ESL Winter reminder & update

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We have already seen over 100 Teams and 80+ 1on1 players signing up for the upcoming ESL ET Winter League '08. But with the last week of signups starting we would like to remind you once more that you still have the chance to be part of this competition!

All the necessary information about how to signup can be found in the last Newspost: ESL ET Winter League '08

Already signed up teams can either be viewed on the ESL page (6on6 , 3on3 , 1on1 ) or by expanding these links:
Austria 9th-Dimension |
Belgium System6 Gaming |
Czech Republic ESVKA 2 |
Germany 3Generationen |
Germany Chronix-Gaming |
Germany d0xology |
Germany Karottes Gemüsengarten |
Germany Lost Soldiers |
Germany maGic'6 |
Germany Matrix-Alliance |
Germany noTeamplay Classic |
Germany Supreme eXperts |
Germany |
Estonia |
Spain coltAn |
Europe aToOn |
Europe |
Europe minus-gaming |
Europe |
Europe [*EU*] United Soldiers of Europe
Europe re-play SleeperZ
Europe play2win |
Europe Personality Team |
Europe sArcasm |
Europe Survive |
Europe |
Europe Team Illusion |
Finland CelebzZ |
Finland |
Finland kakka |
Finland Teuva Total Dominating |
Finland turbot |
France Super Mytho Crew |
Italy eXtreme SolDierS |
Netherlands Purefragging |
Netherlands |
Poland arrows |
Poland dECLINE |
Poland Executors |
Poland fanatics |
Poland Freshcore |
Poland FrozenFire |
Poland invitium |
Poland POBOR |
Poland SHYNOX ET Polen |
Sweden ORDER |
Slovenia Atlantis |

Belgium System6 Gaming |
Belgium unbrained gaming |
Canada 3 lone swordsmen |
Germany ready 4 free porn |
Germany Supreme eXperts |
Germany Team-RATEd |
Denmark nSens |
Estonia Turmfaust |
Europe |
Europe Linux Gaming |
Europe Lames |
Europe |
Europe FaT |
Europe fr4ntic |
Europe fragility |
Europe Just Random Players |
Europe heartZ |
Europe Personality Team |
Europe Power-Puffs |
Europe Survive |
Europe Take it easy |
Europe Team Illusion |
Europe UME |
Finland CelebzZ |
Finland |
Finland kakka |
Finland re-play |
Finland sienihermannit |
Finland Teuva Total Dominating |
Finland turbot |
France Super Mytho Crew |
France klibr |
France Pro French Killer |
France tbbe |
Israel nubsWithin |
Italy eXtreme SolDierS |
Italy Propaganda Due |
Netherlands |
Netherlands IM ZEH |
Poland Ansence |
Poland 3mix |
Poland dECLINE |
Poland Elite Combat Killers |
Poland evolution team |
Poland Executors |
Poland fanatics |
Poland Freshcore |
Poland FrozenFire |
Poland Fundacja Swietego Mikolaja |
Poland Kolorowe Kredki |
Poland SHYNOX ET Polen |
Poland SsiJ mi |
Poland vodkateam |
Portugal Insanus 3v3 Team |
Russia Envoys of Heaven |
Sweden wings |

Belgium Rhand |
Belgium miQi |
Switzerland waze |
Czech Republic Androy |
Czech Republic Cypis |
Czech Republic kysna |
Czech Republic MacGyver |
Czech Republic Fragger |
Czech Republic MHD |
Czech Republic shpek |
Germany Brainy |
Germany coOles |
Germany crush3r |
Germany curt |
Germany Der 0nk3L |
Germany denn1zQ |
Germany eiM |
Germany exz |
Germany Fendjee |
Germany FimS |
Germany laggz |
Germany poKeR |
Germany Waldek |
Germany Right3r |
Germany SaQq |
Germany Techniker |
Germany WaSa |
Estonia eok |
Estonia JyrkZ |
Spain Angel |
Spain kpucha |
Spain xeo |
Finland Hukk |
Finland Jerkke |
Finland kapa |
Finland numbe |
Finland Swan |
Finland vok |
France drixou |
France KDL_ |
France nTo |
France uZEH |
Hungary karrrde |
Italy Sir |
Lithuania Prisales |
Lithuania Taksas027 |
Latvia Visconte |
Netherlands Kiewan |
Norway Hexagon |
Poland AbouT |
Poland alKo |
Poland bArt |
Poland BooBoo |
Poland exec |
Poland IMn. |
Poland KWiLOS |
Poland manlux |
Poland Musix |
Poland negative |
Poland oLi |
Poland Oneofthem |
Poland Piklozoer |
Poland pr0fesor |
Poland R3wX |
Poland rdr |
Poland ridji |
Poland RoZpr0 |
Poland Rozpyk |
Poland sexupload |
Poland skrzat |
Poland sokl |
Poland son1c. |
Poland squidy |
Poland szczurek |
Poland stapec |
Poland TevioN |
Poland Ths |
Poland Vi3ri |
Poland voiler |
Poland wAldus |
Poland zonk |
Portugal ETPlayer |
Romania FoaMeA |
Slovakia r0sPan |

Overall rules:

Server config: The new European - configset (by ESL, CF , GTV) must be used in any match!
Download it here! (there is a minor bug at supply mapscript which will be fixed soon)
See important settings/changes[/b]]
  • 10 mapscripts added
  • cl_maxpackets 60-100
  • no mobile MG
  • no headshotprotection

Notice for server admins:[/b]]
You need to update ESL & Clanbase server configs in one step because of the new mapscripthashes which have been added. The old configs will no longer work with the updated mapscripts uploaded to your server!
Thanks to doneX & reyalp for the cooperation in the last steps! We ask every leagueadmin who is using a certified config to update it as soon as possible because it will crash because of old mapscripthashes!

Gameaccounts: Only players with entered ETpro and PB Guid are allowed to play. Tutorial: How to add them

PB Guids: Players are allowed to change their PB Guid once per month but will be barred to play matches for one week after changing!

Screenshots: The matches participants are forced to make and upload 6screenshots per match. The 4 roundscreenshots are done by cg_autoaction 7 but every team needs to make sure to have atleast one screenshot of the etproguids and one of the pbguids. A tutorial on how to do this can be found here.

1on1 specific:

Objective maps: These maps are without time limit. When a player reached the map objective, then he won the round. Round time is not counted here. Objective can be reached in overtime. Self kills are disallowed at all (also fell to death & nade selfkill). Doing a self kill results in at least losing the round. In very special cases you even can lose the map.

Deathmatch maps: All deathmatch maps have 10 minutes time limit.
Player with fewer DEATHS, after both rounds, won the map.
Self kills are allowed, but will give you a death.
Falling to death is also included to the amount of deaths.

image: et_banner2

These rules will also apply to all ESL ladders from now on. Serveradmins have 1week to update the configs and mapscripts. In the meantime both configurations are valid (update CB + ESL configs simultaneusly to avoid config crashing). We also updated the mappools of our ladders. More information can be found in the ESL Newspost.
selfkills should be allowed on objective maps also. :p
Some top teams should sign up ;o
will do my best... best warmup for cc5 ;)
he said topteams :P
good one :)
Impressive ammount of polaks in the 1v1 signups.
signed up at 1on1 ladder

1/8 should be possible :>

but 2 bad that ive never played 1on1 ladder before...what are the rules lol ?

nades allowed xD ? ..selfkill?...airstrike :D:D?
read the newspost and ask again
ow lol thx

but are nades allowed ?
there is also a link to the "1on1 Rules" at the bottom... read them and ask again (yes ofc)
Throwing Support Fires / setting Artillery Support will result in a defwin in favour of the opponent.

so nades are allowed
maybe I'm going to compete vs you RazZaH , i'm also signed up. ( 1 of the 2 belgian guys that signed up ! <3 )
Let's p0wN tHoSe pOlAkS! :D

miqi idiot :<
ya rlly ! :D
ya rll beltard ! :DD
are the mapscripts same as for clanbase new cfg ?
cuz I already uploaded them to my serv's ftp &
so for ESL Winter 6on6 I need to upload only 6v6 euro cfg, right ?
yes they are the same , yes
thx )
& last question -
I 've read that U must rate your team ( as @ clanbase OC ) - (to get to certain divison ? )
so after the registration I didn't see any offers to rate my clan.
so all the signed teams will be just be spreaded in several groups without any ratings ?
you have the opportunity to rate your team to make sure you get into the right division. It is not a must but will help us to make the seedings/division correct.

just give your team's name + rating (low / med / high) in there and we will give our best.
Victory is mine.
missing in 6o6:

Europe [*EU*] United Soldiers of Europe
Europe re-play SleeperZ
credibilis ftw ;)
Mightyesports fehlen..:)
Where are all the good teams?
we signed up :<
get some m8s and paly paly
i signed up for the 1on1 cup :/ why doenst it sa my name? :/
6on6 ownen :)
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