Ravens with big changes!

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One of europes finest organizations, Roskilde Ravens have these days made some quite big but also very interesting changes in their CoD4 elite team.

First of all 2 players are being substituted. LM due to school, and Hmz due to a bigger workload at his job, and they are being replaced by none other than Huggo & Hiffer.

Organisation manager of Roskilde eSport, Jens Christian “Sarabande” Ringdal says:

“LM and Hmz are two fantastic players, whom we thank for their great contribution to Ravens. It has been very hard to find replacements for these top players, with great personalities, but it is my belief that Huggo and Hiffer will each bring their share of commitment to the team.”

Hiffer is a well known name in the danish community with him leaving #wegame, team captain fRiJeC saw hiffer as a great replacment!. " He is a great player and I am confident he will do his best” says the well known captain.

Statment by Emil "Hiffer" Ervolder

“I recieved an offer I couldn’t see my self turn down. It has always been my dream to play for Roskilde Ravens so I’m overexcited about everything and very happy that I've been given the opportunity to show my worth in a top team”.

The other replacment is the former ET:QW player Huggo who has achived some of the greatest accomplishments there is to win with Team Dignitas. He is also now ready to fight with the other Ravens guys!

Statment by Frederik "Huggo" Christensen

“I have always wanted to tryout Call of Duty, and now I have the chance since I got the perfect offer from Roskilde. I see a lot of potential in this team and organization overall, so I’m happy to join up with these guys. I’m looking forward to play with the new team, and I can’t wait to see how we will perform at the upcoming lan events.”.

image: frijecAt the same time as the CoD4 lineup is making some changes, Ravens has been undergoing some administrative changes, as Jens Christian “Sarabande” Ringdal steps back as team manager. He says:

“Within the past 6 months my workload has reached +80 hours a week. When I work with something, whether it be Roskilde eSport, Ravens or the future of Danish and European eSport, I commit myself completely into every little detail”, says Jens Christian “Sarabande” Ringdal and continues, “Ravens has a bright future ahead and need all the attention they can get, which I can’t devote my time to at the level required. As a result of this I am stepping back as manager of the team”.

Sarabande will now focus on the-eXperience which is taking place in Roskilde this summer, as well as the Danish eSport association "eSport Danmark" where he has newly been elected with the position as chairman.

The new Ravens manager is a well known face in the ET:QW scene. Jamie "Zino" Bach which is the former manager of Team Infinity is going to be the new manager for one of europes best CoD4 teams!

Statment by Jamie "Zino" Bach:

“I have been in close contact with Jens Christian for the past months, following Ravens closely at CDC4 and i33. Roskilde eSport is a very interesting organisation, and when getting contacted directly and being asked to take on the task as manager of Ravens, I could only accept” says Jamie “Zino” Bach and continues, “I will gather the team during May for a bootcamp and to make practice preparations for this summer where Ravens will attend AEF, the-eXperience and the Balearikus party or i34”.

Ravens Call of Duty 4 is now as following:
Denmark Kenneth "fRiJeC" Jensen
Denmark Brian "Woomzy" Bie
Denmark Mik "Champ" Bøtker
Denmark Frederik "Huggo" Christensen
Denmark Emil "Hiffer" Ervolder

Denmark Lars Michael "LM" Sydow
Denmark André "R3CoR" Jensen

Team manager:
Denmark Jamie "Zino" Bach

Denmark Mads "Hmzy" Lauridsen

Great news gl!
is there a tank in CoD4 ? ;)

gl huggo !
Not one you can drive (MP at least) :P
but there is a tank!
Gl huggo
lol huggo :D

No more dignitas etqw?

gl !
OMG, huge news.

Hiffer will definately be good replacement, that kid is mental!
Will be interesting seeing an ex-BF/ETQW top player in CoD :)

And Zino, wub wub for you too!

GL to all, and I will be looking forward to the performance of this new RR team :)
Good Luck to Huggo & Team
Good Luck Guys, see you in the summer!
You coming to TEX?
See you too deman :)
says alot about cod4 when a tanker with basically no infantry experience in any game joins a top 15 team in cod4 :x

gl though
I doubt that RR has just taken him in without testing him first.

I think you can compare it to mid-skilled ET players becoming great players in ET:QW or something like that. Sometimes you can compare game to game skill and then there are anomalies where the skill loss/increase can not be define. Did that make sense?
honestly dude, what do you know about his infantry experience?
why are u so fucking stressed and worried about what other ppl say.

the fact clans are paying transfer money for players made me lol :D (just wanted to say that its not personal to you but since i was making a reply i just added this part ^^)
Considering a number of Top Tankers in BF1942 were all ex-top Quake players I am not so sure what your trying to say here.

From my experience most top tankers have excellent aim and good match intelligence.
I used to be a tanker in BF1942 =)
Huggo is the best inf player in d. ETQW

GL Huggo :XDddddddddd
reload is a nice person in real life
gl huggo!
couldnt find bigger noobs than zino and huggo? one weekend il random-mix-rage u!

i love you too, goldielocks :)
GL Huggo & Zino :)
COD4 is random, if I would have a decent fps would be playing top 10 as well. gl anywa hugo XGX MATTIE rofl
ty voor edit simon
That wasn't the point? oO
oh je bedoelt ALS het zo was oke nice snap hem
teamwork !
does that mean huggo failed irl?
gl guys nice post
best of luck guys <3
hiffers an excellent player, hope these guys pick it up, they're nice guys and deserve some major sucess! GL <3
gl champ
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