SW Battery Beta 1

image: battery_beta1

11 Days ago I opened the sw_battery forum topic and my idea was greatly accepted. An unbelievable amount of 391 comments within a few days and the stickied help of CF gave me the chance to work with a ton of good ideas.

Today I am able to provide you the first beta release of SW Battery. I have been actively working the last days and can present you the following changelog:

- Allies Beach Spawns outside of water
- Bunker MG is now dynamitible door which leads to bunkers back
- Axis Bunker Spawn is set back a bit
- Axis Spawn at Commandpost until Allies built it
- Backdoor is blowable
- Spawntimes 30/20
- Made some doors wider (bunkerstage)
- constructible Bunker Ladder for an additional way & anti flag-recap
- deleted anti tank beach barriers
- Roof at backway to avoid artilleryspamm
- fixxed "wallhack" leak at backdoor
- no landmines

Screenshots can be found here

As at my last project I partnered up with YCN Gaming who provide me the needed servers for private & public tests and the beloved public testserver.

You can download the map here. (thx to eicher)

And join the SW Battery Testserver here:

I will go on holiday next week for 3weeks so there will be a bigger development pause in that time but I will try to organise a showmatch until then. If any NC team is interested they can query me or w0nd3r in #sw_battery. Up to now Finland stated their interested in playing the showmatch.

This map has been released in agreement of the in the pk3 added License, submitted by ET's Developer, which means all rights & credits belong to them and this map is only thought to be used in competition play and not for any commercial uses.

Last but not least I wanna add my thank you list again:
MYSTiFy (banner)
eicher (webspace)
YCN-Gaming (server)
w0nd3r (testing)
zhul (talking to me in ts all those nights :s)
ag0n (pics)
snake (because he's there)

Best regards,
Germany eiM

Spamm on but stay tuned, updates coming today (or better say hotfixes? ;>)
adding screenshots would be wise
hopefully those changes wont change it too much. and public really isnt a place to "test" it xd
Waw , wanna see/play showmatch! :D
sounds nice, i'll try it out now :D
Sounds very good. You should add something to the Beach again, because it looks very boring and the allies have nothing to hide. The ladder near the mg is also unnecessary and ugly.
nice stuff
nice job man,continue pls <3
gl with it :)
sounds really nice
i wish you good luck
sweet, hoping for a showmatch now :)
good idea to ressurect this map :))
eim you rock :)

i can help if u need :P
why get rid of the anti tank barriers on beach? at least they gave some cover :x
was thinking the same
they are not included in et (model files) ... thats why^^ but eicher told me he has them... maybe they'll be back then
fucking nice! <3 axis on 2nd screenshot looks like wh :<
its all about:
- no chance to sneak when axis have flag
- allies have easier way to that upper way
|--> axis cant so easy recap when allies all walk downway
- no chance to sneak when axis have flag - huh?
- allies have easier way to that upper way - the trickjump is there for that. this ladder ruins this stage.
|--> axis cant so easy recap when allies all walk downway - lets remove versatility of the map, yay.
i think the plan was that the allies would have to build the ladder to get in the window, and axis would notice that so you cant sneak past them (when they have the bunker) but considering the tj is still possible...it didnt really fix that imo
why only half a ladder though? surely it would make sense for there to be half a ladder there (that you cant climb) and then the construction of it leaving a whole climbable ladder, not a construction finishing in half a broken ladder?

edit: yeah its not a map changing difference, but it just seems kinda silly >_>
it sucks dude
way easier to sneak with allies engineer inside when you dont need to crouch and slowly tj inside.. now you just can run.. its fail.. just remove it.. it sucks.. srsly.. make new version of radar too where is ladders to cp axis door and ladders from road to both radarparts.. that would b cool!
that is constructible though... i believe u guys it sucks overall but play it once before flaming that you can sneak... you CANT sneak because you need to CONSTRUCT it first ;)
so you still can trickjump and sneak like always.. nothing changed..
or when you once build it and they wont destroy it, you can sneak later..
this shit ruins your beta completely
maybe make just a full ladder, now its just a little part of the ladder :D
nice nice! :-)
Cool. How about a flag at side bunker instead of a CP?
very nice, exept for the ladder thing
eiM for crossfire admin
good job!
No landmines @ way to cp Oo
makes the map enjoyable
looks nice except:
- deleted anti tank beach barriers

they give cover for allied team

and maybe don't let axis reclaim the flag, but let's do some tests first before we are making conclusions.
looks kinda crap tbh
"yyy I'm ensam, fanboying with my 2nd's"'
wat, Finland interested to play this in showmatch =D
nice job

true epic fail i have to say.

Otherwise, this has been rly great job dude! <:
GJ! Feedback:

-Remove the roof at cp-way, mines+mortar being removed is enough.
-Make some backway at axis spawn to make it more spamproof. Maybe you can make some stairs in the back of spawn to the ammo/health bracket.
eiM for teh win !!!.
Good job eim! You can help me now xD
ladder from beach to gun controls ftw
remove the ladder which someone posted a screenshot of already. and the tunnel to the bunker... well if it must be there(it sucks), atleast make stairs to it, like in supply, instead of buggy shit ladder.
Minor bug: The Axis team doesn't respawn to the flag by default after recapturing it
well its not bad, but as stated before, removing the ladder will make it more balanced again
I know the magic touch that this map is missing:

image: 34qqnt2
saw something similar at a public once! except it was a constructable wooden walkway, not a ladder :-D
haha this is fuckin ownage :XD
battery_recharged, it already exist
no landmines??
one way or another they have been disabled in many server configs
too bad. It's one of the things that makes this game even more exciting!
Nice job eiM :)
how is the fps on that map?
Still bad, at least outdoor.

Get a new PC seriously, every single even remotely modern PC will run Battery without any trouble.
you cant do much here as its very open & stuff you know
wee just because im there <3 =D
luv u tooooo <3
learn to tj!!!
relocate the axis back spawn plz. the way it is now the axis will either spam the corridors all the time or will get raped and have no chance to get to the gun.
didn´t played the map yet.. olr even watched it.. but what i read looks good :)

nice work
Wow, nice randomness!
It's social commentary.
"Don't use 'click here' or other non-descriptive link text." [6] According to web programmer Jutta Denenger, "If you owned a shop, you'd write 'Welcome' on the door, not 'Open this door to enter the shop."

word.. dont want to see more.. map sucks... "if you dont have skill lets make it moar eez!" whose fucking idea was that.. remove it asap.
Add the anti tank barriers back on the beach
Remove the ladder into MG area
Add a better sniper place in the water (those rocks suck + floating on water)
Remove radar (pointless accessory..)
add the barriers like at delivery on the beach, it would be nice
fix opened door, because panzer can kill at first spawn some ppl
ladder is a fucking epic failure imo
thats all, and nice roof @ side, unspamable & cant throw good airstrike by axis

It's not like mortar is enabled or anything, there's no need to change anything on the map
and the mines have been removed aswell. the map is perfectly fine, just not good enough for our lovely ET community.
The map was pretty good, but the majority didn't like it. I for one wouldn't mind some minimal changes (which would make it "worse") so it gets more played.

The ladder needs to be removed.
The roof needs to be removed.
The thingies at the beach need to be added again.

My opinion based on the screens.
thats what Ive been saying, better have it changed a bit and play it, than not play the original at all.

my biggest consern is the ladder. its awful.
those thingies on the beach, in the end it doesnt make so much difference, though eim said he will look if he can add them
and well, the roof on back, and if it gets deleted, it would be nice, but in the end the impact isnt that huge. though its already easy enough to attack from the back so the roof is rather retarded.
Side roof is ridiculous...
ahahah exactly, wtf is this?:D fucking holiday roof for people tired of sunbathing at the beach? :XDD
eiM told me it's for the arty :o
No mortar, no landmines, no arty is just the next step! }8)

- Axis Spawn at Commandpost until Allies built it
- Backdoor is blowable
- Spawntimes 30/20

wheres the change
before it was in a mapscript, now it's in the map itself imo.
You, Sir, gave the right answer!
changes that are just useless or making the map worse..
true, but if the result is ppl will play it again... :P
What changed at screenshot 4?:x
This is like giving help to handicapped people
Which is a bad thing... why?
True, handicaped people should be executed and burried in a mass-grave!
what are you whining at then?
wtf is that side-roof man? :D I couldnt believed when I saw that ROTFL
I was @ the server and tested some stuff, found this trick plant

image: tp3ik2
image: tp2hm8
image: tp1fn9

I hope it could get fixed in the next beta cos its takes a lot of time to defuse the dyna :D
k will be done
hiho knas ;)
lol Hey Samrock my little bug friend >:D
looks interesting
looks nice. good job with that roof at side, but the half-ladder is fail :)
keep going!
nice! I just dont like that ladder at the normal trickjump stage :p
I noticed the beachdoor can be blocked very easy..
(wont be important, since you destroy it, but still..

lol'd at 20 mins maxtime xD
the ladder is for the noob trickjumpers :D but I like it nice done eiM keep up the good work
nice and thx 4 the shoutout but I dont like the reflection of the edited banner :(

image: batterytest
sticky forum thread should be enough, just like it was done with every other single map imo. especially since a map like oasis would rather deserve a new version and consequently a sticky news post because oasis > battery anyday.
sorry but the map is a bit gay now, the beach is completely spoiled by no rocks and side entrance -.-
dont worry I'm sure they will be a sw_battery_te_b2 version by another mapper soon enough but when that fails look forward to sw_batter_te_se_b4 by someone else.
seems pretty good, first stage will be harder to defend now for the axis.
only the half-ladder should be gone, totally not needed.
ya, it might be usefull but looks horrible
why arent people concentrating on making decent new maps instead of bolloxing around changing originals?
cause battery always was decent map, but noone wanted to play it [too spamy thy said!] ... So after minor changes it will be great and almost liek new map!
cause its easier to just make something that exists already playable I guess than creating something from 0.
orly???? :p
I am a smartass!!!11!!!
you ruined the map..... I think it didnt need any other changes than spawnpoint to cp as allies...
bad changes....... 2easy for allies.........
as matias said only spawn cp should be changed.
-remove this funny ladder
-make cp spawnpoint for allies
-and this roof is failure, its too easy for allies when u cant put arty there
Quote-and this roof is failure, its too easy for allies when u cant put arty there

Not really. The way is so tight that it's still 'easy' to defend. In addition, it's the only way to defend on back, so Axis can focus on this way.
its already hard enough without mines so please. we dont want another average 2 minute time - map.
Indeed, but I was just talking about the roof at the side way, which is a good idea to limit the annoying spam there. Probaly some other changes need to be balanced. All speculations, as long no decent teams are testing it out.
please. after removal of mortar and mines the map was perfect. the back was remotely easy to attack, yet it required teamplay to break in from front defence. now you're making back attack even more easy and youve removed the chance of panzer going down the to mg @ front, thus he can only disturb from the bunker or by jumping to the beach. a good sniper will prevent this. the map gets more ruined the more changes will be made.
Too many fullholds, too much spam. Not enjoyable, at least for me and probaly for many others, too. Otherwise, I never played it so intensive like other competition maps.
well you obviously havent played it enough to know what needs to be changed, if any at all. the map hasnt been played much after the removal of mines, which is sad since its the best map in ET.
the first stage is whats "wrong" to some people, not the last stage. cp spawn would ruin the map.
idd agree
maybe, but still we can tryout that option
its been tried, and it was a failure. besides, the reasoning I already gave, whats the point to try it? we are not making second braundorf or whatever lottoshit map.
didnt know it was already tried...

and yes, we dont want another b4, but still, we have to experiment so this map will be really balanced

and i love to converse with you :]
the only thing it will change is the second phase of the map which doesnt need changing.
as someone pointed out previously, just renaming it to sw-battery would've been enough -.-. haven't played it yet but it stinks already
very nice, gj
looks like a eim-map xD
This map is not realistic now :(
lol no mines...allow them, just limit them to 2 or something :S
Just seen screenshots, at least try intergrate the changes in map a bit better, everything stands out like soar thumb, especially the roof thing.
nice work!
You changed too much, can't remember anyone suggesting so many changes in the forum post ? Now it's too easy for allies (atleast I think so)

remove the mg ladder
remove the roof
if possible remove the hallway to bunker, and leave nothing to it's place
and if the flag is anti-recap does it mean that once allies just touched it, axis can't get it back or wut ? cause if it's like that you don't have to even defend it, just run to it, not working
that spawn thing seems buggy... wasnt thought so
it's good if it's recap, let it be imo
mg ladder
and side roof

are not needed and should be removed.
nicely done but ladder is useless [to easy for allies to win without playing second phase]
there were no sounds after building the assultramp and after the new side door was destroyed... ;(
there are.. just tested it :o turn on your sound :P
The space at the Axis service door towards the bunker controls should be A: Better protected against spam, such as (rifle)nades and heavy weapons. or B: Bigger door(s) (2 doors) so that Axis players don't have to move so close to their teammates.

This map needs one or two updates and than I think it should be added to competitions as soon as possible. I'm also in favor of adding SP_Delivery_te2 to competitions and it should be played more, admins should do something about that.
oh and i forgot to tell that it would be nice if these rails @ backdoore were removed... They make aiming impossible
okay, let's make a flat map with some boxes and everyone is happy

seriously, we don't have to change every fuckin obstacle in the map just because it's a bit harder for newb-mix teams
sorry didnt knew u got some newbmix team...
I'm from Zimbabwe and we don't get much water
okay let's create a switch to battery where you can donate water to zimbabwe
I agree wholeheartedly.
accessibility taken to a whole new level :DDD

If you can't do that trickjump you noob and you don't deserve to get up there.
mm, i love it... now I am impatient waiting for someone who begins to develop sw_railgun_te, sw_baserace, etc
those ladders are ugly
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