GALENSKAP Announced!

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Out of the ashes from Sweden One2 and Sweden bhstyle arises Sweden GALENSKAP, a newly formed Swedish CoD4-team with lots of talent. From the old One2 we have Sweden dohfOs and Sweden Keno, these two form GALENSKAP together with the bhstyle familiar faces Sweden Bele, Sweden LakOni and Sweden ado. With all of the players living rather close to each other they have great possibilities to meet and bootcamp and with their goals set on Europe and upcoming lans this is something they hope to take advantage of and in time be able to challenge the top contenders.

Statement by dohfOs, ingame leader:
Quote by www.galenskap.euStarting up GALENSKAP with these guys have been nothing but an enjoyable project. The mixture of people is just awsome and we're having a blast each day on voice comms. GALEN is consisting of such a huge variety of people with players coming from scenes such as CS1.6, BF1942, W:ET, CoD:UO and ET:QW and we believe that in the long run it's something we can take advantage of.

We're ofcourse aiming to become one of the better teams around but even though we're eager to get there we know we got some heavy work infront of us if we wanna succeed. With that in our mind, a strong will and a high potential in the team it's more a question of time rather then anything else. Once we're prepared enough you will see us attending LAN:s, and hopefully that won't take forever. So see you on the battlefield anytime soon.

Sweden Martin "dohfOs" Lundén
Sweden Olle "Bele" Ringström
Sweden Simon "Keno" Eriksson
Sweden Nikola "LakOni" Simovic
Sweden Adis "ado" Nuhanovic

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Good luck guys <3
gl hf <3
GL dofhOs samt bhstylarna
gl Keno!
This is insanity!
gl in oc :P
gl dohfos, cod4 fagget!
Lycka Till !
GL dohf0s <3 och bhstylarna <3
waiting for nackskott wnb comment *.*
oh cool!

LakOni i ado <3 :D

gooo dohfos (btw v. sexy post)
Cool, gl fellows
what a weird sponsor, gl
balkan united
banner is naiz
gl dohfos
good luck dohfos! :)
who is dohfos?
gl adi <3
nice flags!
gl Keno and friends.
gl dohfOs and the rest :) looks nice
thanks all <3
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