RInput v1.2 released

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RInput v1.2 released

Good evening Crossfire!
Netherlandsabort wrote a new program called RInput.

RInput allows you to override low definition windows mouse input (accurate until 400cpi) with high definition mouse input (raw input, which is more accurate for high cpi mice). This is certainly useful for games like Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory as the engine only supports low definition windows mouse input.

  • Prevents negative acceleration.
  • More accurate.
  • Bypass windows mouse settings (1:1, Low Level).
  • Less overhead than Direct Input.

Read the included readme to find out how to use it!

Hint: If you don't know if/why you should use this tool, you probably don't need it!
People using a high cpi mouse (like 800+cpi) with a low sensitivity (like 50cm/360°) and a small monitor resolution (like 800x600) will benefit most from it.

If you want to automate the process, copy this code into a .bat file and put the file into your ET folder.
Quotestart C:\rinputv12\RInput.exe ET.exe
start ET.exe %*

(You may have to modify the path to RInput.exe depending on where you extracted it to.)

Download RInput v1.2

If you still have problems/questions, check out this tutorial:

Thanks to abort for creating this tool!
finally! was waiting for this for ages :D
so it's good for me because I play with 1600DPI ?

edit: what do you mean with "Less overhead than Direct Input." ?
I just copied the news.
Read this for more info on Direct Input vs. Raw Input: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb206183(VS.85).aspx#DirectInput
less overhead means it uses less system resources i think
doesnt work over here. I did use imageCFG to edit my ET.exe to force it onto one CPU as it sometimes booted using both cores = lag lag lag

edit: rinput doesnt work with http://www.robpol86.com/pages/imagecfg.php :'(
i tested it already and i must say its fucking nice

<3 abort , and thanks for your time
I see the most of the users plays with this if they have 800/1600 dpi
i play with 400dpi is it useless then?
i got 450 dpi. its not useless :P
I got 400. and 0.55 ingame sens. Its like slow - would it be usefull for me?
windows sens? and what resolution
Windows sense is standard and resulution is r_mode 4 (smth r_mode8)
try it. maybe it will be good
only for et? useless in that case 4 me
it's not for ET only
does it work @ vista?:>
fuck this one is amazing, far more superior than DInput
absolutely no negaccel with DA @ 1800dpi 4m/s wheeeeeee
Is it also usefull for 400 dpi ?
don't think that you will feel any difference
start "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\RInput.exe ET.exe"
start "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe"
what did i write wrong ? : (
i have to start ET.exe first?
If you compare this to accelfix what's the difference?
more accurate
so this is doing the same thing as direct input,but its better?
any contactz?
why would i install this? does it increase my aiming? o0
press CTRL+ALT+P ingame and the built-in aimbot will get activated
more random pb kicks incoming
nice =O
nice work, but sens is much lower with rinput then without?
so, this thing is good if u have a mouse with more dpi than 400?
and do u mean negative or positive acceleration?
yes it absolutely removes any accel @ high dpis without any additional 12ms delay like Dinput did
Actually it's imo only reasonable to use it with razer 3g sensors or if you are highsenser. Old mice like mx518's or razer DB or any other 1600 dpi mouse showed perfect control up to 5 m/s @400dpi while @800/1600 it's like 2 times lower(Sujoy reviewed his mice @ max dpi in his test basically that's why mx500 leaded, while actually mx518 or razer DB aren't worse) and for razer DA for example it's vice versa(highest max speed is at the highest dpi). So unless you don't care about perfect control speed this software is prolly not for you.

Oh wait, just checked my ikari optical: highest speed @1600dpi is ~2,3 m/s @400&800 dpi >4m/s so you actually may try rinput+800 dpi :P
what progs do u use to test these things?
not uberaccurate(rounds DPI and so on), but provides aproximate mouse perfomance infos ;P
400dpi---> bad :'(
well there's nothing bad about high DPI if there's no skipping/accel so yes it's bad =)
nah, ill still use 450 dpi. I think it's not all in numbers :)
aah, ye it rounds DPI by 200
lol ive got everything at bad lol :XD
I always thought the negative accel we are talking about here, is not the one introduced by the mouse, but by the game itself.
Quotewithout DirectInput, the game just reads the position of the normal mouse cursor and resets it to the middle of the screen every frame. When the cursor moves too fast, it hits a border of the screen.

Afaik the game then ignores the data sent by the mouse. This results in negative acceleration.
When does this happen? At low sensitivities, with a high cpi mouse and at a low monitor resolution.
yes and? i just told that if he switches to high dpi he will actually get accel/mouseskips
cant think of any reason why i should use it...
stop with your negative commends shithead go emo

then i must set the highest dpi of my mouse? (2000) or i play with my normal dpi? (800)
programmer nerd abort

send pb a copy
My mouse won't move at all in ET now. Great :(

EDIT: It now works after closing Xfire.
On previous PC my fps boosted from 55 to 125 after closing Xfire.

Weird programm. :D
Yeah it sucks for fps but didn't really bother me
i didn't have xfire open and i still couldn't move my mouse :S
I couldn't get it to work with a .bat file. Did you try running rinput first, then opening ET?
extract rinput to ET folder

start RInput.exe ET.exe
start ET.exe %*

Should work, if it doesn't - check if it's ET.exe, not et.exe or whatever
bah, im back to mx518@400dpi
1800dpi is way toooooooooooooooooooooo reactive though tracking rox, if i were highsenser i would definitely use this, but atm 400dpi is more than enough for me ;p
can i use this in clanbase?
so, no wai it could cause some pb kicks? :o
tried it on localhost and the mousemovement just feels different, somewhat "harder", without, it feels more free, easy in a way :o

800dpi, somewhat mid-high sens
you got ur software already.
ye, u got ur aswell since christmas, have you found the right settings?
dinput generated some pbbans,but they were deleted
hmm i wonder if that will help me then? i use 800dpi @1.15 sens.. on a widescreen 15.4 " laptop with fov 90

aiming already feels fucking strange :P .. will test it maybe later.. or someone tells me if my 800dpi and 1.15 sens is good for that superp rogramm !
hmm just tested it, in my case dinput feels alot better then this shit does. But still standard ET aims the best.

My aim extreme shit with this rinput thingy running :(
I use 1600DPI with my Razer Copperhead.. Should I use this program?
i dont get these nerd thingys. but you nerds, have fucking fun
thx abortej =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
i use 400 dpi and high sens.
worth to use it?
took a look at it,its very good if u are used to dinput,but if u didnt like dinput,this wont change ur opinion
I didn't like dinput, but I like rinput :O
strange,because mainly they are doing the same thing :D
yeh but dinput made my movement shaky :S
and when I used DInput my shots lagger alot.. not with RInput though
i use mouse accel, also worth for me to use it:D?
i use 800 dpi on Logitech G5, i need to use the program?
yes, if you don't use it NOW you will die in the next 24 hours!!
i don't use driver for my mx518, i need to use the program?
is it punkbuster proof?
well i played all morning with it so i guess its ok :P
ill quote this if i get a kick because of it.instant remove
people said the same thing with Dinput it was fine for a few months no kicks, then all of a sudden everyone got kick and pbban on same day about 40 people. And as this injects itself like dinput did i dont think it will be too long before pb kicks start happening in the next few weeks or a month.
yeah unless someone speaks to evenbalance and lets them know what it does, i cant be arsed and would find it funny if i was kicked :D
yeah i didnt find it funny when it happend too me with dinput well after they removed the bans , i guess i found it a little funny but still felt like bitch slapping whoever caused the kicks:P
usefull with copperhead?
just tried "rinput" and it definetly feels like theres still a delay , same as dinput had so i wont be using it.
doesn't work for me :<
slac wont have problems with it?
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