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image: etqw_qcup Last wednesday (read more..) Europe Team Dignitas announced their very own ET:QW Cup in cooperation with QPAD. In the first qualifier, held last saturday, we could see Sweden Team Druidz and Spain wArning! go through to the finals. Next qualifier is this wednesday (17/10), and there''s still time to sign up. However, the admins have now decided that some changes had to be made in their schedule and this is what they had to say..

QuoteWe have decided to change the dates of both the Qualifier #3 and also the Finals. We have moved both tournaments to the Sunday of their repective weekends.

Tournament Schedule:
13th October, Saturday: Qualifier #1
17th October, Wednesday: Qualifier #2 - Signups for qualifier #3 open
! 21th October, Sunday: Qualifier #3 - Signups for qualifier #4 open
24th October, Wednesday: Qualifier #4
! 28th October, Sunday: Finals

Also we can now announce the time schedule for the Finals tournament which will be starting at 16:00CET:

Finals Schedule:
Round 1: 16:00cet - 18:00cet
Quarter-Finals: 18:00cet - 20:00cet
Semi-Finals: 20:00cet - 22:00cet
Final: 22:00cet - 24:00cet

1000€ + 6x QPAD CT ET:QW Collector's Edition
6x QPAD UC Large

As the signups for Qualifier #2 is still underway, remember to signup as quickly as you can. And bare in mind, even if you would fail to qualify once, that doesn't mean you automaticly won't be able to get a 2nd chance, so give it a go.

- Each player has to be registered on
- Each player has to enter his/her Punkbuster GUID on his/her player biography
(Login -> Setup Profile -> My Profile -> Biography)
- One player has to send an eMail to with the teamname and links to the profiles of all the players
- One player has to join and stay in the IRC-channel #dignitas.qcup (Quakenet) to be available for contact.

- Demo recording must be enabled on the server; if not possible each player on each team must record demos
- Every player has to record demos and keep it for one week.
- Punkbuster must be enabled on the server
- Players caught cheating will be banned from the cup together with their team

General game rules:

:: NO Aircrafts Allowed (does not include Icarus).
:: MAX 1 Heavy Vehicle per team.
:: MAX 1 Medium Vehicle per team.
Heavy Vehicles include: Cyclops, Desecrator and Titan.
Medium Vehicles include: Hog and Trojan APC.

:: New Heavy Vehicles cannot be used by either team once the final objective is active.

:: MAX 1 Sniper Rifle/Rail Gun per team.

:: NO Radar Allowed (includes the usage of 3rd Eye Cam).
:: MAX 1 of each turret per team (AVT/APT/AIT).
:: MAX 1 artillery deployable per team.

If you see your opponent ignoring one of the above rules, contact a cup admin.

Round of 16:
Area22 + Volcano (Decider: Salvage)
Quarter Final:
Sewer + Salvage (Decider: Island)
Semi Final:
Ark + Island (Decider: Volcano)
Area22 + Salvage (Decider: Sewer)

This goes for both the Qualifiers and the Finals.

Team Dignitas
ET:QW QCUP Brackets
sunday is better indeed.
Nice ruleset!
qw is awesome
qw is awesome
qw is awesome
thanks for deleting my comment fs!

Both this and the i32 qualifiers have been pretty bad for not telling teams what's happening regards their matches until very late :<
there were news posts about the cup, qualis and the next quali what more do you want? + emails have been sent to the teams as soon as there were any changes.
he wants radar in
I know when the qualifier days are sure, but I don't know which one I'm playing in....that's kind of useful.
ehh yes you do since you can only sign up for one!
nice prices
qw is awesome

qw is awesome
ur 2 late:(
wannabe hater!
not my fault qw is awesome :(

qw is awesome
i smelll sambuca :x
4 tostis + (borrelnootjes) over here and also my favorit chocalade milk
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