133 850 EURO into Danish eSports

Yesterday the Danish press (Metro) revealed that the region of Copenhagen next year (2008) will put 1 000 000 DDK (133 850 EURO) into eSports and the newly established Copenhagen e-games, in an effort to make eSports as big in Denmark as it is in South Korea and Japan. They are also aiming at becoming the Wimbledon of eSports and even though 133 850 EURO might not seem to be such a large amount, I'd say this is still a step in the right direction for eSports.

Freely translated from Danish into English by a swede:
QuoteWe wanna put Copenhagen on the map and make Copenhagen e-games to the Wimbledon of eSports. Denmark have all the possibilities in the world to become one of the big guns in these sorta events.

The eSports phenomenon interest a large amount of people and if it gets properly financed it can make a big difference, as this will be one of the largest bid of it's kind next to USA and South Korea. This will ofcourse also build up the Danish image towards potential foreign co-workers and benefit the business life and ofcourse the IT- and gaming-industry.

eSports is a new culture and there is thousands of people who is playing games practically full-time, they have a healthy social interaction and our gaming-industry is in it's prime days. At the same time the movie and theatre gets a whole lot more of attention and this is why we wanna make the gaming-industry as legitimate to support as any other thing.

So far there is no official word on who the arranger will be, exactly when and what games that are gonna get supported, other then it's gonna be held in Copenhagen and during the year of 2008.

Metro (Danish)
to you danes: sry for my horrible translation. but atleast the big picture is correct so that people who doesn't know a word of danish get what it's all about ^_*

anyways. thumbs up to the region (didn't know what else to call a "kommun") of Copenhagen!
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Malta has nice places to party, nice places to swim and yes... nice women too (so many tourists, and I've been warned about touching a local)

It would be cool if I still lived in Sweden, but I don't so it's just further away :x
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Didn't get the last paragraph, but it's nice :)
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hmmm , the most money goes into 1-2 clans ... that sounds nice but not rly helpful
"Counter Strike, Quake-series, Starcraft, Warcraft, Halo and FIFA."

QuakeWars=Quake series!

<3 Aikmore :)
- CS:S
- COD4
- UT3
"Counter Strike, Quake-series, Starcraft, Warcraft, Halo and FIFA."
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there is thousands of people who is playing games practically full-time, they have a healthy social interaction

irc and icq/other IM is not healthy social interaction? :D
Errrr... there has been a discussion in the media, in Denmark, for ages about computer gaming is unhealthy and anti social.
only unhealthy in Denmark.
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Nice to see =)
so this is what they waste my tax money on
feruS is behind this action
This is pretty old I have read about it two months ago but still good news
Wow.. a whole 133k euros.. good job faggots
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