ESL Map Contest: The Entries

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Another competition is coming to an end. Many newcomers of the mappingbusiness tried their best and achieved some remarkable results! We are proud to present you the seven entries of our mapping competition (ordered by gametype)!
The Entries


In cooperation with YCN - we set up a testserver so everyone can have a look on the maps. Be aware that these are still early betas and due to that can include some bugs. Be so kind and give feedback to the mappers so they can improve their work!

IP: Pass: maptest
The Jury

Our jury will consist of ESL Admins, #et.mapping users and the current top 10 of our Europe ET 1on1 Ladder:

Germany Sn4kE - ESL
Germany w0nd3r - ESL
Czech Republic ResP - ESL
Germany eiM - ESL & #et.mapping
Netherlands xeoxis - #et.mapping
Germany crush3r - Ladder top 10
Poland voiler - Ladder top 10
Finland numbe - Ladder top 10
Germany Gumball - Ladder top 10
Estonia Dj Freeze - Ladder top 10
Germany Techniker - Ladder top 10
Sweden son1c - Ladder top 10
Estonia Jyrkz - Ladder top 10

The Maptest

We will host a Maptest - Cup this weekend. Further information will be published soon. We invited the listed top 10 of our 1on1 Ladder, but still there will be some free spots left for all the ones who want to give the maps a shot! In the end the jury AND the 3 topplaced cupplayers can make a vote on which map wins the competition and by that a spot in our mappools!

Stay tuned!
lol, i forgot this :DDDDDDDD
mel0ne is a decent map maker :]
i would say

The Station by Europe Magic nice map nice idea but its bit width.
The station house can be more close to the crates on the platform and also the inhouse can maybe be a little smaller.

Btw Osiris by Europe mel0ne soz to say but your map is too mutch silly or so in a new jacket.
also the gold has to be capped by pressing the use key just passing by wont let you take the obj

Both maps i found at least too look good and intresting to play.
I would like to see more of the station.
Atleast over here it works to just pass by the goldcrate on Osiris x) make sure your close enough to it.

The Station works out pretty well with the maptest config (15spawn etc) , also in 2on2 mode. I also like these two very much while we'll see how the others perform.
Could be that i run it on local hosting so maybe that was a prob.
Also i have to add for creative map i give my vote for sure to The Station.
I love it's skybox :p
We need some map screenshots and some kind of review (about objectives etc).
Would be great to test them (if they are worth to) and improve them
Give screenshots from objective maps please.
quite useless, try 6on6 or 3on3 next time
only because you suck in 1on1!
I get following error when I try to connect to the server:

image: f_1m_ff46f36
Same, but matrix worked for me but when trying osiris_b1 im getting that error aswell
I had that problem back then with Delivery Beta aswell... It is a strange bug which randomly appears to some people on custom maps and may be fixxed by a simple rename of the given file. I'll contact the author to get it fixxed.
#et.mapping .. wat a shit channel ;d
I hate you too ;d
The station by magic owns! :P
Rly like the map
insta win -> the station
map "station" looks nice
just accept all maps, we need new maps anyway
Matrix and station look noice
the station!
ESL sucks anyway
Because its shit
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