Freeze to your screens!

Prepare to freeze to your screens tonight ladies and gentlemen. While snowflakes have just again started to fall to the ground our ESL ET Winter League '08 is on its way to the final matches! Today we show the winner bracket semi final between Netherlands H2k and Finland Masculine Mans. The other winner bracket match will be played by Croatia cortana and Poland devilry later this week. Winter League Premier Brackets

image: game9212

Netherlands H2k Gaming

Germany snoop
Germany butchji
Austria potter
Switzerland gifty
Poland diAler
Netherlands abort
FinlandMasculine Mans

Finland kapaa
Finland ENSAM
Finland crosby
Finland vanhaomena
Finland sample
Finland smokeninja

The players had the following to say:
QuoteNerds gonna get rolled.

QuoteWe havn't played a single game against masculin mans yet so we don't know how good they are. I don't know if we'll be on top of our game tonight since we will most likely not play with our main lineup but I think we'll still be strong enough to win this match.

Besides to this Winter League Match we will also have some other battles in differing formats and competitions going on. Follow the GamesTV links to find out what these are about:

image: game9224 image: game9204 image: game9129
image: game9095 image: game9153 image: game9250

Also do not forget our recently reopened ladders. The first matches have been played already so get your hands on these:
go masculine :)::))):)
easy bash for kapaa
i fucking agree with you
i love that word :D
go mascut !
gl Vanhaomena & Sample !! :) lold at the vanhaomenas statement :-----D
gl both teams
maskuliinit jyrää tän
izi for masculine mans !
lulz vanhis

gl kapaa <3
gl h2k!
easy 4 dr dre
sample @ newpc is unfair contest
you should see his skillboost

50% at least.
we'll stand no chance now :(
wont be funny..
Mascu got pwnt :(
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