ETQWPro 0.55 Beta

Splashdamage lead the way, and we are following!

Blaze and me worked over night to finish the last work on the Promod 0.55 Beta build. Please understand that this is a Beta version, and not the 0.6 version.
If you have the feeling that anything is wrong, or not working, please, report this in our forums at

Now this release is a bugfixed 0.5 version with some intresting new features. The source has been cleaned up and we hope that the FPS drops are gone now.
Linux users, please report if you guys still experience immense drops.


Public test server running custom and competition maps (auto dl of ALL needed content is enabled! Dont fear the restarts)

Some of the key features in 0.55:

* Fixed console being black on a high detail + enabled AA config
* possible FPS drop fix, because of new Spread Manager
* Fixed several bugs in local play mode, you should be able to actually play vs bots
* Bots wont call timeouts anymore
* Fixed the TV Chat issue

* removed es_debugspread
* removed the server TV Admin Backend.
* removed switchhud command
* removed the minhud
* removed ec_autoaction

New Features
* Panzerfaust and Oblitorator make more damage against vehicles
* Custom Maps Megatexture can be downloaded directly from the server. Be sure to have a look at the Custom Content Section
* added a non context way to switch weapons.
* added a new Console command for TV servers. (cpm "")
prints a message on the server (currently in the chatarea).
Happy spamming! Viewers can disable those messages with (g_noTVChat)
* Made it possible to permit shooting in a vehicle at all (es_allowAttackFromVehicles)
* Made it possible to permit dropping stryobombs from an icarus (es_allowIcarusAttack)
* Added es_unlockSprint, enables the speed upgrade from the Battlesense Award
* Added es_maxMinesPerPlayer, give the constructor / engineer x mines at spawn
* Added es_mod_grenade_count to use a modified grenade count (set to 1, and strogg/gdf only get one grenade)
* Added es_mod_ammo_count to use a modified ammo count (set to 1 and gdf get more ammo)
* Changed es_headshotsOnly. 1 = Only headshots do damage, 2 = first headshot kills the enemy

A complete changelog is like always in the Wiki Pages at
The beta cvarlist has been updated as well, so you can build the new configs already.

We hope you enjoy this build, let us know if smth is wrong.

ETQWPro Team
* Bots wont call timeouts anymore

wtf... ?
That's what I thought :>
Nice work, I take it a CVAR will be added for this one?

* Panzerfaust and Obliterator make more damage against vehicles

This is based on the 1.5 codebase I guess?
no plans of adding a cvar
Nice job. Keep the good work
dont tell me u r playing this peace of shit ?
no no no.. ofc not :D i dont even have time to play any game at all :< but the changelog seems nice for etqw players :P
does it work with 1.5 ?
îts been build for it, yes
good job hannes , wing 0.6= for our 1.5 but 0.55 works on 1.5
Thanks for cleaning up the mess from 1.5 lolpatch, game still is playable thanks to you

hooray for hannes and blaze
can i has botfix0rs?
* Fixed several bugs in local play mode, you should be able to actually play vs bots
* Bots wont call timeouts anymore

There you go <3
good job hannes! Hopefully we get 0.6 version soon.

Changelog looks good except this "rocket/obliterator boost". It changes gameplay quite a lot and I hope that there would be cvar for it. Now leagues & common ruleset crew don't have a choise and they just have to accept it...
some things are meant to hardcoded. and i think this is one. But ofc, if i see its not going well, we will get rif of it. Thats what the beta is for
one of many it seems

- Hog can kill the Titan with one hit again.
- Balanced the main weapons spread wise. (they are pretty much equal now)
- Icarus will have slightly less health

Dunno about these two, are they always functional or only with certain aimstyle settings?
- Hyperblaster will be less accurate while standing and crouching
- GPMG will be less accurate while crouching

I understand you can't add CVARs for any minor setting, but you know how spoiled we (serveradmins) were with the reconfigurability mods like ETPRO and ETPUB offered us in W:ET.
Great job hannes!
at least some guys are still doing great jobs when SD failed.
these guys couldn't be doing their great jobs without the work Splash Damage put into the game and the software development kit.
sd took it so many months to do their job and if u read through the fixes u actually cant find any big important fix...
many typo fixes and little features... shit imo

now after 3 days or sth hannes released his part again
thats what i call hard work
i have to agree
SD is a company and can't do much without getting paid, and Activision is not paying them for patching ET:QW anymore.

During the time they worked on updating the game they also worked on updating the SDK and updating the official competition mod, meanwhile they are already working on their next project as well, and have to support the console ports coming out next week. And they have just four programmers right now...
those might be good arguments but fact is that the patch is almost useless...

their company´s issues and problems with activision are not interesting for anyone here... we are the consuments, we have paid for the game and if u want that game not to die, you need to do something... but not publish some shit arguments why the patch is just pointless
i m sry
I agree - the end-user doesn't care about that stuff.

They just care about the results.
Keep up teh good work.
Great news indeed! I'm really glad to see that Hannes and Blaze haven't stopped working on ETQWPro <3
Time's Up!

Anyway GL with fixing the SD FailTrain.
QuoteCustom Maps Megatexture can be downloaded directly from the server. Be sure to have a look at the Custom Content Section
* Panzerfaust and Oblitorator make more damage against vehicles

that wasn't necessary imo..
Nice work ;)
etqw is dead
no way! there are like 3 teams playing it 8<
ETQW is not dead. However there are not so many skilled & active teams anymore... Hopefully people still keep playing!
indeed. for example, VAE & 4Kings are still on the scene.
Also a significant number of new teams seem to be emerging. Naturally over time these guys will become skilled also.
* Bots wont call timeouts anymore

thx I lol'd
Hannes, you really hate vehicles that much ?
indeed, the more updates the more vehicles are nerfed.
next update: "All vehicles have been removed" laul
this can already be done!
heh, seems like this awesome game is really improving by each new version
Good job :)
does et:qw still go strong ?
When has it been strong?
Early death then ;)
More like abortation.
Enemy Territory: Fail Wars
so true :[
There is no public server running ETQWpro with one single player at the moment.
If there's players in etqwpro pub they are usually on this server

You could also try out 4on4 gathers at #qwl.gather @ Qnet
Thanks, will try it.
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