CGS To hold CoD4 tournament

More than £10,000 in Cash and Prizes at Stake in Highest UK Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Prize Purse Ever

The CGS will be adding to the excitement of the upcoming 2008 UK and Europe Qualifier and Draft in Birmingham, England May 16-18,by announcing today that it will host the CGS European Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Kick-Off Tournament at the event.

At the tournament, teams will compete for their share of £10,000 in prize money,. The tournament, which is expected to attract the region’s best teams to compete in 5v5 search-and-destroy double-elimination format, will be free to enter, with the top eight placing teams receiving cash valued at £10,000, there will also be Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Soundcards and Fatal1ty Gamer Headsets awarded as prizes.

1st place team £2,500
2nd place team £1,500
3rd place team £1,250
4th place team £1,150
5th place team £1,100
6th place team £1,000
7th place team £750
8th place team £750
Total: £10,000

The newly-announced competition will occur at the Qualifier and Draft event, which will feature the best gamers from Europe and the UK competing for positions on CGS professional teams (two in Europe – Stockholm Magnetik and Berlin Allianz, and two in the UK – London Mint and Birmingham Salvo).

WHERE: All events will be held at the Omega Sektor, Europe’s premiere game center:

Omega Sektor
98 Corporation St.
Birmingham B4, United Kingdom

WHEN: Saturday, May 17 – Sunday, May 18, 2008

MORE INFO: Players can register online and view tournament rules at:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the Championship Gaming Series™ (CGS) is the only worldwide professional video gaming league. Launched in 2007, and a joint venture among Eurosport, BSkyB, DIRECTV and STAR, CGS features teams of the world's best gamers from North America, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. The league distributes entertainment content to more than 400 million viewers worldwide via DIRECTV in North America and Latin America, BSkyB in the UK, Eurosport in Europe, and STAR in Asia and Australia. CGS sponsors include Mountain Dew, Dell XPS, Xbox 360 and Creative.
Dunno what to say about this one
dont get why the price is divided in 8... makes absolutely no sense at all
I think all the subtop teams are very happy with it.
Im only like 20 mins away, but

1. I don't play cod4 competitively
2. I have two exams that day :<
On a Satuday and Sunday? :D
well two on Saturday D:
Nice! Held at 17-18 though :)
tosspot + dates = drama
Nice, are the big teams attending?
No Fatgames
ur a comic genius
Hope we can find a suitable standin for revoltz :o
More money \o/

Best of luck to those who get chance to attend.
Birmingham, dirty northern area. >:E
but gl anyone who goes for it.
does this point in the direction of COD4 becoming a official tournament game for the cgs?
[sarcasm] of course not, the fact that its organized by the CGS just means CGS admins are bored! [/sarcasm]
not sure I like that idea tbh :X
the sarcasm wasn't really necessary
the official game for cgs is most likely to be q3 (for 1v1 at least) according to mr wheat

a fact that makes me the happiest person on earth atm :D
Well CGS won't be adding any games without replacing an existing one (this year), and they don't have any duel based FPS to replace. I also doubt they will drop CSS in favor of coD4 but who knows...
cu there without doubt.
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