Late Xmas RTCW-Cup - Semi Finals

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Late Xmas RTCW-Cup

After a break RTCW is going to be on WTV again! Bringing you the Semifinal matches of the Late Xmas Rtcw-Cup, with two very interesting games.
On the one hand there is United Kingdom118 vs Finlandfixed. Both teams got active again since some weeks and both won their 1st-round matches against nS and falx respectively without notable problems.

Result: 0 - 4

Fixed[/b]]Finland Sipperi


118[/b]]United KingdomCrumbs
United KingdomMerlinator
United Kingdomsharky
United Kingdomchrns

image: game9498

FinlandFixed are going into this match, having to suffer of having lost FinlandSirkka, due to his recent inactivity. Having 2 great medics - who both should be known to the etcommunity from clans like Finlandparodia and Finlandvae in Finlandjauhis and Finlandlettu, and 3 experianced lt/engs with Finlandmrm, Finlandnizou and Finlandrokkeri as well as the probably worst panzerfaust the world has ever seen: Finlandsipperi they should not be underrated anyway!
They will have to face the team that has won pretty much every competition in the past 2-3 years. Former United Kingdomone.soldier now under the name of United Kingdom118 will play with a damn strong lineup, having United Kingdommerlinator, United Kingdomchrns and Netherlandsjuncie in charge of the spam and Netherlandssen, United Kingdomcrmbs and United Kingdomsharky doing the aiming.


Netherlandsxei playa:
Quotei have merced with 118 a week ago or so against fixed on beach and it looked pretty easy for 118 because i didn't have much to do, but i've also played against fixed with our team and they put up a really decent fight on village. so depending on what maps are getting chosen i still think its gonna be a long game with a 2-2 ending after both maps. but in the end i think 118 will hold and win 3-2.

Netherlandsliq crab
Quotefixed has been proven to be a real tough team to play against. 118 has been lucky last few officials against, but this time fixed will beat them 4-2

In the other match we have the oldschool swedish team SwedenKiH taking on EuropeXeimos.

Score: 1-3

KiH[/b]]Sweden FeTTe


xeimos[/b]]United Kingdomconker

image: game9511

KiH just picked up RTCW on saturday again, and had a few problems in their game against Europeliquids, playing a close 2-1 game. However, you should never underrate the rtcw legends SwedenFeTTe and Norwayzerom, who both used to play under the iNfensus tag. KiH might miss Swedensmutzig though due to his pc being broken, as well as having to deal with having two completely new players in their lines: the brothers Swedenmalmen and Swedenaskungen.

EuropeXeimos - the team that went to take a sensational 2nd place on the first RTCW-Cup recently lost a few players and their participation in the cup wasn't sure. Just a few days prior to the cup Polandz3R0, Norwaykris and United Kingdomconker were recruited to complete the lineup. Already in their first game with Europeraw they have certainly proven themselves, unexpectedly winning 2-1 showing a strong game.


United Kingdom118 crumbs
QuoteKiH vs XEI looks like an interesting match, with KiH trying to build on past glories and XEIMOS trying to recapture their form of RTCW-cup, it has the making of a good game. However I feel KiH will sturggle as a few of them have been out of the scene for a while and are no doubt playing purely for fun. I see XEIMOS winning 3-1 or possibly 4-0 if some of their newer additions play such as conker, kris and z3ro

Finlandfixed sipperi
im stuck

Enjoy! - Wolftv IP: - How to watch WTV
Quotewho both used to play under the iNfensus tag

easy for xei tbh, GOOD LUCK BATTY BOYS
well done twister, glhf all teams
rofl @ crab :DDD

118 and xei to take it btw
i ll be right for sure!
I guess we just got lucky again

haha, well done ;)
who ya gonna call.. 1--1---8
definitely gg's coming up, afaik fixed is pretty active so they might take this one over 118.
and gl to xeimos hope u'll win this one they definitely deserve it :)
gl xeimos :O)

and sippergay
could some admin major this please :C

edit: thanks!
GL KiH, nice to see you guys playing again
why is rtcw better than ET? would be cool to keep alive ET, since rtcw has not that much hope... ok, i gave to perfo my key, maybe now yes, but what if he is gone?
landmines, rof, maps, cheaters, hitsounds, rifle, community

all these factors rtcw>ET

disagree about the rifles: they require skill and are way less annoying than a good panzer in rtcw :)

rest is absolutely true, at least since 2005!
didn't say rifle didn't require skill :)

pf = annoying sometimes, but not as much as rifle
neither did I say you said they didn't require skill! 8)
just gave that as a pro statement for et as you compared it with rtcw and gave the existence of rifles as one (of many) of the reasons for et being less good than rtcw.

but still, a pf that gets like 2-3 each spawn is WAY more annoying than a rifle in your face once in a while (eventho when there still were really good rifles, or at least when I played against em, they could be almost equally annoying!).
do u mean

sit in a corner with a nade in rifle and kill some1 which is 1 km away hiding behind a corner without even need to have aim or plant some random mines somewhere takes skill?
so fucking true dude
GG's, wp 118! :)
gg, nice sorting out wtv - forgot to bet though!

I completely missed this entire event!
gl z3R0 =)
I always thought United Kingdom conker was from Scotland but heh :)

Nice demos and good games :)
very important fix, thnx for clearing this out for us
when is the final?
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