ESL Riflecup #2

image: eslThe next ESL Instantcup will be a 2on2 Rifletennis Cup again. But first the results of our last 1on1 Cup:
Poland voiler
Germany crush3r
Hungary hensie

Final Bracket

Detailed information of the 2on2 Riflecup as follows:

Date: 14th September 2008 15:00 CET
Signup: Here & Checkin between 14:40-14:50 (only teams with 2players
are able to signup)
Slots: 32 & Checkin 30min before cupstart
Modus: Double Elimination (with looserbracket), Best of One
Map: Rifletennis_te2 - download here
Config: Download here
- Rifle Grenades only, means no SMG/rifle garand/handgrenades allowed
- 2x 5Min (1map = 2 SW rounds)
- Team with less death wins
- Selfkills are allowed but are shown in the stats. Teamkills are prevented due to no teamdamage.

Servers: Make sure to organise your own server or one of your friends and upload the map along with the config to your server. The ESL will have a limited amount of servers available, thanks to #fayntic at this point, but do not count on our servers.

If you are new to the ESL you can follow the Starter Guid & Team Starter Guid (only teams with 2players are allowed due to ESL page which recognizes 2on2 teams similar to 1on1 accounts) or ask an admin in

Pay attention to the Check In30min before cupstart and the Lower Bracket so you do not leave after one loss as you can still fight your way back to victory.


These are the results and the final bracket as follows:
Belgium de wenerkes
Netherlands fayntic riflepowners
Germany riflecupteam

The final was broadcasted over at watch it on demand now!

Last Riflecup
ESL Newspost
Rifletenniscup Signup
ESL 2on2 Ladder
Why cant i join with my team (3 players)..
ESL is fcking annoying,
Whats the problem if a team got 2 or 3 players?
its about the way those teams are defined by the ESL page as descriebed above. And creating a team with 2members needs 1minute (max) of your time, that should not be too complicated.
It has just shown to be usefull in other games which are played in 2on2 format.
omdat je nub bent
hihi gl :D
De wenerkes will participate again! :D
why didnt u write that i again owned crusher in 1v1 instant :D?
I'll never write that you owned somebody as you came from the looserbracket and lost your first match vs him in the cup :p but still results added thx for mentioning
it was shitmap and shitcamp by crusher :)
1o1 is camp only tard, admit it.
need a partner :s
need a teammate :) plz pmme

ps: i owned @ 1v1 cuo too ;)
rofl, never
7 of 32 ;)

Better brake ur own rules further!!!!!
Need meight speaking English plz.
yeeee !GG VOILER !
Was a very nice cup except the upperbracket final winnner had 2 wait 2 houres till the lowerbracket was done :P
ovie & ati_ = WIN !
lol this sounds quality ;D
take a m8 and join in :)
why no teamdamage?

also the use of garand not being allowed sucks :/
was nothing more fun than shoot the flying guys with garand.
are there any demos from the last cup?
no sry not at ESL page... but if you are strongly interested I could get you some of my own =)
was thinking more like demos from the finals :P
it was broadcasted on ETTV but not listed at GTV if I remember right... but not sure x)
if you wanna watch demos ask Netherlands h3ll.
last time there was a final with ettv but it wasn't broadcasted on

today the final will be broadcasted on ettv (gtv) around 18.00 ~ 18.30 CET
if we got delay, feel free to join and ask what's the matter
need skilled 2nd!> D q me @
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