload)
hm I can live with those rules, find them better than the i3d rules. (for valley atleast)
i like the rules. but i guess they will make apc a medium vehicle and the armadillo light. so u can use both the apc and the titan at the same time. i'd prefer to remove both the apc and the dececrator.. but i guess that's a no no for all the vehicle fans out there ;(
"Someone" got owned by anansi/tormentor? Nice making 2nd phase even harder to attack.

Just ridiculous trying to turn vehicle based map infrantry based.
It's ridiculous to limit the game so much when it's so new and hasn't even been released yet.

The whole game is balanced around the game, as soon as you take certain aspects out of the game it is no longer balanced.

I'd Re-think these rules as you're catering for a very small minority.
Have u ever played a 6v6 on Valley?
Yeah look at ET, was perfect out of the box, no fixing or limiting need. You're all so stupid!

ETQW is balanced for public play and not clan matches, there is a biiig diffrence in gameplay and the rules in leagues need to reflect that. Tthe clans that have played the most and currently is at the top all agrees about this. Cant say I have talked with one top player sharing your views.
As i said, the game is being restricted for a minority. That's a good point about ET though and it applies to pretty much every game ever released.

You are forgetting one thing though, quake wars has not been released yet.
Yet have some people played all maps and the closed beta clans scrimed a lot of them.
None of the beta testers have played all the final versions of the maps so stop kidding yourself.
Not final but I dont think any map grow over time.
Gay rules.
Mhhh. I think these will work quite well tbh.
?!? only 1 hog? cmon :////
will be interesting
4v4 inf pls
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