depthGaming in a move.

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We welcome desire-esports team as our new CoD4 S&D Squad. After they didn't like desire-esports they thought of comming too depthGaming for a new home. We hope to give them a nice stay and hope they can help depthGaming grow. We will always help them in good and in bad days.


Netherlands Tom Diii Egberts
Belgium enzo Avenger desmidt
Belgium benjamin AssGrass De Keyser
Belgium robin gig matthijs
Belgium bart HELLY goossens
Netherlands Bjorn pzynix Hilgen

Quote by Statement of depthgaming|dii:We joind dG cause we think they can support us more in the future to go to lans and become 1 of the top cause thats the place we wanna be i would like to thank Depthgaming for giving us a try to play under there wel known tag.

bartje :-)
FIRE <3333333
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btw did u get free hackes?XD
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