ESL Major Series Season II announced

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The first season of the ESL Major Series (EMS) are still underway, but that doesn't stop ESL from announcing the second season. There is no date set to when the qualifiers begin, but it's said that "details will be following in the next days and weeks".

QuoteWe are extremely happy to announce a second season of the ESL Major Series powered by ASUS. Like the first season, the ESL Major Series will feature a wide selection of games across the FPS, RTS and Sports genres. We also have great prizes to win in a raffle! The ESL Major Series (EMS) are a collection of Pro Leagues situated a step below our highest competitions, the Pro Series and Masters.

The majority of games selected for the second season are carried over from the first, where possible using the latest release of a game's series. This season will have a distribution of €15,000 plus hardware prizes!

The ESL Major Series Season II games and prizes:[/b]]
- Call of Duty 4 (5on5): €1.500
- Counter-Strike: Source (5on5): €3.000
- Counter-Strike: 1.6 Female (5on5): €1.000
- Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (Clanwar): €1.000
- Defense of the Ancient (5on5): €1.500
- Enemy Territory (6on6): €1.000
- FIFA 08 (Clanwar): €2.000
- Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (1on1): Hardware prizes
- Team Fortress 2 (6on6): €1.500
- Unreal Tournament 3 (Clanwar): €1.500 + Hardware prizes for MVPs

As you can see both Crossfire-favourites CoD4 and W:ET got included but not ET:QW. The decision to exclude ET:QW must've been due to lack of signups for season I. However, ESL only got themselves to blame for that as they didn't do any advertising for ET:QW EMS other then here on Crossfire which must be seen as a giant mistake as the ET:QW-community on Crossfire still was growing and nowhere near reaching out to everyone. Adding to that the information and pretty much everything concearning the first season was everything but good which made many look the other way, especially as the CB OpenCup offered similiar prize purse and was played at the same time.

Either way, I'll try to keep you updated with information from the ESL EMS season II as it comes.

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Nice to see ET in a such competition!

gl to everyone.
ET:QW is already dead anyway!
Funny how ETQW got twice ETs signups for CDC and the clan scene is growing :)

But on the other hand im sure a e-cool guy like you know more about ETQW than me. Its like mega super e-cool to constantly bash other games :o
I'm not comparing ET:QW to ET, that wasn't the point ;o
you do know, no game can compete against W:ET
well I think ET is a great game and I really think it deserves a spot in the EMS as much as ETQW.
Funny how CB was able to get so many times more signups for OC than EMS did for EMS. Think a part of the reason EMS fails is that they only have one league for the best teams, if you want to go big and have lots of activity you need to involve players of all skill levels not only make a league for the 16 bigest teams and then go "omg so little activity". EMS coverage have also been far from the level of OC. But good to see that ET gets a good league, but same problems will occur for ET, the noobs wont go to ESL site and write comments when they can do it in news posts and match posts here and on gamestv.

But if you look away from this EMS and this OC I would prefer ESL over CB any day.
ESL didn't have a newsitem @ the official et:qw community page, the page every "non competitive" community page use as their source. hence, the ones who didn't read crossfire, didn't know about EMS season I (ok, this is not ofcourse 100% true, but let's say 5% wrote about EMS, the rest didn't know about it).

just ashame et:qw didn't get a second season. especially now with etqwpro starting to become reality and et:qwTV soon here.
Well at that time, ESL decided to use no-radar so SD decided to hate ESL :)
Correction: Ballprick decided to use no-radar so SD decided to hate ESL :)
so SD hates baldrick wow :D
Not rly, they just hat the ESL cause Ballprick made them look like asses
Good, now i have more time to buy better pc for etqw and play ET now :>
glad to see ET.
nice to see et.
but lol, why only cs1.6 female? :S
because 1.6 male is in the higher (pro/master) leagues, which 1.6 female isn't.
cs females frag you ass @ et ^^
Not entirely sure ET could round up 16 good teams for a decent competition in this, but should be good none the less...
news or gtfo
ET:QW bb, was fun in beta 1
when are the signups gonna close ?
You're just asking for a flame fight posting a news post like this, with half of the news post dedicated to the lack of ET:QW -,-
z0mg, wtf is wrong with ET. online tournaments with prizes :E:G:F:R:G:ASD
Wonder how many good ET teams will sign up.
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