ESL Major Series Grand Final! *update*

After a little break due to vacation of the teams the ESL Major Series is back with the Looser Bracket Final Match. The winner will be reborn to the Winnerbracket and will face Germany megaProGaming in the final.

image: lb_final

Impact Gaming]
  • Estonia Night
  • Estonia reload
  • Slovenia jakazc
  • Germany snoop
  • United Kingdom mztik
  • Malta toxic
  • Estonia r3vers

  • United Kingdom Griim
  • United Kingdom w3st
  • Sweden rAtzilla
  • Germany duKe_
  • Norway Eirik
  • Belgium Lazio

Unfortunately the ESL page is down right now so I can not provide you any usefull links to more detailed information about the ways both teams went to get where they are right now. But still we will see a thrilling match at 21 CET tonight.
If you want to tune in follow the GamesTV information:

image: game6393

Belgium Lazio had the following to say:
QuoteI'm glad we made it to the top 3, after a close game to FIF. Impact will go into this game as the favorite, certainly after our previous game that they won 4-2. Though It also showed, we can give them a game, and that's what we're aiming for again.

ESL Matchlink
ESL ET Major Series


The Grand Final of the ESL ET Major Series will take place right now after Impact won vs re-play. GamesTV information as follows:

image: gr_final

image: game6427


As Impact Gaming won the first Grand Final they went into a second match vs megaProGaming:

image: gr_final2

Impact Gaming also won this match 4:2 - reports coming soon. This gives the following ranking:
United Kingdom Impact Gaming
Germany megaProGaming
Europe re-play

ESL Homepage
Final Bracket
Impact all the way!
If we manage to win this one then the final will be played 22CET vs MPG.
we wont win, ill go 999 and lag out as i go to secure the docs
Let's hope so.
Not really well organized, I mean posting about it 1 hour before the game. Anyways at least there was a post and the cup was good, and really hope - after missing these - we can see more skilled games on ESL in the future!
actually the first match was announced a week ago on GTV, unfortunately the newspost was a bit late and downpushed by the stickys.

what was a surprise for me aswell was that they chose to play the grand final right after the match. Could have been much better with more announcements & shoutcasts but still it was a great game with many viewers. Catch it on demand ;)
nice excuse!

3 1/2 hours adminownage x)
GG impact
nice final
stressful but wp :P
nice 1 impact wpwp!
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