#default-cup (6on6)

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So what is it?

It is a 6on6-one-day-cup where you can find only default maps of Enemy Territory.

When is it?

Sunday the 10th of february, first round kicks off at 15.00 CET.


Gold Rush, Fuel Dump, Railgun, Oasis and Battery.

Yes, Radar is also a default map, but it is often played nowadays so we decided to crop it.

Teams and signups (15/16)

Signups are open now and they close on saturday 9th of february at midnight. Banned players can ignore this signup-part.

How to signup?

Join our humble channel #default-cup and give Thomm your teams name, channel where we can find you and lineup (if possible, don´t give a 6-TBA-men-lineup). Or pm him on crossfire.

Cup-site http://students.oamk.fi/~m4koto00/et/default-cup/
IRC #default-cup

Want to support?

If anyone has a ETTV-server available it would be nice. Just query me.
And if someone wants some fame by providing bnc/some other shit to winners feel free to do so.
put radar in
you won't get teams, with those maps, but gl -_-
well maybe some random med teams want to win a cup so here is their chance!
gl @ final :P
almost funny!! but i dont like Railgun & Fueldump so without me!! :P
Or maybe some clans would like to try something different and spice up their dull no-life a little bit. We´ll see, it depends if there is any normal-map-cup at the same time.
gL with your project!!!
gl but maps sucks :S
rly? think it over why the cup is called "back to the roots" :C
ffs make a cup with normal maps
There has been a cup with "normal" maps every sunday, and I bet that re-play is organizing another one this sunday.
mm you got a point i just dont like default maps :]
"Sometimes you have to take a dick in the ass to appreciate normal sex" - Sitting Bull, chief of the Sioux
There will be no 6on6 cup on Sunday by replay maybe there will be some 6on6 cup in 2 weeks or smth, Atm doing another cup
will see if I have time, sounds fun.
lol Rhand as admin :D
heh ,sounds nice idea
dont diss it, it actually sounds like fun, we'll sign up
bibuy my fps (fueldump railgun)
you don't even participate
how you know that?
merc avi !
Excellent, more of these great cups for people that have trouble enjoying the 1000th repeat 8]

Btw what are you going to do about Fueldump, can you make it not skip the first part? :/
Can´t do nothing to it. You just have to snipe everyone down =(
Doesn't some sw_fueldump or something work so, that the full map is played? A summer skinpack (or a version with other minor changes) certainly is closer to the original Fueldump feeling, than a snowy map without the bridge part...

Meinaan täs siis sitä et uusin ET/Etpro/fueldump/mikälie -versio pistää Alliesin respaamaan heti alkuun sinne bunkkeriin :/ Iha tylsää pelata sillai ku tulee 2min aikoja
Aah, nyt tajusin. Siis joo, siinä käytetään ihan ekaa versiota FD:stä, ei mitään modeja.
Ainoo vaa et muistikuvan mukaa siinä on nykyää sellane systeemi et jopa se vanha versio alkaa bunkkerista... mapscript tms, en tiiä termejä. Tehtii jotai fueldump-henkiinherätystä varten, joka floppas.
Hmm, enpä kyllä ole kuullut tuommoisesta, pitääpä tarkistaa.
^ rifle avi, pm
rifle avi =)
"Yes, Radar is also a default map, but it is often played nowadays so we decided to crop it."

what a fucking reason is that to leave out the best default map from the mappool? also having old goldrush played makes no sense as the new one is a lot better in every possible way. if you wanna make this idea useful, try to form a mappool, which could really be used in some other cups too, so for example you could add just railgun and old oasis back together with maps like supply, radar and sw_gr
Radar is played so often that it just couldn´t fit there since only 5 maps can be played.

The cups idea is to play just those original maps which are rarely played nowadays, so I don´t understand why to whine about map pool. Sure those could be used more often in normal cups, but nobody is willing to add them in the list.

Luckily you don´t have to participate on this cup if you don´t like it.
sorry twidi, but only finnish people think that Radar is the best map, it's the same as germans thinking Goldrush is the best map.
which of the 5 other default maps is better than radar then in your opinion if I may ask? :p
I think Oasis is the best default map, but that's just me in a million 8D

Other than default maps I think adlernest is the best.

Supply and Goldrush are decent, they're overplayed but they still serve their purpose and ET wouldn't be ET without those maps.
supply and sw_gr are great maps yeah and atleast I don't mind at all that they're played so much. I'd rather play every game just supply/sw_gr/radar than all those random maps like frostbite, braundorf and adlernest. specially in adlernest and frostbite it's too much about luck who ever wins the map in my opinion

from old maps I'd like to see specially railgun and battery back. both maps need specially coordinated attacks and teamplay. oasis would be great also with some changes to make the last stage easier for the allies (decem's suggestion for example was pretty good)
Battery is too much of a spamfest. Adlernest is not as much lotto as people could think, it's basically just depends on how axis defend the first part. Then it's just skillz all the way.

Frostbite has always been much of a lottomap though.
1 action in frost/adler can decide the map. The rest like default maps especially radar is pure teamwork
"long time no seen"

hou tog een keer je mond en ga afwassen sjonge jonge
ja of stofzuigen stom olijvekop
nice idea, but radar in
gl:) it's just great that some1 has enough cock to make this kinda cup!
<3 the banner !
the funny thing is that the most people playing this cup werent even playing back in the days
Well, pretty much everyone has started with those maps. I remember me and my mates playing Fuel Dump 3on3 back in 2004 or 2005, man that was stupid =D
thats what youre thinking now but what about 3-4years ago!
We´ll see. I am supriced of the signups so far, we weren´t sure if we could get all the teams, but it looks good by now.
Loekino u fail!
it was a nice cup and was refreshing to play maps like railgun after a long time <3

too bad that we couldn't play fueldump because we got forfeit on that round :l
only last stage on fueldump... was quite disappointing to me -.-
did u try some older configs, I guess it would've worked
wasn't our server i think, and noone really cared...besides me :(
the first part was the best in fuel :(
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