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So what is it?

It is a 6on6-one-day-cup which is played with 3on3-configs. There is no heavy weapons or riflenades spamming around the battle ground, so the meaning of pure aim increases. Or atleast it should. Yes, there is less time than in a normal 6on6 war, but there is less thingies to slow you down. Could be fresh and nice, could suck arse, who knows.

When is it?

Sunday the 16th of december, first round kicks off at 15.00 CET.


Supply Depot, Braundorf_b4, Adlernest, sw_Goldrush_te and tc_base

We tried to choose maps where heavy weapons and rifle are often quite important. If there is a lot of justified objections, the maplist can be adjusted.

Teams and signups (13 teams has signed up by far)

Signups are open now and they close on saturday 15th of december at midnight. We are aiming on 16 teams, but the cup will be held even if there is less teams. And if it looks that there is more teams coming, we can change the cup-structure that every team gets a change to play. Banned players can ignore this signup-part.

How to signup?

Join our humble channel #spamless-cup and give Thomm your teams name, channel where we can find you and lineup (if possible, don´t give a 6-TBA-men-lineup). Or pm him on crossfire.

What else?

Since this is the first and propably the last time when this cup is arranged, we are happy to recieve any ideas, improvements, complains or what so ever concerning this cup. On the contrary, if you have nothing useful to say, just try to silence those voices in your head.

Cup-site http://students.oamk.fi/~m4koto00/et/spamless-cup/
IRC #spamless-cup

Want to support?

If anyone has a ETTV-server available it would be nice. Just query me.
And if someone wants some fame by providing bnc/some other shit to winners feel free to do so.
Beautiful initiative Thomm, you are the best.
Ah, I like this idea :)

otherwise it looks perfect but I didn't really get it why base is on the maplist :o
Because I like the map :D
I used to like it when I was lowmed and krea guys took us in spawn in 3on3 there, I could even get some of them by lean camping !

but that was kinda 2005, after that I have kinda hated that map :p
Fuck that.
Nice Idea. :)
arty and airstrike allowed? :|
QuoteIt is a 6on6-cup which is played with 3on3-configs. There is no heavy weapons or riflenades spamming around
Pretty ridiculous to think that singleshot 'n' lotto -weapons like the above would spammity spam spam more than arty and airstrike

EDIT: But overall sounds like a nice idea and I dont want to be a lamer-flamer, so I wish gl.
in a 3on3 u cant use an arty as often as in the 6on6 cfg...
Is that so? :O New to me
cause you have only 1 fops in a 3on3 most of the time, so you dont really notice it, vut in a 6on6 you have 2 like sometimes depends on tax / skilled fopses in ya team so!
I tried to look configs for differences, but I found nothing related to artillery/airstrike.

There is a possibility that I just didn´t realize what they were.

but i don't have a clue how the fuck it works... :X
Oh. Googling.

Found these too "g_minArtyTime and g_minAirstrikeTime"

But anyway, it would be a big trouble to upload configs to the warservers. And I don´t understand those settings either.
nice! what about 5on5 format hm? :)
What about u shut up about 5on5?!?!?!
what about you shut up now??!?!??!
Why not?

let this guy have his own opinion about a game?

no, he wants 5v5
You look like you dont have real sex for long time man! Take it easy! I was almost your fan? :P You dont like 5on5, right? :)
Got that right =D

Maybe next cup should be "under OC division 3 only", we could get some achievements with cup-lotto.
We can speak with each other sometimes on IRC maybe? Think people who wanna keep ET alive and creating cups etc shoudl cooperate or at least share opinions and ideas ;)
Sure, you can find me ie. from the cupchannel or #dnc.et
great idea :)
nice but what about 5on5 format?
5on5 <3 btw add radar to maplist
i am not the admin :) but ok i´ll do it just for you
We thought about radar, but it wouldn´t make such a big difference if there wasn´t rifles or panzies so we dropped it.

But as said, if majority wants changes in the maplist, it can be changed.

Nothing to say about 5on5, it was born dead.
haha lies! nobody was born dead!
Ok. It was born crippled and brain damaged so it had to be put down.
no no you are not right man ;) but I like your idea and cup - its only suggestion, because if et is dead and skillers away we can try it again! :)
I like your website man! <3
Very nice :)
#sankariainesta is recruiting 4 very highskilled Finland players to complete our lineup for ze spammicup.

edit: 3 places left!

edit: 2 places left!

EDIT: 1 place left!
no mines no overdrive!
TAG wont play! (wondering which decent team is actually going to sign up :)
i would like to paly in that cup tbh!! (because airstrikes and artis are allowed ofc :DDDD)
Fine, sign up and arrange matches. We'll play :(
i dont want to see you being sad because you cant plant mines tbh!
Just sign up. I had most kills on sd2 with 20% smg accuracy. Resistance is futile!
At least I still got 4 nades.

i am looking forward to you saying "we dont need 2 fieldops.... oh wait mmh maybe we can use them now" :DD
Be quiet Jessica!
i thought you already forgot that girLsnamethingi!! but keep on!
Check out fritjof getting euned:

Incomplete !
Nice idea.
Mentiz will signup :)
nice ! 3ON3 > 6ON6 so no panz , no rifle =o) great idea
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