EMS III Grand Final - Dignitas vs Button Bashers on QuadV

Tonight Live on QuadV we see the EMS III Grand Final - United Kingdom Dignitas vs Netherlands Button Bashers with United Kingdom Deman and United Kingdom TosspoT bringing you all the action as it happens.

The EMS Season III Grand Final has been a long and hard fought competition that's spanned 3 months of online action with 3,000 € up for grabs. United Kingdom Team Dignitas have come through from the winner bracket and hold all the cards in tonights big match. While Netherlands Button Bashers who have been voted number 1 in Europe for the second month running by a panel of judges at Cadred come through from the lower bracket after an initial defeat to United Kingdom Team Dignitas in the Winner Bracket Finals 13-8.

We previously saw Netherlands Button Bashers destroying their lower bracket final opposition Germany BioXar 13-3 on Strike. With Netherlands Button Bashers having the first map choice they will be taking Crossfire, a map that they are undoubtedly one of the best in the world on. A proven fact at the Antwerp eSports Festival against United States of America Pandemic.

United Kingdom Team Dignitas have opted for their long time favourite map City Streets which has seen them pick up many famous victories on including what was one of the greatest ever finals at i33 against United Kingdom TheLastResort. Perhaps it was fated that those two top teams would merge to become one.

This promises to be a huge match and you would be a fool to miss it. The action begins at 20:00 GMT.
de examens zijn gedaan jeuj
Ik heb er morge nog 1 verdomme

ik ben het oud vortex :D
at first I was like:

wtf: BB = d.

but then, I read News:CoD
BB = d in another game?

just that dignitas is mentioned, fairly obvious it is cod4 ;)
ah I failed, it BB was TLR :/
cant wait to see it. should be a fantastic game
imo dignitas will take it.
shud be a gg innit ye cant wait fur blackmane to rap some morans :)

dignitas are well gud imo i pld dis on my 360 once with them nd got topfraggah ofc! gl anikis
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