SW Battery Final

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Finally, I must say. But still this is and will be the final version of the Stopwatch Battery project. It took much time & efforts by several people of our community, but now it is everybodys task and choice to decide whether they want to see this map in leagues like ESL , CB , ETL & Crossfire competitions.

There were no major changes from beta4 to the final. This is because Beta 4 prooved to be very well and was what I aimed for with this stopwatch version. I will sum up all changes that have been made from original battery right here so if you are interested in it click to enlarge ;)

image: screen01 A Beach Door has been added which leads into the back of the Flag Bunker and enables Allies to get an additional way to the top of the beach after destroying it by dynamite or passing it with a cover op in disuguise. Also a little break in the bunker wall lets axis defend the Beach Door a bit better than it would have been without.
image: screen02The turning radar has been removed to give some more fps.
image: screen03One of the mobile MG's has been removed.
image: screen04The Commandpost now gives Axis and Allies the chance to spawn there and iniltrate / defend the Bunker complex from behind.
image: screen05The Backdoor is now blowable by dynamite for Allies. But Axis still have the chance to reconstruct a wooden barrier after Allies have destroyed the Backdoor. This barrier can be destroyed & rebuilt by Allies & Axis again and again (by satchel).
image: screen06The leaning bug at the backdoor entrance has been fixxed (thx to bani)
image: screen09To avoid the unpassable spamm inside of the bunker Allies now have an additional corridor. The Bunker MG Nest was deleted and the new corridor exits right at the MG's old position next to Axis Respawn.
image: screen12All railings inside the bunker have been removed.
image: screen16Last but totally not least the Siegfried Gun wall has been closed. This may look crap in some peoples eyes but it made the biggest effor in the markable fps increase which everybody will notice when being on the beach.

Now if you want to give this map a try you can feel free to do this at the YCN-Hosting.eu Testserver. This company has been by my side since the Special Delivery task and I would like to thank those guys for this.


Download the map right here!

Thx to Finland antman & Germany w0nd3r who did pretty much in the last time to push the project even more.

The showmatch for this final version will take place soon. For further information follow the buttonlink over to GamesTV:

image: game6503

With this final newspost I will give SW Battery in your hands and focus on my next project which ist still to be announced. Stay tuned =)
Looks nice! Haven't played the map yet but will give it a try for sure. good job!
finally, no annoying mg's/railing/radar. gj!
looks shit
thanks man, you are doing an awesome job!

i like this map very much! :-)
good job,i love this map!
lookin good
big plus for fps fix!
mg thing is pure shit, retard map
gj Finland antman!
always loved battery, very dynamic map

and yezz changes looking very good

NOW PLZ REMAKE RAILGUN_SW, railgun has all the potential to become a classic
looks good
I'll try to watch the showmatch to see it in action
playable battery, am i dreaming? :O
battery was playable in the past, dont see why it wasnt.

Man, great job, hope you can continue to make something of oasis, even if she still great, but nobody wants to play it anymore...
all changes are great, good job!
Great job!
Showmatch tonight at 21.00 cet.
simply great! Hope you will continue at least with one more map - oasis or railgun? :) big up!
nice eiM and antman! :)
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