Acer Challenge Update

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The Acer Challenge is rapidly approaching and we've made some changes to the tournament to aid some of the teams attending. Many people who were interested in coming said that they were struggling with the date due to it clashing with exams and with that being the case and a few less teams than expected we've made some big changes.

The tournament will now run all on Saturday June 7th only, with the oppourtunity of a Free bootcamp on Friday for those that want to. On the Friday there will also be a 1 off cash exhibition match with the teams and reason all to be announced.

Because we got less teams than we wanted we've changed the prizepurse to 3000 Euro, with 1500 to first, 1000 to second, 500 to third. If signups rapidly change based off the new dates then that prizepurse will increase, but it will not go lower than 3000.

WZZRD have a deal with the local hotels that will get you cheap accomodation and they provide a variety of options for you, those can be found HERE.

To signup You must register your Crossfire Clan Account and mail that registration to that completes your Crossfire reigstration. However to fulfill your registration you must then send your payment (40 euro per player) of either yourself or your whole team to the following Dutch Bank Account;

IBAN: NL12ABNA0514557893

Please be sure to state your team name in the payment note.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me.
Good luck to all teams attending, I will hopefully be there as well. Will you be shout casting some games tosspot?
Yup QuadV will be there in force! :P
samen gaan? 8D

Get playing on these low ping, extremely fast servers.

Acer Predator ESWC TDM:
Acer Predator ESWC Hardcore TDM:
what games are being played?
k :)
make it a nice tourney with good coverage

gl !
no ET as was planned or what ?
acer challenge != toss' latest cdc revolution
when people see wzzrd/enschede they immediately think of the cdc's ! :P
ffs anil :C ..i never find you online @ msn ! ..we have o finnish that conversation ! :P
that is coomin in September imo !
right, was mixing up those 2 :p
Right in Belgium exams :D , don't expect much belgians being there
Like someone care about Belgians :D
tek 9 - LLL
tek9 has 1 belgium and LLL has 2 :/ it's not like they are belgium teams
Jep. No Belgians = win
Great to hear some news about this.

We'll be there for sure and will bootcamp if possible as well. Let's hope that some more teams signup so we can see an even bigger prizepurse and some more competition.
How many teams have signed up then so far?
cu there, shame the money is reduced:< free accomodation in stead plx?:p
if 2 of us didn't have exams Motivated would attend, but oh well, there's a lot more to LAN this summer :D
Fucking bad timing actually... Exams at this time
cu there. bit shit decreasing money but o well will be fun :)
bit of a shame that the prize fund has been reduced, will probably render this event a local thing only but nethertheless should be great lan :)
i think its ok for dutch because lots of dutch ppl have had their examsn then and imo most school , high school and universitie dont have exams...
omagad no1 rly gives a fack abaut codFOUA
hmm maybe we're able to go after all, now its a 1day event :)
yes! You must!
Well if you say so, i guess we have no choice :D
I bought Cod4 for the PS3, played it for 10 minutes (FPS games on consoles suck!). Surely I can play!?

Is it in Utrecht Toss? Then I might go to increase my geekyness. It's below 90% now, that can't be a good thing.
Gay. There is a WZZR in Utrecht and the bank details said Utrecht!

Damn you all. There goes my geekyness level. All down the drain. The horror. The horror people!
A Signup List would be nice!
have fun !
count on us:D
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