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MCE, or the MEETCOMMUNITYEFFORT-group started their work after a heavy debate whether C.U.R.E (another CoD4-ruleset) really was the real "cure" for Call of Duty 4. As C.U.R.E. rather quickly got called POISON in everyday language the MCE-group started working on their project with more support from the actual community. Their goal is ofcourse to make some kinda global ruleset and with their big variation of members the MCE might actually suceed.

QuoteThe community collective meetcommunityeffort has finally gathered and evaluated the results of the community vote (which included opinions from more than 50 different community members), and is thereby ready to present you the first version of mce competitive ruleset for Call of Duty 4, namely mce/conf.

The ruleset is designed to be used with DAMN mod, which is included in the package. In near future, the final mce/conf will also be present in the Project Ares Mod (PAM). Meanwhile, we only support the ruleset on servers running DAMN modification.

If you wanna read more about the votes (and the results) I suggest you head over to their forums.

MCE Config 0.9

MCE - Website
MCE - Forums
I wouldnt like the hitsounds being removed. extreme condition ON would've been nice aswell. other than that, looks rather decent config.
agreed. tbh i can't understand why extreme condition would be removed.. why make the game a tad slower? :o

and i agree with juxx, hitblip off on walls.
why is it that only et players whine about extreme condition?
whats wrong with having it?
nevari on 30/11/07, 15:40:45 PM | Reply

Why do so many people want extreme conditioning? Can you not see that it ruins the game, if you can rush from your spawn to the bomb in like 3 seconds.

daze-_ on 30/11/07, 15:55:46 PM | Reply

Adds more pace to the game. i prefer it

nevari on 30/11/07, 16:02:48 PM | Reply

Doesn't add pace, it makes it lame. We already have sprint, that's made the game faster than CoD2 was. Extreme Conditioning makes the game alot more mindless, where as sprint adds a tactical element.
Why do people keep comparing it to CoD2? I'd like CoD4 to be a decent game regardless of what CoD2 was like. There are quite many annoying features that could be removed to improve the gameplay, but people keep arguing that they make CoD series unique... Yeah, maybe, but why not make it better?
why try to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed?
So CoD4 is a perfect game?

It's far worse than ET, which in turn is far from being perfect.
those perks your mentioning will not make the game better
whats grace period?
i would prefer regen time of 5 seconds!
rest looks ok if they choose everything which has the highest percentage!
i also like the timeout idea
graceperiod = strattime
whats strattime? :D warmup?
warmup between each round afaik
its the time before each round starts, as sainted said!
so u can change classes if needed
pre-round coutdown, usually between 2 and 5 seconds, time to switch weapon, usually spent by trading weapons with your teammates in spawn
rly? can u actually drop weapons in cod4?
No, and he wouldn't know he doesn't even have the game. Anyway that's what it was used for in CoD2.
I was talking about CoD2
Good rules, although deep impact combined with the hitblip dvar at 2 (hitblip in open field, no hitblip behind walls) would've been a tad better since iron lungs is useless for 4 out 5 in your team :p
they just need to sort out the categories of the perks better, with such options you dont really have to choose what to take. having for example iron lungs and longer lasting sprint in same perk category would be nice, now they have disabled extreme condition though.
"we can make the game better... for competive play"
Looks very nice :)
i would turn off HITBLIPS when regeneration is 10 seconds
so i would combine
hitblips ON -> regen 5 sec
hitblips OFF -> regen 10 sec
Hm, is CoD4 any good?
I may get it at christmas (if I want :P) but dunno if it's worth it?

Or maybe it's bad to wait, and just start to play it now that it's new?
@Zodiac, it's the best game atm! :p

really nice ruleset, really looking forward to play with those settings!
Atleast this ruleset has root in the community and not in one person :)
MCE is gr8, stick with it... hope cdc uses it :)
Deep Impact is off.
Come on Crossfire. Use the MCE rules for your LAN event. So much effort went into this project and don't let that go to waste.
they wanna be special you know =)
best ruleset so far. use it for any competition plox.
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