A vital one?

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Tonight at 20:00 CET we will see Europe one4one facing Finland vital-gaming in the groupstage of the ESL ET Winter League '08 Premier division!

Up to now Finland vital-gaming is still unbeaten in Group D after overcoming Europe Kruger.et.
Europe one4one lost a close 3mapper versus Croatia cortana but still has good chances to proceed into the playoffs if they win some points in this match!

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Belgium Sh1zzle
Denmark xcN_
Slovenia carniee
Estonia Sinnu
Estonia rAUL
Estonia Emerica
Denmark Squash

Finland Swanidius
Finland olBaa
Finland sukka
Finland Metsuri
Finland Kapaa
Finland crittie

Tune in:
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The teams had the following to say:

Belgium Sh1zzle
QuoteIt'll be a tough game for us since we have been inactive with squash being busy. We played well in our last offis, taking one map of cortana and beating tag and hopefully we can continue on this performance. I hope it will be an exciting game and that we can win it!

Finland Swan
QuoteI hope we will win (ofc) but I think it won't be easy becouse we haven't pracced for a week or something like that. We also got WL match today so littlebit hurry. Anyway I trust on us!
nP for crittie
This time the game will be for one4one :)
gl metsuri <3
nice matchbanner
we'll see :P
shizzle sucks
you deformed chihuahua
this is MADNESS
gl Finland m8s!! =)))
nice banners , wd eiM and have fun one4one
loled at title :dDd
Nice match gfx.
gl vitals =)
gl one4one noobs
gl kevin <3
blame the ref o;
wat, someone is still taking ET seriously?

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