ESL 2on2 Riflecup *Update*

image: eslThe second ESL Instantcup will be a 2on2 Rifletennis Cup, as some
may remember back when hosted some of them. Detailed
information as follows:

Date: 17th August 2008 15:00 CET
Signup: Here & Checkin between 14:40-14:50 (only teams with 2players
are able to signup)
Slots: 32 & Checkin 20min before cupstart
Modus: Double Elimination (with looserbracket), Best of One
Map: Rifletennis_te2 - download here (updated version)
Config: Download here NEW VERSION - Update it please if you downloaded it when it was firstly announced
- 2x 5Min (1map = 2 SW rounds)
- Team with less death wins
- Selfkills are allowed but are shown in the stats. Teamkills are now prevented due to no teamdamage. Therefore the new config needs to be uploaded to your servers.

Servers: Make sure to organise your own server or one of your friends and upload the map along with the config to your server. The ESL will have a limited amount of servers available, thanks to #fayntic very much at this position, but do not count on our servers.

If you are new to the ESL you can follow the Starter Guid & Team Starter Guid or ask an admin in

Pay attention to the Check In 20min before cupstart and the Lower Bracket so you do not leave after one loss as you can still fight your way back to victory.

Last but not least the short changelog of rifletennis which I updated to fix latest bugs:
- anti spawncamp damage added
- no longer able to jump-shoot over the net
- retextured for better view


Congratulation Germany aMaZing, Belgium FiF, Netherlands fayntic.
You can see the final bracket here.

ESL Newspost
Rifletenniscup Signup
ESL 2on2 Ladder
Azatej and kye will pwn this shit.
nope, saKen & me will, for sure
yes, that's EXACTLY what this game needs!!

if you dont like it , dont play it

but no kind of cup can damage the games activity , nor name , nor anything else so pls thx :)
but i said its what this game needed...
your reply came 5 days to late :(
and again 2 days late :o
me and alvo 'de wenerkes' will take this!
LOOOL My avast antivir program found a virus at the config site xD n1 :XD !
tbh there is nothing that could have a virus in it... ;) wrong alarm
that was so fast, that i cant even take a screenshot .. i swear
can't you give a list or something who already signed?
nope I can only tell you that there are 17 signups yet but as they need to checkin they will not be shown on the contestants page ;)
thats not much 17.. right :p
coming some more i am sure but its a good amount of teams ... we just set the maximum to 32 =)
why esl :C
esl sucks :z
easy bash for Poland wiadro <3
looks nice, but a page with lineups would also be nice
Rifletennis is cool, but next time disable nades. Atm its not rifletennis more like nadetennis
i want to watch it on ettv!!
it was fun =) although we had 2 wait 2 houres till the lowerbracket was finished :/
i want another rifletennis cup :<<<
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